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AdultShania Cum Art
Shania Twain is one of the most popular singers in music, but she's more famous for her incredible body and her love of flaunting her massive tits. Visit the blog where Shania fans and critics share one thing... their love of jerking on Shania!
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Shania live videos added.
2007-08-19 16:46:00
Here are a couple new videos for you. Both are from Shania's performance at London's Hyde Park when she did the Party in the Park back in 1998. Wearing a very see-through white fishnet top, it was real easy to see her luscious tits held up by her equally sexy little black bra. There were times during the song where she just had to bend over and give the camera a really nice view of her full tits and the incredible cleavage she has as her tits hang down like the hot little cow we'd love to milk. It makes you wonder just how much she would love to have those tits she likes to show off suckled on a regular basis... or perhaps that's why they are so big. Maybe they got a lot of use when she was younger. I know some who would love to hook her up to a milking machine and bottle their own personal stash of Shania's baby juice!
Shania Nude Fakes.
2007-08-08 11:29:00
When you're horny for Shania things happen. Here Shania gets "painted" by not just one, but TWO happy fans who waste no time showing her how much they like her. With cum in her hair, all over her face and in particular her eyes, our blinded Shania smiles and cheerfully wears her fan's sticky wet tribute. Instead of wiping it off, Shania uses her finger to guide the tasty cum into her mouth where she quickly dines on the protein supplement to enhance her vegetarian meals. Yes, more Cum Art pics have been loaded.
Shania Nude Fakes.
2007-08-03 08:37:00
Here's one of the nicest Shania fakes I've seen. Not raunchy, but very well done. Even people who didn't agree with the idea of fakes had to admit that this was not only a very beautiful rendition of Shania; it was also very tasteful and erotic. You may hate fakes, but this is about as close as you can get to seeing just how well proportioned Shania is from her well endowed chest, to her tiny waist. If you don't like this one, you're definitely in the wrong place or maybe you just hate beautiful women.
Bored? Try a Shania jigsaw puzzle.
2007-07-23 04:01:00
If you are bored some time and need your Shania fix, a Shania jigsaw puzzle is a nice way to kill time. There are regular or nude puzzles available in the website itself and if you are into the kinkier, more hardcore puzzles you can join the forum and test your skills with the more xxx-rated Shania puzzles. Because the Hardcore and Beast puzzles are much more adult in nature, you will need to be a forum member to get to them. If you are wondering just how hardcore can they possibly be... check out the sample below.
More Shania Cum Art posted.
2007-07-23 03:47:00
Looking for more pictures of Shania painted with cum? Check out AdultShania's Cum Art gallery for the latest in Shania artwork. See pictures like the one below where Shania has the load in her hair, all over her face and soaking her huge titties! The latest additions feature Shania posing beside her rivals Martina and Faith. Needles to say standing beside Shania in the Cum Gallery is dangerous for her picture mates as they both end up sprayed with hot cum. There are no doubt millions of people that love to jerk off to Country's sexiest singer, but only a rare few who don't mind sharing their tributes to Shania with the world... and possibly even Shania herself! Bet Shania would be honored to know that fans find her so beautiful at her age, that they actually jerk off to her incredible and timeless beauty.
More of your favorite Shania Cum Art
2007-07-10 14:09:00
Here's a great pic. Shania signing autographs as a happy fan gives Shania a treat of her own. Doesn't Shania look overly happy as she wears a fan's tribute in this very hot white gown? Apparently she had the straps added to hold up her incredibly huge tits, but we all wished she hadn't. It would have been so sexy to watch her step up to the mic, bouncing all the way until her breasts flopped out to give the audience and cameras the treat of a lifetime. Ever wonder how many Shania fans and skeptics would love to see her fabulous titties? I'm guessing in the millions! Oh, yeah... more Shania Cum Art pics have been loaded for your enjoyment!
Does Shania like girls too?
