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Financial Black femdom Princess

Financial Black femdom Princess
thoughts of a black superior femdom in financial domination, money slavery, foot fetishes and many forms of online male sumission. Learn how to become a financial servent to serve a ebony beautiful black femdom.
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New Unigue Slave assignments
2007-10-13 18:16:00
This blog will be used for updates only: My site is a money slavery and financial domination site with male humiliation as it is suppose to be. I have real financial slaves, with real money slave stories and etc. If it resembles a male domination site because of the real humiliation photos, then call it that, after all financial domination and money slavery is for males........Who cares if it is
Money domme Slut? what the _fuck
2007-09-19 08:12:00
I find this money slut amusing, so funny. He says he will do anything for money, even if it means degrading himself or making himself look stupid. He wants to be a money domme or should I say money dommeslut. The he/she thinks if he mimics a money domme, he can make mad cash, he's almost desperate and will rob, steal kill to do it, but he's got a terrible perspective of it all. Sure I'd
Upset, so what.. fuck you! get over it.
2007-09-17 20:51:00
Fugly, blah blah, bookie bookie hoochie coochie, la la la Bored and loving the cash that you send my puppets, so send more why don't cha! This blog has moved to my main site. So join the hundreds of other readers who visit daily. If you know where it is then go there. No more posting my free literature. Noisy broke and fake fuckers move around, as I said before you Do not belong here, so why
Wow, Blah
2007-09-15 02:30:00
blah blah blah and blah blah, I am so loving my self bitches. I decided to change my nice layout being the dominant webmaster and all(giggles). I still have sooo much to do, along with other new sites coming. I love doing what I do. While I continue my hobby, moneyslaves continue to send cash and click my niteflirt buttons on a regular. I refuse to work hard. I am too pretty and I don't have to.
Loser seeks to serve a black mistress of fetish
2007-09-09 19:39:00
Why all the emails losers, I stated before that I away dealing with family matters. The 46 emails is just rediculous. I felt like closing my freaking email accoount. Did you not read the blog wimp? I stated that princess will return and indeed I have done just that. I am back and oh the fun hasn't even begun. Yes, loser I haven't even gotten started yet! I have been having fun with teasing and
Princess is out, but still gets huge tributes
2007-08-19 17:19:00
A total of $9,300 but that $5,300 came from 2 new puppets who sent cash priority to my mail. read more on my site. Princess will be out and about dealing with outside family issues, read more on my site. Do not sent gifts! You are still allowed to call my lines during this time. DO NOT SEND GIFTS, again for some of the blind retarded bitches who are hard to understand shit...
Fetish galleries of fetish Princess Sheer
2007-08-09 00:40:00
Big Thangs poppin and little things don't stop it! Are you bothered by the Lady Domme Sheer’s beauty bitch? Can’t keep your eyes off me, but you know you are way out of my league? I see you are just waiting to beat that nasty little shit between your legs. You cannot wait for my new fetish galleries and videos but you puppets must understand that I am not here for you. I am only here to
Fake yahoo name
2007-08-04 17:41:00
Take Note new slave and admires: This yahoo profile isn’t The yahoo Profile of Lady Sheer Fake yahoo profile! HERE. That is not my yahoo name that slaves are paying to get! Someone wants to be like me, funny. I tend to get this all the time. Poor thing. I guess they makeup false yahoo names to make money or they use this against them to TRY, I said try, to make look bad. It won't matter anyway,
Money pig and financial credit ruin
2007-07-24 19:21:00
He feels he is going into a financial crisis. He may even go into bankruptcy. A pathetic loser of mine has borrowed so much money from his bank in order to pay his beautiful ebony princess, he still tries and continues to meet the needs of a greedy, spoiled and cruel Goddess. He has this large debt he must pay off according to his bank policies so, what shall he do? Shall he continue to pay his
Fetish Princess and credit ruin
2007-07-16 05:46:00
Addictiveness sets in, I can smell it from afar! I had to sit down and ask myself, why would losers go to the extreme? Why run your credit to destruction only to ruin yourself, running into a credit crisis. Why, because you are a complete failer, a wimpy man disappointment, a loser without success. Surely these money drones aren't very smart at all and tend to get quit stupid and dumb for a
Money Domme-Black fetish Princess gets more cash
2007-07-16 05:46:00
Money Domme, The fetish Princess Sheer does it again. New Money Pig Oliver sends princess a nice check of nine hundred and fifty dollars, how sweet loser. Good job! He says he never served any other domme in his pathetic miserable life. The cash he sent will be used for my fun and enjoyment as my house is so full of gifts from other money pigs and bitches online. A money domme can't get enough
Black princess, Slave Ownership and Contract
2007-07-08 15:03:00
I could care less about your patheticness. You won't stand a change. You are a no body anyway chump. Do what you must in gaining my attention. I will continue to just ignore your nasty filled shited ass if you are broke! Do you wish to be owned by Princess Femdom Sheer losers? Do you want to serve a mistress, domme, or princess but feel obligated to serve her? Then complete my contract for
Financial ruin and control it continues
2007-07-04 15:25:00
The black femdom Lady Sheer controls a moneyslave's little thumb prick dick! What a nasty and most smug week it has been for me in my new home. Of course it is hurricane season. So, no time for me to go out to the mall to shop. I would hate for my 150.00 hairstyle to get ruined. So what’s left to do? Phone fetish mind fucking of course! One of my bitches calls me up and begs for his Lady Domme
Hi dorks and lonely wimps, Black femdom is back!
