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Whispers in the Dark
X-rated journal of a submissive wife serving her master.
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New Home
2007-08-21 19:51:00
Ok i’m setting up my new domain right now and if you would like my new home addy please email me at [email protected] . Right now i’m wondering if i should transfer all my post or just start over fresh. I went to the dr this morning and he said i’m doing GREAT. It’s so amazing to ...
It?s Personal
2007-08-20 22:32:00
Out of the mouths of babes. Have you ever had one of those conversations with your child that when it’s over and done you feel like they thought you something? Here’s how the conversation went. My daughter C asked me if i was closing my blog ?( please let me remind you that she has no idea ...
2007-08-19 03:01:00
I just said this yesterday but i have a new look, but this time i have to say i also have a new home for my blog. Lets start off with the template. Sir told me this morning my old template was pretty but it just wasn’t ME. So i said ohhh ok then i ...
New Look
2007-08-16 00:24:00
No reason why really. I just wanted something plain and simple. Today’s been an ok day. For some reason my body hurts all over. I went for a long walk this morning before it got two hot and that kind of help. It was another night of really no sleep. I laid there and couldn’t get comfy ...
2007-08-14 17:12:00
Day 11 - Yesterday was an ok day physically. I actually went outside and walked around some and got some sun. Eatting is still funky. I’m great with light foods and the dr says for now thats ok because it’s probably the antibiotics they have me on thats messing my tummy up. I couldn’t sleep last ...
2007-08-12 19:20:00
You have to wonder what is so damn interesting about my life that Ray has to come here 113 times in one month lol. Must be because he has NO life at all of his own . (Verizon Internet Services Inc) [Label IP Address] Texas, League City, United States, 113 returning visits Date Time WebPage August 12th 2007 01:50:45 AM No referring ...
Wedding Bells
2007-08-12 06:20:00
Jayme and i are planned a huge wedding. Who’s wedding you ask…..Can’t tell you. It’s a secret for now. But it’s going to be Awesome.
Protected: for martha
2007-08-11 15:37:00
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
To Much
2007-08-10 20:55:00
Ok you will be happy to know yesterday i ate real food. Mom came over and i ate cheese and crackers for lunch and for dinner she made me a big pot of chicken and dumplings. I even kept them down. But i feel horrible today. I think i did too much yesterday. I must have ...
New Day
2007-08-09 20:17:00
Well finally the staples are gone. I feel pretty good today. Still very sore but i’m able to get out of bed and go to the bathroom alone now. I’ve even taken a shower and put on clean pj’s lol Sir has been so wonderful this past week. He’s went beyond the call of duty. He’s ...
I?m ok
2007-08-08 04:25:00
I thought i should check in and let everyone know i’m ok. The staples are starting to itch and i’m sore all over, just going to the bathroom’s a job. I don’t feel like typing right now but in the days to come i will tell the whole story of my adventures in the hospital ...
2007-08-04 04:11:00
Iphone sucks Surgerys painful I miss my family and friends Message to Myself ……I am Loved
Ready to go
2007-08-02 17:57:00
Ok i’m all packed for my trip to the hosptial. Sir bought me a new Iphone so i can take it to the hospital instead of my laptop. Not sure i like it yet though. Not sure i have the whole touch screen typing down pat yet but we’ll see. Ok on to the story about ...
The Facts
2007-08-01 12:14:00
First off no matter what Gina says to you today my Vagina is just fine *ouchies* Second off i’m having surgery at the end of this week so i won’t be around for a few days but i will update you as soon as i get home or feel like it. Third……well i don’t have a third i’m ...
2007-07-29 15:33:00
OK i’ve removed a few post, because i realize it was all just childish. I can’t believe i got so emotional about things. A week ago i thought Ray and i were good friends, today i realize we are nothing more then bitter ex’s and i guess that’s how it will be forever. Now i ...
2007-07-29 07:31:00
Well everyone i’ve had to put the comments to moderated because Mr Day loves to change his IP even after i’ve blocked him. Amazing what people will do these days. lol I have no idea why he would want to come here, ohhhhhhh no wait i do know. I hurt him and he can’t get over ...