2007-07-09 13:50:00
Ever wonder if Shania has ever had lesbian tendancies? So what would you think if you found out Shania really liked girls too? She did do some Sheryl Crow ass grabbing at an awards show and seemed to enjoy it. It's not nearly as taboo as it was years ago for a girl to enjoy a nice sexy romp with another girl and Shania would be no different. Yes, some fans would be upset, but a lot more would probably cheer her sexy new attitude. Oh to watch some young blonde as she hangs from Shania's full tit.
New Shania Cum Art pics added
2007-06-28 20:28:00
I've loaded a couple more pictures for you to check out. This one was really cute showing Shania... as she eagerly shows off her cum splattered dress for everyone. She looks like she's really proud of the load and can't wait to show it off to the press as it sticks to her beautiful pink dress. Now who wouldn't love sharing their cum with a girl who appreciates it that much. Have you ever seen Shania so happy? Maybe you'd like to share your load with her backstage as she eagerly begs for more of a coating, or perhaps you'd rather shoot your load all over her smiling face!
Shania's worst TV moment...
2007-06-28 20:17:00
Ever had a bad day? Shania did when she appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno before the Superbowl. She had a strange looking outfit with very baggy pants and a top that had "DIVA" written across her chest. Now Shania has always said that she isn't a diva so the outfit alone would have been a strange sight for most. She really struggled singing her hit "UP!", but did get through it. The one great part is that it looked like she wasn't wearing a bra under her top so her soft fleshy tits would have been swaying like a couple pendulums under her top. Oh to help her off with her DIVA top and show her tits some tender loving care and attention. Check out the website for the video, and the Shania Sets gallery for some High Resolution pictures from the show.
Shania's Gonna Getcha Good!
2007-06-18 14:42:00
What were your thoughts when you finally saw Shania appear in this sexy, curve hugging catsuit? A lot of men were probably thinking it would be great to see through the black lace, while others were most likely thinking how to rid her of the catsuit altogether or more passionate reasons. Did you ever wonder if she was wearing anything under that clingy outfit? There were no panty or bra outlines so yes, she was probably completely naked under that slinky second skin. Surely that inspires a few fantasies! Check out the website to see Shania singing "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" in this very hot outfit or view the Shania Sets Gallery for more pictures of Shania in lace.
New Shania Cum Art pics added!
2007-06-16 21:56:00
Here is another great Shania Cum pic. Usually all you see are facials making a back shot like this fairly uncommon. If you were to stand behind her and be jerking off while she was talking to other people, just think of all the cum you could shoot all over her backside before she walked away. Since cum is more gooey than wet, it would stick to the back of her dress and the gobs of your cum would show up nicely against the black skirt she is wearing below. With a lot of pressure, you could shoot some of your load in her hair so she wouldn't notice... until she tried to brush her hair and it stuck together. Check out the Shania Cum Art gallery for more great shots of Shania being spermed. There are currently 25 pictures and more being added as they are created.
Shania opens the 2003 Juno Awards
2007-06-12 15:36:00
Shania fans loved it when she appeared as the host for the 2003 Junos awards in Ottawa. She opened the evening with her song, UP and wore a sequined outfit done up in the Montreal Canadiens colors. One of the funniest parts of the night was when Shania snuck out from behind the curtains dressed in Toronto Maple Leaf colors and was loudly booed by the Ottawa fans. The dresses looked great on Shania, especially the flowing Ottawa gown which hugged her curves and really looked beautiful on her. The video for her opening number has been loaded onto the website. As you can see... Shania still has the killer abs.
Shania's 1999 Grammy awards performance
2007-06-10 11:47:00
Shania's performance at the 1999 Grammies raised eyebrows worldwide when she wore this sexy little outfit. The thigh-high boots, corset and miniskirt were the talk of the town and Shania appeared on the cover of magazines and newspapers worldwide. Not bad for an appearance at an awards show. Apparently Steve Earl called her nothing more than a high priced lap dancer, and Shanias album Come On Over would go on to become the biggest selling album by a female artist in the history of music. Not bad for the tiny Canadian lap dancer! Wonder if Steve should take up lap dancing himself. This performance has now been added to the AdultShania video page along with Shania's other appearances.
