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We're finally back!
2011-01-22 22:47:00
Well, sort of. We are coming with a good deal of changes, starting from the whole blog itself. We've moved to, where we have set a whole new blog with a flashier design (thanks to my boy :*) and a new approach. In the last months we were having fun at some Spanish amateur forum, where we adopted a brand new persona and got a little better at taking and editing photos. And it was such a fun! Thus the name change and the new emphasis in media (go and check our comic -so far sadly in Spanish- and don't miss the premiere of our first short porn movie in some weeks). The bad news is that so far, the new site is only in Spanish. Not that there is so much to read :p But we are considering to translate it, depending on... you! Leave us feedback asking for an English version and we will listen. In the meantime, you can enjoy the universal language of pics (and tits :p). So, update your favorites and come visit us to our new house,! Kisses!
Mind blow
2009-05-14 03:41:00
Rose and me have been quite busy lately. And I don?t mean busy like in a metaphorical, naughty way; but like in busy. Well, it is true that our last three days have been filled with crazy cybersex (did I just fuck a pillow??) and fantasizing about our soon-to-be life together. Yeah, one of this days we?ll have to post something of it. But we are too busy. That?s the life of a young couple: work, lunch break, sex, work, dinner, sex, sleep four hours. But don?t you worry, dear voyeurs, we?ll try to find some time for you. Who knows?, maybe we?ll even decide to upload some hardcore fragments of our fallen angel video? but for that you?ll have to ask nicely >;-D
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She is an angel
2009-05-08 04:36:00
But a fallen, dirty one. And she loves it. You can tell by the way she confidently approaches you; her hips dancing to an imaginary rhythm. If you had met her before, you wouldn?t believe that sweet little face could display such a lustful expression. But that would only mean you didn?t really get to know her. Standing in front of you, she carelessly strokes her wings with a naughty smile. Her feathers are dark. Her gift won?t be peace and eternal boredom. A hand finds its place on your crotch, the geography not being unknown to it. She pets her favorite toy, trying to fight her instincts, to enjoy the foreplay. But that doesn?t last long. Before you know it she is in her knees, filling her mouth with your taste. ?You know, there is nothing I love more than a warm, thick cock??, she will say. ?? well, maybe two of them?. Time seems standing still. Engulfed by tidal waves of physical and visual pleasure, you may think there?s nothing more you could ask for. ...
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Three fine weeks
2009-04-24 16:00:00
So it ended. Our three fine weeks together. Absolutely not enough.But it's the last damn two months that we are apart and this thought makes it a bit easier.Still... It's so hard to come back to reality. After those lazy mornings, careless walks and crazy fucking.We've also managed to make some good porn...Would you, dear readers, like us to share some of it with you?
Relaxing bath...
2009-03-23 00:11:00
[I must admit, I hate shaving my pussy...]
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Before work...
2009-03-13 23:05:00
My skin misses sun. And some soft touch...I wish someone could help me, on such lazy mornings, just before work...Wanna help?
Sugasm #160
2009-03-10 00:01:00
I submitted Rose?s legs to last Sugasm so everybody could enjoy their beauty. Now, it is our turn to post back the links appearing on this edition. Thanks to all of you who rated our posts, and specially to Snowball, Buddy and Yola for their comments. We love feedback!   This Week?s Picks He beats me ?I bite my lip in anticipation as I follow his direction.? Jerking Off: You?re doing it wrong! ?However, I?m in it now. And I need it.? Love Languages ?How do I best show my love?? Sugasm Editor Faking A Four Way Editor?s Choice Sugarbutch Star: Matt (part 1) More Sugasm Join the Sugasm See also: Fleshbot?s Sex Blog Roundup each Tuesday and Friday. BDSM & Fetish BDSM Casino party RULED Fine Art 104 Fucking little bitch High School Bully Part 2 Nasty little green shit Turning Up The Heat Western fantasy - part 9 (learning to eat pussy) Er...
A Day in the Life of a Sex Slave III ? Eating Out
2009-03-06 01:51:00
You take your time getting yourself ready, but the wait does pay off: you appear on the middle of the hall wearing an elegant, dark red dress that underlines your shape and shows those beautiful legs of yours covered by black stockings. Your new stilettos, with the shiny small diamonds are a perfect match, and make your figure even more impressive. Your hair happens to be in a quite sophisticated bum, which tops your pretty face in which a pair of eyes shine blue over a softly dark background. The purple-reddishness of your lips call sensuality, and goes perfectly together with the dress; and so do your long silky gloves. The sultry red is spotted by details of lustful black, such as your hanging earrings, a black pearls necklace and, of course, your big, black wedding ring [1]. You come closer to me and make me kiss it, as if you were a queen or a pope, which by now you have become to me. On my side, I'm wearing your favorite suit; but as you suggested, I s...
