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Yahoo im
2010-03-22 01:45:00
Hola Amigos (I'm putting the Rosetta Stone to work lol),I'm so sorry (lo siento) I haven't added you as a friend (brunettebombshell617) when you sent me a request. I started adding people last week and I'm finishing tonight. I haven't been on im since before I was pregnant. I'm back on now days, so feel free to chat with me when you see me online. Adios Besos-Brunette Bombshell
The head bitch visits Boston
2010-03-12 04:04:00
I'm fucking starving, this bitch has been starving me all week. She made sure that my room cannot call in anything fried or junk food from room service, only healthy options. I didn't even know you could request that in advance AND all the goodies were taken out of my fridge/snack area. I swear at 11:00 tonight Jayden and I are sneaking out of this room and walking over to Store 24 for a bag of Oreos and BBQ chips. She eats ALL meals with me. I want to order a steak, loaded baked potato and chocolate cake from Abe & Louie's and run across the street and pick it up, but I don't have a steak knife in the room and I'm scared (lol) to ask the front desk to get me one. URGH Oh no I missed the OC housewives reunion part 2 and I'm missing NY housewives RIGHT NOW. Gotta go! Be back later.Saturday 9:49 PM UpdateI never ran out to get goodies. I couldn't bring myself to wake up the baby that late at night for junk food, plus I've lost 8 lbs this week, so clearly steamed veggies and br...
A quick check in
2010-03-05 06:58:00
I'm in the middle of watching NY Housewives on Bravo at 1 am because I missed the first round at 11 pm. I'm so over Bethanny, but I really like Ramona (and her crazy eyes). lol Anyway, I've lost weight I'm down to 169 lbs I have AT LEAST 30 to go to look decent. The head bitch is flying in tomorrow and we (the baby and I) are staying with her at the hotel. I don't care I get to relax in my own suite and order room service and get spa treatments on her, but I know the week is going to be filled with nagging. Urgh! I really want a frozen margarita and a frozen peach bellini, but I can't drink because I get drunk off of a sip and I'm still breastfeeding with my F cup boobies. YUCK! I look like super duper porn star Patty with her double F's. I can't friggin hide these things. You see them before you see me.Jayden is better, but the teeth are still coming in we're at 7 now.I'm going back to grad school this fall and in May I plan on working (real job) up until September. In S...
Bad ass baby
2010-01-27 15:56:00
HEY SHORTNESS!!!!! What's going on? How are my daughters? I know girl I changed my cell number 3 times. I finally changed services because I think the African had someone who worked for the company. My phones are never in my name, but I stupidly unblocked my number one time and he saw the name it is under on his caller id. Yes, things are great with Jayden even though I almost suffocated his ass yesterday. He is so f*cking BAD. Yes, a 9 month old can be bad. He's teething, cranky and HITTING me. I can't wait until he is 2 so I can wear his little ass out! He won't sleep in his crib at all! I put him in there on saturday while I took a shower I came out and this boy is standing up hanging OVER the crib! I lowered it (mattress), but he's tall, so he can still stand up and hold the rail. He is getting so big and is quite a handful. I stopped going to the gym because he cries the entire time and they call me down to get him. I don't know what to do. My mom won't even watch him.lo...
I'm on my way
2009-12-17 17:38:00
So, yesterday I FINALLY went to the gym and OMG I almost died on the elliptical machine after 10 mins, luckily I was waiting on my gym partner to arrive so I had to stay on for the full 30 mins. After I completed the 30 mins I climbed on to the treadmill to run and then I heard my name called over the speaker "Conchita please come to the childcare room" lol I knew jayden wouldn't last long without me. This was his first time ever without me, so I expected a short workout. I arrived to the room to find him crying hysterically I felt bad, but not that bad because he's going back today...My workout partner is a 42 year old mother of 2 adults and is on a mission to get in shape to get a man lol good for her. She actually showed up at the babysitting room because she heard them call me over the speaker. Linda (her name) seems pretty normal for someone I found on Craigslist over a MONTH ago. Today I plan on returning to the gym and hopefully Jayden will last for an hour.After rereading...
