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The life and experiences of a submissive bi-sexual adult male, one that fantasized and craved to be dominated from as young as he can remember. Follow my life..


2009-07-01 11:02:00
Everyone needs an introduction and my blog is no exception. My background, briefly..more will come through out the blog, but hey I have to start somewhere, right? The title says a lot and the blog address says more, but let me expand on this if you haven't gotten the gist of where this blog is going. I am a submissive, bi-sexual male, I enjoy S/M, crave to be dominated. This blog will be filled with my actual experiences, my fantasies and failures, and my thoughts and feelings on my experiences, both sexual and emotional. I'd like to say that I am proud of my lifestyle, my fantasies and my experiences, but the reality is they leave me overburdened with guilt, denial and frustration, my blog will explore my experiences and the negative effects of my feelings of guilt and frustration.It took years for me to accept my craving for these desires and fantasies. Once I did I proceeded timidly, but I began to seek out more. Eventually, I thought I found a partner to fulfill my desires, al...
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