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I like it rough
2009-03-02 22:35:00
One song sticked to my mind lately. And everytime I hear the verse "if it's not rough it isn't fun" I can't help but thinking about sex. Or rather fucking. As I really like it rough. The same as I like to be just slowly making love, hearing Lechien sweet talking to my ear.Lately I got even more fond of contrasts. I realised that, while eating greedily dark chocolate. I was relishing its bitter-sweetness thinking that I used to hate that taste.The same I enjoyed sweet taste of milk chocolate to just after few seconds feel hot in my throught caused by cocoa-chilli filling.I love to jump between dimensions. Play with labels. Mix oppositions.I know there are poeple who think only in white, and ones that think only in black. But I believe that majority can slide among the gray scale.I like these pictures, as for me it's a mix of sweetness and bitterness.Warm skin and cold wall.Pretty and ugly.Innocent and dirty.Smooth and rough.Heaven and hell.You can find here whatever you want.
Are you pulling my leg?
2009-02-25 03:32:00
Yesterday Rose texted me while shopping: she had found this cool miniskirt with a wisely placed zipper that could give us so much fun at discos and some other crowded places; but still she couldn?t decide whether to buy it or not. She wanted me to convince her, which I gladly did.  Back at home I told her to send me some pictures (yep, we are still far from each other), but she kept giving excuses, wondering if she shouldn?t have bought it? till she explained that she was ashamed of her legs. !!! . That?s it, for some mysterious reason, my beloved girl thinks her strong, Slavic legs are ugly, too big and not made for miniskirts. How could this crazy idea get into her head is something way beyond my understanding (let?s blame society!). The thing is, all my attempts to convince her were a failure, as a devoted lover doesn?t seem to be her paradigm of objectivity. So I decided to gather some empirical proof and post it here, for our kind, naughty voyeurs to contribute with their ...
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One Day With a Deviant Housewife Part 2
2009-02-23 00:20:00
- Now I need to get fresh before the meeting - you say while finishing your whipped cream from my crotch - make me a bath you slave!- Yes, Master - I answer with a sexy smile and almost crawling out of bed I am walking to the bathroom on my four. When you come to the bathroom, I am sitting next to the bathtub playing with the water stream. You are naked, looking into the mirror.- I need to shave that first - you point at some parts of your beard and take the shaving machine. I am coming closer to you, still on my four, just like a cat. I am stroking myself in between your legs, meowing.- What do you want cat? I am busy now - you say playfully like you were pitying me.- Mrrauu?- I don't understand cat, sorry.I am starting to touch your legs, kissing you from toes up. Being at the level of your dick is so hard not to do anything with it... So i look at you, and seeing you're so focused on shaving I start to kiss it gently. You are not reacting to what I am doing. So I'm crawling be...
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Home Alone
2009-02-21 02:08:00
?Mmmm? Rose made a sleepy sound trying to cuddle up to Lechien.?Come on honey, wake up.??Mmmm? no? why? ? I can?t? Everything? hurts me? she continued mumbling into the pillow. Lechien just smiled and answered ironically ?Uhum? should have danced more yesterday?. She made en effort to open one eye to see if he was still angry about her last night?s performance. Thinking that he was not very pleased, she closed her eyes and puckered her forehead, trying to think clearly, what should she say. Nothing came to her mind but thoughts about pain in every single muscle in her body.?Come on, is late, we have some things to do before my flight? said her husband, stroking her nose with his finger.?Oh shit!? she suddenly got up with her eyes wide opened ?I thought your leaving on Monday!?, she looked like a small, frightened meerkat and he felt some tenderness against this poor animal ?Well, it?s after midnight, so it?ll be already Monday. And now it?s after 3 in the afternoon??. Rose looked ou...
The Storm
2009-02-21 01:46:00
He stood there, staring at her round shapes with a smile.?Well, it seems difficult to say no to that??The contact of his warm hands made her shiver. He had started to caress her sexy buttocks, enjoying the touch of her peach skin. He squeezed her, grabbed her ass sweetly; all humble attempts to catch the beauty of her butt in his fingers.?I want you inside,? she said in a weak moan, knowing already that he won?t do it; that he wanted to tease her till she begged for it.These thoughts made her wet the little green underwear even more, in a mix of frustration, love and desire. She could feel how his finger were surrounding playfully her vagina and anus; sometimes she would feel one of his fingers slide under the tanga for rubbing her clit or exploring the warm darkness of her pink pussy.?Everything at its time,? he said, moving his head towards her bottom and ending the sentence in a heavy breath over the tanga. His tongue walked all along the green cloth, shaping on it the sensual pr...