2009-12-17 01:02:00
Someone sent this to me today. I thought I would share it with you.Health:1. Drink plenty of water.2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy5. Make time to pray.6. Play more games7. Read more books than you did in 2009.8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day9. Sleep for 7 hours.10. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily. And while you walk, smile. Personality:11. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.13. Don't over do. Keep your limits.14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.15. ...
"Get on with it!"
2009-12-12 04:22:00
This is what I say every morning as I look at my beautiful Jayden and daydream about Cinnabuns for breakfast and blueberry pie for lunch. I am now 178 pounds, a bloody moose, a God damn pig. I stuff my face daily with sweets and goodies, especially chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting from Flour Bakery. I am in such a food coma these days I even give Jayden licks of chocolate here and there and now he is a chocolate addict at 8 months old BAD MOM. I have joined and paid for the gym for the past 2 months and I haven't stepped foot in it since registration. I have finally come to the conclusion that I am fat, unmotivated and depressed. It's time for a change or a wake up call from the head bitch to snap me back in to reality. So, I posted an ad on Craigslist for a workout buddy in my area. I don't know anyone out here, so that was step 1. I did receive a few responses and one girl is going to sign up on Wednesday. The only problem is I want to work out during the day, not a...
Whole Foods YUMMY
2009-11-13 19:37:00
If you have a chance and live near Whole foods you MUST stop by the bakery and pick up a strawberry shortcake cake. It's not actual shortcake, but it's the best friggin cake I've ever had. They sell it in individual sizes as well...Ok, I know you didn't come on here to hear about cake and I do need to respond to some of your messages so I will be back before the end of the weekend....updated I responded to all of your comments, if I missed anyone let me know.Monday 8:25 amI was dreaming about taking Jayden to Sesame Street in PA and having a nightmare about not being about to figure out the discount on the purchase of some stuffed animals (btw this happens in real life too) I woke up and was in mid pee. I was pissing on myself! I jumped up, woke Jayden (he sleeps in the bed with me he thinks his crib is for playtime only) finished peeing in the toilet, changed the sheets, took a shower and Jayden finally went back to sleep 5 mins ago. This happened at 6am. ONLY ME! I'll write l...
Hello Lovies
2009-08-04 04:06:00
I'm on hiatus until October. Right now I'm enjoying every minute of motherhood and slowly getting my life back on track. Until then Adios. XOXO- Brunette Bombshell
2009-05-08 00:24:00
I'm being induced now. I'm fucking scared I'm not ready to do this. Plus I'm hungry and they won't let me eat. I'm pissed that my mom won't smuggle in a cheeseburger for me. wtf? Well he'll be here by tomorrow morning wish me luck and pray for me. xoxo-brunette bombshell
Quick Update
2009-04-22 21:31:00
I?m finally back so, I?m going to start with what is currently going on and work my way back because I have a very poor memory and I haven?t blogged in quite a while.I just returned from my weekly doctors appointment where I was informed that my little Nigerian isn?t so little. He is going to be between 9-10 pounds. This requires an automatic c-section because they are afraid that if I push his head will come out, but his shoulders may get stuck causing damage. I am scared as shit because I?m due this week, but we?re going to wait to see what happens to schedule the c-section. Everyone keeps telling me a c-section is better than giving birth vaginally, but I?d prefer to push, it?s less recovery time and a c-section is fucking surgery!The black bastard had the nerve to call me today and tell me that he doesn?t feel that it is his responsibility to help me pay my backed up bills or my cell phone. Ok, I haven?t asked him to pay any of my backed up bills, but the cell phone should be au...
2009-03-12 03:14:00
I am so uncomfortable. I can't sleep. My stomach is so damn round, some stranger had the nerve to say to me "are you sure you're not having twins?" I hate everyone and everything aggravates me. I'm afraid if someone says the wrong thing I'm going to snap. I know it's my hormones, but I can't take it anymore SERIOUSLY. I just want him OUT! I don't think I can wait another month. I'm losing my mind. Wanna laugh? The only thing that makes me feel better is listening to Spit your game by Biggie. LOL I keep that song on repeat. I was listening to classical music, but it aggravates me now, it's too fucking calm. So I say I want him to come right? Well, everyday I'm afraid of giving birth. I'm afraid to die during childbirth like my grandmother. If I died who would take care of Jayden? I don't trust anyone, not even his dad. I wouldn't want my parents raising him, his godmothers are both whores (escorts), my sister is too young and my brother is finishing up his Masters. Ok, s...