2007-07-01 05:30:00
The black femdom princess, Lady Sheer is pleased to be back up and running so I can continue to take and take until these wimps have no more. I hated waiting for my fast internet connection to start but it came right on time when I was ready to sit down at my desk and begin checking all my backed up emails. Princess still has so much to do to my home as I am a picky beauty. I hate to take pictures and post them just yet, as my home is all upside down. This kitchen is quit a mess. This large 3 bedroom 3 bath, 2 car garage with patio deck, sun room kitchen and living, waterfall in living room with palm tree, and a huge deck patio back yard is perfect, and quit spacious. It is very huge and with just myself, it will take a little time getting things perfect.I also smell new pay pigs, new comers and noisy snooping ones as well. Princess sees who visits and exits all my sites. I see where you live, what pages you see and how long you have visited. I even see the scared little admiring on...
Attention money slaves
2007-06-23 19:28:00
Princess is relocating to my new home at the moment. My nite flirt phone domme lines will be available for taking calls but the gift sending must stop until I am complete with my move.DO NOT SEND GIFTS, the may get lost and I would hate to receive more huge tributes , expensive handbags and things that could get lost or delayed!If you wish to continue sending cash, then use nite flirt, this is the only way you may spoil me at this time. Start by clicking the pay buttons to the left. Until then by dorks, losers and shopping pigs. Save up my money for my return.
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Submissive husband seeks a black fetish mistress
2007-06-14 17:48:00
I was contacted by a submissive male who eagerly wanted to serve and admire a black mistress for his wild fetish fantasies. He was truly a man who wanted to badly to be humiliated and he begged to suffer for princess. This sub thought that I was a femdom that would show a little skin here and there. Surely he had found the wrong Goddess. I began to tell him that I was not a pro domme or a mistress. I will not meet for sex acts nor show my naked skin. He understood right off hand where I was going with this because surely he had found the wrong black ebony mistress for his fantasy. Lady sheer was not sure of what he wished for but I?ll just say that he lost me fast after he told me that he wanted to see a little nudity if he served me. Now, what type of domme did he think I was or, what kind of sub was he to make a suggestions like that. He claims he didn?t mean to disrespect me but it seems he was a least testing me to see what kind of princess, mistress or domme that I was. I am no...
A Fake Blog
2007-06-08 09:13:00
This is very funny but must be said, this is not my blog. Someone is truly desperate.All my slaves have knowledge that Mistress mahogany was the name I started as financial domination. It changed because of all the other "Mahogany's" on the net. lol. Remember me as Lady sheer as I have started many fetishes under this alias. You will see why I choose this name when I am done.I have found out the location and state where this person resides but shouldn't expose them just yet. Truly this is some weak person who is using Mahogany Mistress to make money with AdSense. Boy the things someone will do for money because they don't have the ability to succeed. If they aren't having sex for money, showing nudity or posing as naked cam girls for money, they will just still pictures and post on free sites on other dommes who are shining to make money. How weak, you should be ashamed. Poor baby, I just laugh when they try but fail, surely you are just making me f...
Spoiled fetish mistress gets more cash and gifts.
2007-06-02 03:19:00
Spoiled fetish mistress gets more cash and gifts.Oh how I just love mind blowing these sick puppies. They can?t stop craving for what they know they will never have. The more I seem to post on this money blog, it seems the more gifts come and I?d like to brag to show how lucky you could be if you were serving me. The gifts from my wishlist arrives very quick and it is very convenient. I guess this is why I love shopping on amazon. Now I have to say I have a public wishlist and a private wishlist. My private wishlist are for slaves who currently spoil me well. Only real money slaves who know how to serve and spoil, will get this privilege. I hate the come and go types so they get limited. This defeats the ones who I feel are not very trust worthy. The money pigs who aren't sure of what they want or even the money slaves who are known to serve multiple financial dommes all at once. Now I know there are many financial pets who serve many dommes online going back and forth. Surely we a...
Holiday holds up money dommes cash.
2007-05-28 06:05:00
Holiday holds up money dommes cashThanks for the baby phat outfits from wish list piss pee. Now I have more cute blouses to wear for the holiday with my tight expensive jeans, and it came just in time. I am still waiting for my new camcorder and many other things to be sent for me from my wish list. My cash had better be in my po box after the holiday, BET THAT. I am missing $3,000 and I better see it when I drive that long distance to get my damn mail. The black financial princess is so fucking spoiled. I love the fact that I don't have to buy a thing and these white boys just won't stop allowing this ebony money domme take full control over their lives. They know for sure that the money they make is all mine and the addiction that they have in giving is just the beginning and not only that they are addicted to giving. They are differently addicted to this black bitch of a princess. The more you financial pets give, the more and more it becomes an addiction that you will never be...
