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bla bla bla
2007-10-23 06:46:00
Hey dums dums did ya miss me? Ok listen up, this shit is so time consuming that I am falling asleep at the wrong time and not keeping up with a few of my appointments. With that being said, updates will be moving slowly. ahhhhhh too bad for you fucktards... I know I know... I havent even fininsed my SBP website, yet Im multitasking on other shit. Anyway, nothing is stoping you from entertaining me so frankly I wouldnt give a damn if it took me 5 years to get a few sections up and runing you can kiss my black round cheekums..YA DIG!ta ta bitch-scums
New Niteflirt Membership section
2007-09-24 00:25:00
This is going to be a quick description of what Im up to with my niteflirt membership seciton because I been up all day for 2 days and Im tired as FUCK!... Im almost done working on my nitflirt membership section. I have 3 leves of membership Platinum, Gold, and Shit membership. My shit membership are for you cheap asses who will get unlimited access but with out the extra bonuses that the other 2 memberships will have. Anyway a new slut whore wanted to work for me and suck some black dick. He gave me all of his personal info: social security card, drivers lic bla bla bla...Im just too tired to do my sophisticated pimping but you will see me soon, very soon. When I get plenty of rest and catch up on my real estate homework, your sluty ass will hit the streets. Until then im off to bed ta ta bitches....
Cant keep still
2007-09-21 17:10:00
Hey bitches, The princess wasnt feeling too good these past couple days. I think I might be coming down with the flu or somthing so today I made me a nice hot cup a camomile (I think I spelled that right) tea. I think im going to rack up on indian and chinese tea. It taste so diffrent than the regular Lipton. As a matter of fact Liption is so low budget. You see where they have a vairety of spices but the tea dosent work. You have to get quality tea like from a health food store or somthing. Anyway, I have this cleansing tea that smells so good like mint but it taste so horrible. I wont go near it blah. I tried it 2x's and it really did clean me out. After that its been sitting in my cabnet for 1 year. To keep my mind off of feeling sick, I kept switiching things around on my website . I think I like the change with the gold effect. One dum dum keeps clicking on my retirment fund button. Stupid ass... I can see if he clicked a variety of buttons but he keeps clicking one button ove...
Bye Bye Bum Bitches
2007-09-08 11:16:00
Its been a long ass time since I posted here. I been very busy working on my Real Estate business and really couldnt care less about you shit heads missing me. Do yourselves a favor and invest in any and all project funds Im working on Especially my Retirment fund. I will be using your wimpy money to invest in precious meadals and oil. Fuck Goverment benefits, a bitch is investing like the rich. Anyways, I did have a couple of plans this year for my domination fetish but I decided to do a complete 360 with my life of investing. Niteflirt is a great steping stone for thoes who wish figure out what they want to do but there is no fucking way I can stick with them for the longterm. I'll be pulling in more than $60,000 a month, who knows mabe more once my business is completly done. In the mean time you bitch-trolls better get the best of what you can get by worshiping the princess until she's gone. Lucky for you aye. ta ta bitches
School 4 Dummies
2007-07-22 10:54:00
$25.00 - $25 Tribute $50.00 - $50 Tribute $75.00 - $75 Tribute $100.00 - $100 Tribute Hey dummies, the princess has a new project for you sluts. Right now its all about my school loans. What ever the hell you request, all funds will knock off my school loans. I dont give a flying fuck what fetish you have if it dosent support my school loans then too bad 4 ya. There are going to be a few changes with my tribute buttons. As far as my ebay gift certificates and amazon bla bla bla bla, STOP sending. Instead you bitches will send all funds electroniclly or cash to my PO Box 20546 Baltimore MD 21223-0546 to pay off my school loans. If you are new and wish to serve start clicking on my tribute drop-down list and fill out an application or else your automatically DENIED. The more you spend, the more time you'll get ...
Girls snooping around on websites
2007-07-07 11:38:00
Before I began talking about other girls snooping around on my website, we do it all. If you see good shit its tempting to not look. Its what you call "killing time" or I ran into the site by a mistake as an excuse. Some girls are okey dokey and mean no harm and others are a threat we tend to keep our eyes wide open on.But there is one that recently stands out in a unique way. And I find it quite amazing how she came "looking" for me through her so called "tactic" browsing yet claims someone is trying to be like her and she cant blame them 4 it. Yes if you are reading this then frankly I really dont give a shit because you have no business with your "funny snooping". I know girls look and admire or just look for the sake of looking because we all run into each other through topsites and boy I tell ya thoes flashy banners are hard to resist. I myself do it all the time and if I see ladies with good resources I like to see if I can get a piece of it with out violating anyone. I wont r...
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