Happy New Year!!!lol
2009-01-29 01:51:00
Yeah I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I did write in the last posts comments so I'm not entirely late.So, perhaps I did skip over a lot. I went from "I hate this black bastard" to "I spent New Years Eve with him" lol. Alrighty, so I decided to give him a chance for Jaydens sake. I figured I had to really put in a solid effort with this BROKE ASS man so my son wouldn't be raised by a single parent. I tried I swear I did, but you know what? I couldn't do it. He gets on my nerves. The problem is I am an American woman, which means I don't take shit and I'm not about to be submissive to anyone especially a man. If that was the case I would've gotten in to S&M and been the sub. HELLO. If I even told you some of the shit this black bastard has pulled on me you would be on the first flight out to Boston to kick his ass TRUST ME. I've decided to longer share this information with any of my girlfriends because then I'm unable to share it with you all and sharing with yo...
Baby news
2008-12-23 16:51:00
Yesterday I attempted to get out of my parking space which was covered in ice and snow. With no such luck, as I'm over 5 months pregnant I couldn't shovel my way out and I had already slipped on ice last week and nearly killed myself so taking another chance wasn't worth it if it would harm the baby. Anyway, I missed my ultrasound appointment AGAIN. I rescheduled it for next week, but since I couldn't wait any longer I decided at 4am to head over to Boston Medical Center and tell them I was having pains in my stomach. I know I shouldn't lie, but I wanted to know what I was having the suspense was killing me and come on a little white lie never hurt anyone. I showed up in full actors mode "I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I'm having pain in my lower abdomen" they immediately rushed me to get an ultrasound and then I said "is it a girl?" and the ultrasound person said "No, it's a boy!" I said "a boy? a boy?" and then I cried. I wanted a girl, but then I realized at that moment it di...
2008-12-07 18:16:00
I wrote this in mid October I thought I posted it, but I passed out immediately after I wrote it. It saved though, but I haven't been online since then. Can you believe we have a black president? I still can't. So, here is the drama from October. I have new drama for November and this week, but I'll give you time to catch up on this shit. I never made it to my ultrasound appointment, so I won't find out what I'm having until the 23rd of this month. Kalicutie I received your email, thank you for checking on me. Luv ya girl. Here's what I wrote in October:Where the fuck do I begin? Well, I suppose I should begin with a heartfelt thank you to all of my readers for your prayers and support. Thank you and I also want to remind everyone including Penee that all comments are welcome whether we agree with them or not. It?s a damn blog. It?s not breaking news on CNN. lolI?ll start where I?m at now and work my way back to the beginning. Currently, I?m living with one of my parents becau...
2008-10-09 22:26:00
Hey it's Penee. A quick update on "Conchita". She has something called hyperemesis (sp) less than 2% of pregnant women have it, so right now she is on a permanent IV until her condition improves and is staying with one of her parents. The baby is fine. I will cut off all comments and she can resume them when she returns. I don't anticipate her returning to the blog until the end of the year.Oh and she wasn't starving herself she would eat and drink and it would come back up in less than 5 minutes.-Penee
2008-09-07 16:44:00
I can't write. I'm severely depressed, horrified and I think I'm going to hell. I'm sorry. Please pray for me. XOXO-Brunette Bombshell
2008-08-29 01:07:00
Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech. It amazes me to think that this was not very long ago. This was AMERICA in 1963.
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No way, No how, No McCain!
2008-08-27 04:51:00
I love being a woman. Strong women ROCK! Introducing my hero Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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I've never been prouder
2008-08-26 06:06:00
This is the image I wish more Americans and people around the world would see Black women in. We are not all ghetto, poor, uneducated, out of wedlock baby makers, welfare receiving, project living, Baby Phat wearing, out of shape, loud mouthed, angry, head rolling, weave wearing, video hoes. We are indeed educated, beautiful, articulate, driven, warm, loving, stylish, family oriented, graceful women. I am honored, proud and touch by her speech because I identified with it. I looked at the television screen in awe and saw a reflection of myself. We may not share the same skin tone, hair texture and I sure as hell don't have her fabulous figure, but I see myself in her. I see my grandmother, my aunts, my mother, my sister, I see not just a black woman, but a strong woman who makes me prouder than I've ever been before. I am emotional on this joyous occasion because the world was FINALLY able to see what I already knew about us. It's emotional because this was more than a speech to ...