The Rain
2009-02-21 01:45:00
He was standing thoughtfully, leaning against a big window which constituted almost the whole wall, looking somewhere between the raindrops. It was a heavy rain and the water had been hitting the glass and the windowsill relentlessly for more than half an hour. The room was quite dark and gloomy, as it was illuminated only with the lights of the city. A cat came to him but, seeing no interest, quickly got back to his favorite place on the bookshelf. Minutes went by; and if the little drops outside were not falling down, one after another, making moving shadows on a creamy-beige walls, it would be a perfectly still picture.Suddenly the cat jumped gently from a bookshelf and run towards the door which had just opened slowly. A dark figure appeared breathing heavily and making a lot of noise. Some keys fell upon the wooden floor, the door slammed noisily, the cat got under a skirt meowing, and a few round things were dropped and bumped towards the window.?Cholera? kocie wy?a?!? said th...
A Day in the Life of a Sex Slave II - Cumming Back Home
2009-02-21 01:07:00
As soon as I hear the sound of the keys on the door I am there for helping out with your coat and your bag... and your shirt and your strings... I go down, stoping on your nipples once more for a delightful taste before going for the main dish, hiden between your legs. But before I can arrive you stop me.- So you want a taste of my juicies, boy? Here you have-, and drawing your wet dildo from your insides, you put it into my mouth. While I'm sauvoring the delightful taste, you make yourself comfortable on the floor of the hall, where I had put a pillow knowing you won't pass longer than the entrance without being fucked hard. Your legs wide open and a deviant smile are more an order than an invitation, so I don't waste a second before sticking my hard, big cock inside of you. You were so horny already that after a few minutes you have a small but intense orgasm. I know that's not enough for you, so I keep on moving my hip, holding your legs on my shoulders, getting deeper and de...
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Naughty Rose goes bananas!
2009-02-20 14:17:00
There's nothing new in naughty Rose being sex crazed -you just have to take a look at this blog if still having any doubt-, but last night she went literally bananas! I was supposed to be working on the computer, but it was hard to keep away from her dirty chat. 'Do you want to see me while I eat my dessert? I'm having a banana', she said at some moment, and that's an offer few could refuse. So I turned on the webcam and there appears my cute, shy girl, holding the piece of fruit with an ashamed smile. It started more like a filthy joke, some flirting for making me hard and wishing to be banging her; but while it was quite a pleasant game, duty call and tiredness were my main concerns... until the beast was released.I cannot explain how it went, but all the fake licking and sucking made her so horny that the fruit stopped being only a banana. What a show! Her sweet lips placed the exact amount of preassure while deepthroating the fruit, her eyes lost in lust. Quick moves of he...
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Sugasm #159
2009-02-18 17:35:00
We are such newbie perverts, still struggling with the blogosphere. In our quest for increasing our exposure and fulfill our exhibitionistic desires, we strumbled upon this nice adult blogs weekly review, Sugasm. Here is edition 159, in which our Rose and her love for bananas is listed, among several sexy posts.By the way, we are really looking forward to some feedback: comments, suggestion, requests... right now Rose and me are quite far away, but as soon as we get together (and that will be really soon!) we plan to play out some of our lustful fantasies, so any idea will be welcomed ];-DThis Week?s PicksThe Annual Anti-Valentine?s Day Posting: 2009 Edition?Ahh, Valentine?s Day. Sigh.? Exposed?We talk a lot about putting me on display, and it was even more intense in reality as it has been in fantasy.? Yes?At the edge of the precipice, my nerves rippling with electricity, i tumbled down into you? Sugasm EditorSex Work And Compassion: A Call From Baghdad Editor?s ChoiceStairwell Mor...
