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New Social Site
2009-08-01 00:01:00
kitten as many know has been in a few of the social sites on the internet, some better than others and that is why she is telling you all about a new site she has joined. The site is for BDSM M/s and D/s relationships, you can post blogs, pictures,music, chat and so much more ...
Kitten is still here
2009-06-28 06:28:00
This post is to all those that are asking after kitten, she is still here and she is still kitten. !! As many of you know kitten is living with Master 24/7 so as you can imagine things are a bit busy for her, and indeed for Him as well, the adjustments kitten is making ...
Kitten is sexual ???
2009-05-15 13:37:00
Kitten had always considered herself a sexual person, but over the years, as life took over her journey her sex drive seemed to wan off, she was not bothered about sex, when she was told to do something she did it but very rarely did she get the ?urge? to ask for something, to ask ...
Kitten and the Unwanted Playmate
2009-05-07 13:08:00
There are many things that kitten thinks of when she thinks of Master, He is strong, has a body to die for, He is successful in His chosen field, He is kittens rock when she is scared * been a few of those times* and He is someone you can rely on to tell you ...
Kitten finally home
2009-05-06 14:42:00
Firstly kitten needs to apologise, she has been lax in posting on here if only for the fact she has been busy and for that she is sorry, By now you will know that kitten is with Master, she is living with Him as His property, His slave and that is something that has been ...
Comments and kittens Answers
2009-04-18 00:44:00
It seems that someone has decided to post things or rather comments on kitten, how she is full of hate and how she is not a slave because she is not subservient, humble, shows the proper respect for Master and does not ask Him when she wishes to wipe her ass after going to the ...
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BDSM and kitten
2009-04-13 00:07:00
There are many who like BDSM, they love being owned and having a Master/Dom controlling them, to what extent is something that will have been decided before they travel to much down the path of their life, but what is BDSM ? What does it mean to different people ? Bdsm is different for everyone, ...
Master is Batman ?
2009-04-12 01:07:00
Readers of this * if there are any* will be getting a bit sick of kitten going on about going to Master but it is something she cannot help talking about, and as she only speaks to Master and writes on all her blogs then sorry, you are stuck with it !! Now there are ...
kittens is on her way
2009-04-10 21:04:00
Sitting here thinking, thinking of what kitten is about to do, where she is about to go and what her life is going to bring her, she knows that life is about to change for her, and in some ways she is wary, having been in a M/s relationship for years the move to another ...
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