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MsGoddessBody's Domina Diary

MsGoddessBody's Domina Diary
Sensually, sadistic, Goddessbodied, Domina lives to own you!


The theory of sensitivity to Femininity!
2007-10-01 02:50:00
Perhaps the best time for this post is now; as i sit slumped over, one arm, protecting my throbbing uterus. I don’t think there is any theraputic definition of this position, but it always seems to work until the half a bottle of Midol kicks it. Afterall, i am all out of Lambrusco! As i wait for the moment that my body can comfortably return to the upright position, i figured i would deliver a bit of education on this particular topic; THE THEORY OF SENSITIVITY TO FEMININITY! The best time to win the heart of a woman, fellas, IS when she is a little diminished (not weak), in this crampy, emotional state. However, it is a make it or break it, situation, b/c one false move gets you a one way trip to HELL. First, never say anything negative about the situation at hand. It would be best that you develop an immunity to, or combination of the following words : MENSTRUAL BLOOD (or bleed) PERIOD CRAMPS PMS Essentially we have to LIVE with this shit- so we could give a fuck if it makes...
2007-09-17 09:38:00
Prepping for photo shoot on the 28th. Need hairstylist & makeup artist!!!!! Always looking for a good photographer. HIGHLY CONSIDERING A NUDE SHOOT W/ BODYPAINT!!!! Great airbrush artists have my favor! For My useless leeches who just watch, salivate and devour my attentions- I might have a treat for you in OCTOBER- just keep MAMA happy! lol
2007-09-15 23:02:00
My insatiable sexual desire had grown and developed into pure frustration. I have not yet considered any of these dogs suitable to touch me, let alone fuck me- so I am left to contend w/ these big, dumb, vanilla men. All men are bitches, however only a few will admit it. In that sense, I hold a a slight affection for those RARE, obedient, devoted subs out there. That affection became apparent as I was “intimately engaged” with a dummy today- finding little satisfaction in his attempts. I dont even think he considered my satisfaction as he reached climax within a matter of less than a few minutes. I allowed him that slight, considering he was untrained, with no knowledge of submission, however if he was one of my devoted dogs, he would have gotten the bull whip for sure!!! So I sit, frustrated and unamused at his apologies, and promises to continue “later”.Does he really think I am going to give him TWO CHANCES to piss me the fuck off? I am sexually frus...
Mistress Prefers
2007-09-15 08:44:00
Y/you can not possibly serve Mistress GoddessBody without knowing Her preferences can you? Though the spectrum of my desires are immense and always changing, there are standards that I will always set high……QUALITY & SERVICE!! When it comes to material objects I will accept nothing less than the finest (afterall, I am a Taurus- the sign of indulgence!). Fabrics/ Linens: Soft, well made and clean Foods: Only the freshest, unprocessed ingredients. Rich desserts, well spiced meats and STRONG quality liqueur (Grand Marnier is my favorite) Cars: Study, classy and built to last! Furthermore, I request the same quality in those who serve me. I prefer fit bitches- a larger stature is fine as long as health, strength and endurance are high.Hygiene is an absolute MUST. I love to smell nice woodsy, colognes on my bois- right now i have no particular preference. Education is high on my list as well. Nothing enrages me than to have a bitch address me in slang, ebonics or sub...
Update 4 my bois
2007-09-14 12:33:00
I’ve been busy lately and unable to respond to the abundance of worshipping coorespondence from My tried and true bitches or My potential devotees. Just a note bois- I know I am beautiful, so you dont have to tell Me so. Furthermore, dont ask if you can serve- everybody does.What you should consider when corresponding is…..HOW YOU CAN BE OF SERVICE TO ME??? I need a good handsome domestic to keep the house up- I prefer a strapping muscular black sissy, but a fit white bitch will do.I am seeking to purchase a home, so if you have any expertise in that… or you just want to buy if for Me, you will be of use! I have plenty of bois to pleasure Me orally, massage My feet, torture and humilliate (those come a dime a dozen). However, I am the hardest working Domme in this bitch and I have shit to accomplish- so if your service to me will propel my desires forward, ensure my comfort and secure My long term desires… I’ll give you a free pass to the front ...
2007-08-26 11:17:00
Cum cascaded from his lips in veiny streams as he was forced to swallow load after load and hold it down. This was to not only please his Mistress, but to tribute for his enslavement. As she lounged comfortably on a chaise just 4 feet away, unfolding countless bills, her most devoted swallowed and sucked feverishly on four erect members. This slave was no longer able to maintain his Mistress financially. H/he had failed himself and his Mistress, yet again with his egotistically hotheaded ways and lost yet ANOTHER job. It was decided that he must earn his keep, and this was the way to do it. Earlier that night, Mistress lead him. leashed into what seemed like a hotel room. He was stripped, blindfolded and bound, ass up to a wooded bench, with a hole for his dick to hang through. As he lay exposed in the middle of the room, he could hear people filing in. He didn’t know exactly what was expected of him, but he knew he must tribute his Mistress or lose the hope of serving her....
Own you!
2007-08-09 21:54:00
I want to fuck your mind. I want to penetrate your fantasies, and perpetrate infidelity before your eyes. I want to fuck your soul. Take hold of the freak within and lead you into sexual bedlam. I want to weave passion into your seedy interior, and plant My seeds by the needs of your tongue, as you seek to manifest My pleasure, beyond every measure known to man. Let Me own you, bestow you, the guidance of My mind. Allow Me to be the reason to your rhyme, To surrender with honor, the keys to your being, and give them, with pleasure to be owned by ME!
Switch Hit
2007-07-29 19:23:00
I could feel him restlessly squirm next to me in his sleep. He rolled slightly toward me and moaned just a bit. He was horny and so was i, but as his dick got hard in his sleep w/o much *actual* provocation, i knew that it was the sexual need radiating from me that captured him in my grasp again. In waking consciousness, he is gay. However, at night, after a long night of clubbing and drinking such as this one, he slips into this very heterosexual trance. So while lying in bed next to each other “as friends” a profound transformation takes place within us; He suddenly fosters a need for the inner, throbbing, moisture that is my pussy and I crave the feeling of his ass pressed into me while my strap- on penetrates him deeply. Even though he has the bigger dick of the two of us. He embraces mine in his thick, round ass w/ a type of bittersweet anticipation. His pain lusting moans stay encased at his souls core, but he snaps his back toward me w/ masculine aggression as if ...
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