Shania's Cum Art
2007-06-06 16:08:00
For some strange and unknown reason. Shania's Cum Art gallery has become the most popular page by far. I'm not sure why because I thought people would find it gross and degrading, but instead fans have found the pictures irresistible and flattering. I guess with all the celebrities to admire... Shania is still number one and people love to show their admiration in this ultimate fashion. When you think about it, why not jerk off on a Shania picture to show your love for this fine and extremely beautiful lady. I have to admit, looking down at Shania's face or chest as your orgasm explodes all over her picture is a very incredible and gratifying rush. To her fans Shania will always be the sexiest woman on the planet!
Shania fans say it aint so!
2007-06-02 16:58:00
Shania fans totally deny that the tiny country superstar ever posed nude. Some go on to say..."I'm not being a fan of a singer who poses nude. It makes me sick. I'm very disgusted, confused and baffled by all of this." The moderator went on to post this remark... "Note: Please do not post any links or photos in this thread or this forum to ask if they look like her. They are not real. Period." Ok. So if our sweet litle Shania has never posed nude, I'll let you be the judge of just how dressed up she is in this picture. I'm thinking she's bare ass naked under all that water. How about you? Now we aren't complaining... we actually love her even more this way. I'm sure the Shania fans may disagree.
The latest offering from Shania Cum Art gallery
2007-06-02 05:24:00
The latest Cum Art picture features Shania at the ACM awards. Pretty in white and with her massive tits straining against this dress, Shania drops to her knees to give you a nice target for your load. You stroke your cock faster and harder as you look down at her pretty face (and her juicy cleavage). Before long her sexy looks and jiggling milkbags have you ready to explode. Would you rather shoot your load in her mouth, all over her face... or perhaps between her tits?
New video... Shania at the Top of the Pops.
2007-05-28 16:01:00
A new video has been added to the website. Check out Shania in her Top of the Pops special where our tiny dream machine sings in a very hot shimmering silver mini dress, fuck me boots and arm length gloves. If the sight of Shania moving around in this sexy little number doesn't get you hard, nothing will. Ever notice how Shania likes to sing or appear in magazines with her legs spread? Can you say "perfect woman?" Imagine standing behind her when she spreads those luscious legs to give you a peek of her jewels as her skirt hikes up to show you 'everything'. Could you resist moving in and drilling her from behind?
New feature for the Shania Cum Art Gallery!
2007-05-26 21:36:00
AdultShania's Cum Art Gallery adds a little spice. Now you can post your comments on your favorite Shania Cum Art picture. Do you love them, maybe you think they're disgusting. Either way the Shania Cum Art Gallery is the most popular page for some reason so here's your chance to say why. Love them, hate them, have some suggestions for future pictures... all comments are welcome. If our Shania isn't pretty enough to jerk off too, who is?
Shania's 2003 AMA Performance!
2007-05-23 13:51:00
Just loaded is Shania's 2003 appearance at the AMA awards show. This was the hairstyle that got her the nickname 'woody' from Mutt because she looked like Woody the Woodpecker. She would have looked much better in a simple pony tail... but that's style for you. A few of the other female artists that night sported the same doo and it looked terrible. Shania did look good in her outfit though and in the tradition of Shania, she wore a shimmering gold bra and a wide open jumpsuit. Maybe could have been a bit more open, but it was nice. Of course no bra at all and a shimmering set of tits would have been much better and the show would have gotten some serious ratings. Maybe one day Shania will give in and treat all her fans to a peak at what every Shania fan wants to see (OK, at least the male fans). Shania needs to do some movies with an erotic flavour. I think Shania would make a nice lead actress in the sexy series... Emmanuelle.
Shania at the ACM Awards!
2007-05-16 16:21:00
I've loaded Shania's appearance at the 2007 ACM awards on the website. Check them out and enjoy the current footage of Shania. As usual, she looked very hot in her white dress and tiny little straps holding up her great big tits. Oh how easy it would be to pull those tiny straps over her shoulders and let her huge tits fall out. She is soooooo suckable! They need to come up with a new term. Instead of MILTF, in Shania's case she's equally tasty as a MILTS (Mother I'd Like To Suckle)!