A Day in the Life of a Sex Slave - The Awakening
2009-02-18 17:16:00
I wake up while you are still dormant, and wait for the time you set me for sliding myself under the quilt and start kissing your legs in order to softly open my way till your slept pussy. I place my head in your tight, as you ordered me last night, and suck it gently. Soon I sense your lazy, satisfied smile. After stretching yourself into the awaken world, you move your right arm towards my head; and grabbing it firmly push it against your already wet cunt. Your legs stretch around my back preventing me from doing any movement, while my nose and tongue sink in your flesh making it difficult to breathe. I have no other choice than to open my mouth and move my tongue faster and faster; not that I could dream of doing anything else. Finally, with a groan of pleasure, you losen your muscles and let yourself fall on the bed.-T'was not bad, slave. Now go prepare some breakfast - you say, in an authoritative but tender voice.I'm cooking fully naked, as you don't allow me to wear any cl...
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The Party
2009-02-18 17:15:00
On their way to the kitchen, she grabbed his t-shirt that was lying on the floor, but didn?t care about putting the panties on again. Her boy was trying to find his pants, while she jumped to the radio and turned it on. She started to move to the beat, looking still full of energy.?I hope you remember about tonight?s party; do you???Of course I do, honey, you are talking about it everyday since Monday,? he smiled at her, putting on his boxers.?Great, I?m afraid it can be a bit boring; but it?s important for me to be there.??Oh, I know, I know? people from the publishing houses, right?? he patted the cat which came from nowhere and clamored some petting with a loud meowing.?Yep? Anyway, I have an idea to make it a bit more spicy than just a party for suited businessmen and their sluts.?He laughed at her serious tone of voice and bitchy gestures, while she put the oranges into the basket on the table.?So what are you going to do, darling, huh???Uhm? Well, simplifying I?m gonna be a sl...
2009-02-18 17:14:00
It's been too long without you...There is just jazz and insomnia.And this chronic tiredness.I can't wait to be falling asleep by your side again...And I look forward to that morning, when I will be woken up by your warm body on mine...With your soft kisses on my neck...With your fingers on my naked breast...And with your hard cock inside me... fuck the poetry...----------------Now playing: Marian McPartland - Baby You Should Know Itvia FoxyTunes
Meet me at the airport
2009-02-18 17:11:00
You know that I have so many things to do... But whatever I'm doing you are the first thing in my mind. The frustration reached it's peak. It doesn't matter if I am sick, or dizzy, like today. I still think about the things we'll be doing soon... That will be really soon... And I'll tell you how it's gonna be...I'm gonna wear my new heels, you'll like them. And a tight skirt - I know how much you love my ass. So tight that I will have just some hold-ups underneath.I'll put on a tight black t-shirt... Or maybe my favourite white shirt?And my red rock'n'roll jacket. Or maybe the red, long coat...?And some 60's make up.As soon as I get off the plane I will go the toilet to get rid of some unecessary clothes...Then I will see you and your friend, so kind to drive us home. I'll give both of you a big grin, then come almost running to you. You will say "hi pretty", hug me and kiss me. I will just whisper to your ear "I manage to get rid of my panties".You will introduce me to...
There's nothing more to add...
2009-02-18 17:11:00
The Herbaliser - Sensual Woman (sourceYouTube)To become aware of my own sensuality, I first become fully aware of my own tactile sense. In dim light, I close my eyes and remove my clothes.Do I lose his respect for being so wild? Hardly. He treats me like a rare and precious jewel. And he goes through the day proud of the fact, that with me, He is the world's most imaginative lover.Men pick amazing places for sexual adventure. The wildest adventure proposed to me was in a bathtub which was full of Jello! All I could think of, was how many boxes it would take? What would be the most alluring colour? The most delicious flavour? And how could that affect our oral explorations? If the Jello gets firm, would I bounce?As you look around for what's new and different, Remember these three important weapons that should be learned to keep a man in love.Imagination, sensitivity to his moods and desires, And the courage to experiment with new sexual techniques, Enticing situations and pla...
One Day With a Deviant Housewife Part 1
2009-02-18 17:10:00
The sun is waking me up. What a beautiful day. Especially since you are lying next to me, completely naked, covered just by a thin sheet. I can see your dick, hard with a morning erection and I simply can't help putting my hand on it. I stroke it gently, but you're still asleep... No wonder... we were playing till late night.But the sun is just loading my batteries and I'm stretching like a cat, and pulling the sheet out of you. Cause I am your catwife ;)Now that I see it, so big I just want to lick it... So I'm going down, slowly, still trying not to wake you. I touch your balls with my tongue and slowly going up, till the top. It smell makes me horny as hell... I lick it gently, with the top of my tongue... No, I can't stand it longer... I have to put it to my mouth, make it wet, and hot, harder and bigger... And so I do. And I feel your hand on my head, you're playing with my hair. So I play a littlle with my tongue here and there, going more down, and sucking hard your ba...
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