Time to Refrain
2007-07-29 03:11:00
Well right now i’m busy as a beaver over at Luna’s Blog doing the Blogathon while she’s gone to a local munch. I’m enjoying the experience so far. Ya’ll come on over and bring your wallets and donate to a worthy cause. Today Ray and i talked for a good while and we both said our ...
Live Laugh Love
2007-07-28 15:06:00
Last night was crazy around here. I did all my weekend chorese so i would be all caught up and have nothing to do today except help Luna with the Blogathon and cheer her on! I was so mad, hurt, upset and emotional about what all went on with Ray yesterday but in about ten minutes ...
2007-07-28 06:33:00
Blogathon begins at 8:00 a.m. Central Time on July 28, 2007. This site will be updated every 30 minutes for 24 hours to raise funds for The NLA-I DVP. Pledge or Donate now. Thank you! Come visit Luna and i tomorrow……..and bring your wallets. Ohhhhhh yeah P.S today’s my momma’s 64th Birthday…….LOVE YOU MOMMA
2007-07-27 00:56:00
I’m sure at some point and time we’ve all been in a vanilla relationship. Today i was taking a shower and i started thinking about the vanilla relationships i’ve had in my life and what worked and what went seriously wrong. One of the main things that went seriously wrong is that i never felt secure. ...
Road Hard
2007-07-24 22:27:00
Still no new collar. At this point i’m starting to think it’s funny! Sir told me that i can order my new bondage set AFTER i get my new collar. HELLO what the fudge does that mean? Honestly i think it’s a test Sir’s giving me. I will pass this test i assure you and ...
2007-07-21 18:38:00
Here’s a small video from last night. I’m working on resizing all the pix right now. Enjoy! Again THANK YOU Clay for a great concert!
Clay Walker
2007-07-21 09:15:00
WOW what a day. We took over 800 photos but i’m too damn tired to load them all tonight. I’ll write more tomorrow. THANK YOU CLAY FOR A GREAT SHOW.
The Tree
2007-07-19 18:42:00
Sir and i went last night and bought lots of new camping stuff so we could take the kids on a camping trip. I have to tell you i’m very excited about this. We haven’t been camping in a long long time. We’re planning on going two weeks before school starts. We’re going to head ...
More About: Sexy
2007-07-19 03:40:00
I have a question………………What have you done today to make you feel PROUD? I’m going to start asking myself that question every night when i get ready to go to bed and i say my prayers. Honestly are you living a life to be proud of ? ……Think about it. Heather Small-Proud I look into the ...
2007-07-18 04:38:00
Sorry i haven’t been posting much the past few days but real life has been kicking my butt. Here we are mid summer, the time when the kids keep you so busy you can’t even remember to brush your hair before you run out the door. Then the past few nights i’ve been having the strangest ...
We all scream
2007-07-15 20:52:00
For ice cream…..Get your head out of the gutter. lol It’s National Ice Cream Day…. Warm up the metal scoopers. July is doubly delightful thanks to National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day on July 15. President Ronald Reagan thought the sweet occasion needed the double scoop of emphasis. Rising dairy prices haven’t deterred the buzz on the frozen confection. As for the flavas ...
All tied up
2007-07-11 17:55:00
Last night was one of those nights i didn’t want to end. Sir got home a little early and i was still fixing dinner, He poured us each a glass of wine and we sat outside and talked about the days events. The sun was starting to set and there was a cool breeze in ...
The Future
2007-07-09 15:03:00
Today would have been my Daddy’s 81st birthday. I refuse to spend the day with tears, instead with a smile and i’m making our family recipe spagetti and garlic bread and open a nice bottle of wine and remember the good times. Friday i went to the Dr and surgery date was set. YAY. I’m excited ...
2007-07-09 14:35:00
Just 19 days until Blogathon 2007! Sponsor Luna and my efforts to raise money for NLA-I DVP No amount is too small! You can pledge in a lump sum or by hour of blogging. You can remain anonymous or let me know how generous you are! Read all about the charity Luna has chosen or the ...
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