Your affection for Shania!
2007-05-14 17:02:00
A while back I was directed to the blog, Got Cum. It is a blog where the many fans show their love for their favorite stars by masturbating and shooting their load all over their star's picture, then sending it in to be posted for all to see. At first I thought it was very strange (to put it mildly) then noticed they had a lot of the current stars... BUT NO SHANIA! Since Shania is without a doubt one of the sexiest women on the planet, why wasn't she in the same class as the other celebrities like Britney, Christina, Mariah and yes... even Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham?
What would you do with a drunken Shania!
2007-05-13 16:23:00
One of the poll questions on the website asks the question: You are at a party with a friend and by luck, Shania is there too. As the party wears on you go upstairs to get away from the noise, industry talk and to relieve yourself in the bathroom upstairs. When you get upstairs you walk by a bedroom and notice a drunk and very beautiful Shania passed out on a bed. Nobody is around and Shania is looking good in her dress that evening. She had started to undress but never finished before passing out so you enter the room and lock the door behind you. How much fun do you have with her knowing when she wakes up... she'll remember absolutely nothing! Post your comments on the nude picture and what you would love to do to Shania's unconscious ass.
2 new Shania videos added!
2007-05-13 02:43:00
I've added two new videos to the AdultShania website, Don't and Shania's Kennedy Center Honors performance. If you love Shania on the back of a horse, or singing in a dress that begs to ask the question... "Wanna suck on my tits?" you'll love these videos. If you'd just like to see Shania's tits hanging out... enjoy!
Shania's new blog!
2007-05-12 16:50:00
So when Shania did the halftime show wearing her skimpy miniskirt, diamond studded bra and thigh high 'fuck me' boots, what were your first thoughts... Share your thoughts on some of Shania's sexier pictures.
Shania Video Added!
2007-05-07 15:47:00
Shania's second release from her UP album, was UP! Stop on by the AdultShania and watch the latest addition to the videos section as Shania sings her title song. In the month to come more videos will be added for Shania's fans everywhere to enjoy.
Shania Video Added!
2007-04-30 09:05:00
One of Shania's video releases for her UP! album was a song titled "She's Not Just a Pretty Face!" The video was taken from her Chicago concert featuring a very pretty Shania wearing a skintight yellow top by body glove and a pair of black cargo pants. In the Shania tradition, she was showing off her flat, sexy abs and her world famous belly button.
Shania Polls add Video treats!
2007-04-25 08:24:00
If you were thinking of answering the poll questions but needed some incentive, here you go... The AdultShania polls now have an XXX video scene as the bonus for filling out each poll. There are 5 polls, so you can watch 5 hardcore clips. These are full scenes from beginning to end and feature some of the hottest stars in adult movies. If you find the questions are too tame, submit your own questions and be surprised as to how everyone answers them!
2 New Shania Videos added!
2007-04-15 22:21:00
2 new videos have been added to the videos section... The first clip is Shania's Forever and for Always, the version where Shania sings on the beach with the two children and the young couple.The second video is from the 38th annual CMA awards where Shania sang Party for Two with Billy Currington wearing her sexy sheer top and pink bra!
New Shania Nude Gallery!
2007-04-15 00:28:00
AdultShania is very pleased to bring you some of the hottest Shania nudes and seductively dressed pictures of Shania on the internet. With the addition of the Makaii Shania Gallery, Shania fans will be treated to some very sexy images of Shania in and out of her clothes. Stop on by and see the picture requested by many of Shania's fans! A picture of country's tiny sweetheart in a beautiful sheer top so realistic, you'd want to frame it for your bedroom!
New Video added!
2007-04-10 17:08:00
NEW Video! Shania sings Thank You Baby! for a German TV station! Check out Shania in her tight jeans and a very seductive top. The semi-sheer leopardskin fabric is thin and clings to her curves like a second skin hugging her massive breasts as she struts around the stage. She bounces very nice in this video. I'm currently working on a HD version of this video for the website.
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