2008-08-18 15:57:00
I need to be consoled. I am devastated right now. I even took the day off from work because of this. Are you ready? I am such an IDIOT. I accidentally threw away my Manolo's. How could I be so stupid to throw away $600 shoes that have only been worn a hand full of times. What makes it worst is they don't make that color anymore. I looked everywhere. They are gone. I had them in my car for weeks and cleaned it out last week and I think I threw them out since I put them in a plastic grocery bag. What an idiot. A. I recycle those bags, so I don't understand why I didn't notice the shoes and B. those shoes should've never been NEAR a plastic bag!!!!!!! Now all I have to remember them by is this photo (my kitchen. Do you see all the pictures and crafts on my fridge from all the children I WHOOP? They still love me. Beat your children people. Whoop them. I took off the pic because Diamond told me to. lol I put it back up, but just cropped the hell out of it) I took the day I received...
Stage Fright
2008-08-17 04:49:00
I have stage fright. Severe stage fright. I use to be a writer, well a poet once upon a time and here in Boston we had a place called Estelle?s where they held open mic poetry night. For months I would go and be envious of all the poets who were able to get up there and recite their work. Then one day I told a co-worker that I was going to perform and he signed me up for Thursday night. I was scared shitless, my heart was beating so fast I could barely hear anything else besides it. It was loud. I remember looking around wondering if anyone else could hear it.They called my name and I took to the stage with my poem in hand. The live band began playing after my first word. Shit! I wanted it to be silent, no freaking background music, just me in rare form. The beat was funky, jazz and sexual. It was sexy. Instead of fear passion took over my body and I delivered my words with conviction, power and strength. I owned that fucking stage. I wanted more as the audience hung on my every wor...
I need to vent
2008-08-05 06:48:00
It's a shame when you can't turn to your friends to vent because you know they will have absolutely no sympathy for you and so I have turned to you my internet friend. lol Pathetic. ?Don?t you want to be happy? is what my neighbor said as I stood there excited and gloating over my new Louis Vuitton purchase made by a man I met the same day. I was pissed off. First of all bitch let me tell you how I was able to get a LV on the first date and be happy about it why do you have to spoil my story that I?m not even going to share with you because you?ve cut me off and pissed me off. Second of all bitch why are you worried about my happiness? I am a happy hoe. I?m f*cking ecstatic I have a new Louis and I didn?t have to use my money or have sex to get it, something you obviously haven?t learned the skill of. Third of all I know this skinny, Puerto Rican bitch with two kids from 2 different fathers who works as a stripper at night and has a different man up in her house every month is not...
Lord have mercy
2008-07-29 06:25:00
I just f*cked a werewolf. Dr. James must be the hairiest human being I know. He is a regular client of mine, but I'm always taken by surprise when he disrobes and all I see is hair. He actually has the nerve to want a massage. Hello, mutha f*cker you are so damn hairy that even the massage oil can't penetrate through to your skin. So, after I was done massaging him I decided to spice things up a bit. The thing with regulars is over time the same old same old isn't good enough and if you don't learn learn tricks you will lose them because it becomes routine like a regular relationship and if they wanted that they'd get a girlfriend not call an escort. I pulled out the handcuffs, put on my Lil Wayne cd and rode the werewolf to "Got Money" until he started to howl. He loved every minute of it. I'm sure I was his hip hop video girl fantasy. With my big ass and thick hips that is exactly who I was.This post is really for me as a reminder of the shit I do for money. You know I gave ...
"You are easily a 14"
2008-07-28 16:40:00
Friday evening I met with the head bitch Olivia (I love this name. I want a daughter so I can name her this) at The Four Seasons downtown Boston. I arrived wearing a white suit with a black tank top and black pumps, my hair was super straight and parted to the side with minimum makeup and a huge smile. I was greeted with a "hello" and a strong slap on my fat ass. Why do people always feel the need to touch my ass? We ordered salads and wine and then the questions began. "What have you been eating? Your face has filled out and your body is quite voluptuous" "What size are you now?" I knew damn well she knew what size I was, she is the type of woman who can just look at your body and she knows. I said "I'm a 12" she laughed "a 12? Please my love you are easily a 14, so what are we going to do about this?" What could I say? I know I am HEAVY. I really do know this because she told me to stand up and she took a picture of me with her camera phone and showed me. I almost died. I see mys...
