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A tale of a sissy pt.1?
2007-06-20 20:17:00
He knows what he wants…but that yearning inside grows deeper each day.  How can he go on living as a man when all day he dreams about those pretty soft pieces of lingerie, that craving is just too strong, and of course he also had just met Her. She was young, much younger than him, ...
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A Fantasy?
2007-06-19 04:56:00
I also wanted to share with you a little fantasy that has been weaving in My pretty little mind: She enters the room wearing that outfit that drives you wild, the short black skirt trimmed in lace to match the lace on the tops of her thigh high stockings?those 4 inch heels that make the distinct ...
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How does it feel to be owned?
2007-06-19 04:50:00
Hello pets, I wanted to stop by and say a little something on the topic of being owned. The decision to be owned as a pet is not one to come by lightly, as it is an experience beyond your wildest imagination. To lose control, to give up all free will?to be taken control of. ...
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Want to be tempted?
2007-06-18 18:24:00
Phone Sex Dump
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A Dream-Cuckold Style
2007-06-18 03:13:00
? out of the corner of my eye, I caught him peeking in the window, watching my hand stroke the huge, throbbing cock I had invited over for dinner. I just knew that his tiny little dick was throbbing inside the chastity cage I had locked him in last night. Never one to turn down the ...
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Boys let?s get Nasty!!
2007-06-17 07:35:00
Hi everyone, the summer is creeping along, so much I want to do and so little time you know?  So what are all my playthings doing this summer?  I hope thinking of those delectable little fantasies for us to play with.  I have been on a bit of a hiatus taking care of some extremely ...
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My boys?
2007-05-22 23:33:00
I have been having SO much fun with all of you lately!  So much fun that I had to come and tell you all about it!  Well let’s start with my little pet Iggy, lol as he sits at work right now with his cam underneath his desk performing on his webcam for me.  A very ...
What a way to start the Week!
2007-05-14 18:25:00
Hi boys, it’s Bella and boy am I in an insatiable mood this week!  I just got back from shopping this morning.  I had such a grat time, you won’t believe what I bought.  Well let’s just say if I had Daddy’s credit card I could’ve maxed it out easy today lol. I did pick ...
Are you feeling naughty??
2007-05-11 16:08:00
I guess perhaps it is one of those things where you just wake up and know you are in the mood to have fun, exploring a fetish or fantasy…or to just see what is out there.  So that is how I was when I woke up this morning, feeling devilish and looking forward to getting ...
My Specialties
2007-05-10 20:44:00
So I know you are on the edge of your chair…just wondering, what are the specialties of this little vixen.  Well now I can’t leave you wondering now can I? Specialties: CBT Taboo Fetishes OTK Spanking Corporal Punishment Sissification Forced Bi Forced Crossdressing Edge Play Fire and Ice Play Sensory Deprivation Chastity Boot Worship Foot/Leg Worship Pony Training Adult Baby Medical Fetishes Domestic Tattoos Piercings Toilet Training Hypnosis I also enjoy roleplays such as Daddy/Daughter, Nurse/Patient, Boss/Secretary, Student/Teacher ...
It?s time to play!
2007-05-08 01:19:00
Oh yes boys…I’m the new playtoy in town, and I’m sooo ready to show you what  kind of trouble a mix of wildcat and kinky can be!  I’m completely open with no taboos, I love to get D I R T Y! Tell me all about those deep dark secrets…those fantasies you thought you could never ...
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