Trading Places
2007-10-05 17:01:00
A few notes before I start this post. I’ve decided in the up coming weeks to post a question and answer section. So please feel free to ask me anything just shoot me an e-mail if you want your question to be included in my post. I’m limiting this to 20. I am also opening the comments sections again next week and I’m back in my size 7/8 jeans. YAHOO!I've been under the weather this entire week. I haven’t been to work since Monday although I did manage to drag myself in to class. So, I had to do something I have never done in the past which was to cancel my meeting with Mr. Georgia. I just couldn’t manage to get myself packed and ready for the weekend, plus I didn’t want to get him sick. My dilemma was whom was I going to send to replace me? Since he had already paid me in full (my rates have increased to $20,000 for 2 days) I felt obligated to send someone, although he did say it was not necessary. I looked through the escort malls throughout the week, nothing. I...
Amber's Sex cruise (explicit)
2007-10-02 03:56:00
Boy oh boy did Amber have herself a splendid time on her cruise. She couldn?t wait to come in to the office and tell me all about it. I was under the impression that she was returning to the office on Tuesday, but all the better for my nosy self. Amber looks great the sun kissed her body and her hair is now in tiny (micro) braids and she is wearing a short skirt to show off her sexy tan legs. The girl is crazy she actually went on vacation ALONE. I did warn her about all of the news articles and the piece 20/20 did on missing female passengers aboard cruise lines before she left, but my warning went unheard. Remember (oh I never told you) this is the same woman who told me she fantasizes about going to the back of a 7-11 store and the store clerk grabbing her and taking her down in the basement and f*cking her senselessly.Ok, back to her cruise, she was a real whore on this trip. lol She tells me on day one that she was walking around the ship in a string bikini tempting all of t...
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Last weeks run down
2007-09-29 19:00:00
Guess what? I lost 5 lbs this week. I went to the gym every day before work, hired a woman to cook low fat meals because I am always saying that I am too busy to cook and on Monday I’m meeting with a personal trainer. I am on a mission to get back in shape and to look better than ever.Lets see what happened last week in As The Brunette Bombshell’s World Turns? My office mate was not around to keep me entertained. The lucky b*tch went on a cruise to the Bahamas (I am not a fan of this destination unless you are at Atlantis) and a few other Islands. I’m sure she is going to come back to work on Monday with stories of her sexual exploits. I can’t wait and this time I will share them with you (warning* I will be very descriptive and it may be obscene). So, I had to venture out and make new acquaintances at the office. I had lunch with a manager in another department name (hmm what does she look like? I’m trying to figure out a name for her) Colleen. Colleen is a petite b...
My virtual twin
2007-09-27 04:59:00
I'm saying in this picture 'that's right ladies and gentlemen I have arrived now stop what your doing and pay attention to me before I leave work and head to class" lolA friend of mine (Jessica) made this for me. I just changed it (my clothing).
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2007-09-23 20:27:00
I?ve been extremely busy this past month with relocating to the East Coast, traveling for ?meetings?, schoolwork, adjusting to my new office space and a lousy attempt at keeping up with my e-mails and Blog. What is the point? The point is I have managed to put on 10lbs in 2 months. I can no longer fit in my favorite jeans, which happen to be a size 7/8 I am now comfortably in a 9/10. Don?t get me wrong a size 10 is very healthy, however I don?t have any clothes in that size and I don?t plan on purchasing a new wardrobe. This means I have to hit the gym and I?m not happy about this. I signed up for the gym on Friday and I never realized how expensive a membership actually is. Ok, so maybe this isn?t a gym it?s more like well why don?t I quote them ?100,000 square foot luxury sports and fitness complex designed to fulfill your every fitness need? and they are not kidding. There is even a spa, salon and a restaurant on site and if you?re too tired to drive home you can check in t...
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