Female Domination fetishes with a black mistress
2007-05-25 04:08:00
Female Domination fetishes with a black mistressHe had longed for a black mistress to act on his secret fetishes on ass worship and fantasies in female domination. He was surely a loser just as the other wimps who came across an ebony dominant beauty like me. He allow me to have all his personal information such as his first and last name, his mothers' first and last name, his work information and including his job information and he begged to allow a black mistress in female domination abuse, used and mistreat him.Just last week he bought me $1,600 worth of gifts from my wish list and sent about $700.00 in keen cash. I had so much fun with this ebony femdom lover. This pathetic loser said his weakness was within a black sister who had a ass like mine and a good phone conversation. One who knows how to act quickly on his fetishes without sounding too fake or inexperienced in domination. He knew I loved to tease and deny him while wearing something tempting during our cam sessions. ...
Black Mistress, how do I serve you
2007-05-20 05:13:00
His question: Black mistress how to serve you when I am a poor money slave?How to serve a black mistress? That my pet is something that you will need to learn from experiences. Now I must say that I do not see myself as a mistress, but claimed it because you seem to label me that anyway. They call me a money domme, they call me a black money domme, they call me a perfect black financial mistress, call it whatever you like, but I just be myself and being myself has made me thousandths within one quick year. You wouldn't believe how much cash I have raped from these worthless losers and whores. It paid half my college tuition and it will continue. Even with me slipping into my kinky shiny leather outfits that my high class slaves love oh so much. I wear because I too love the smell of it but tight expensive jeans or a business suit fits me fine as well. If you seek a beat your ass mistress with cuffs, whips and chains to bleed your skin, then move around, but I will indeed slap you a...
Humiliation male slaves and training
2007-05-13 22:38:00
Humiliation male slaves and trainingOh how mistress loves working over the male humiliation slaves, molding him into the little bitch that he already is. I know that I am a cruel black humiliation mistress and I seek total and extreme humiliation of the males. This is sort of a trend for me and I really get off into this fetish as it is one of my favorites along with financial domination. I have humiliated many submissive men online, from ordering them severe piss drinking, to self torture with bondage equipment, to slaves eating dog poop and there is so much more.I remember I met a sissy humiliation male online who wanted more than a little torture. He had to suffer to amuse me in every way possible and he was willing to do anything for me. All of this had to be done online live on cam as I perform distant phone domination but it was quit an excitement and was never a bore. He wanted total humiliation and I had to put this bitch to the ultimate test. I ask him just how curious he w...
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Money Mistress fetish and Domination
2007-05-06 06:37:00
Money Mistress Fetish and DominationFinancial fetish slaves, money slaves and cash slaves listen up!Never correct me if I am wrong, but who cares, a money mistress will always be correct anyway. Don't ever think that you are better than me chump. I am a Lady of Perfection, understand, don't you see it yet, and you are just a loser. My fetish is your money and your weakness, your fetish is within me that I hold highly against you and you can never break away from your bad spending habits. At times you feel serving me financially resembles gamble as it is your addiction and your addiction gets worst with the more you spend.You would pay to see the lovely smiles on my face and you?d hate for me to be disappointed with you. So you know it is best to do what you must in order to keep this money mistress happy and content with you as a money slave who seeks to spoil the Lady Domme Diva, Sheer. The money Mistress Lady Sheer, her bad attitude, who hardly ever smiles unless she sees mad c...
Sissy Husband Story
2007-04-30 22:06:00
This is a real Sissy Husband StoryWell everything the financial black femdom post is indeed real. I met a submissive male online who desperately wanted to experience forced sissy training. After speaking with him over the phone, I knew that he was a man who wanted so badly to become a woman or even a sissy maid of mine. The sissy began confessing his deepest darkest secrets to me about how he wanted to have sex with men or even a dominant black woman. he even said he wishes a black femdom mistress would forced his to give oral sex with other men while blind folded. He dreamed of a dominant ebony mistress to straddle him from behind with a huge strap on. There was no way that he could ever tell his wife that he wanted to become a woman at night and a husband in the day. He would go off to work in his business suit with a pink bra, matching panties and full pantyhose underneath his suit. I would forced him to secretly get his wife's underwear and pantyhose to wear daily. He wanted to...
Ebony blackmail money slaves
2007-04-29 02:54:00
Ebony Princess in blackmailFinancial Black femdom and blackmail money slavesIntroducing lady sheer, your beautiful black femdom diva of financial cash drain and real money slavery. Real as in just what it states. Yes, losers, friends and foes there are actual real financial boys and submissive pay pigs that would allow beautiful ebony women like me take full control over their lives. I mean these boys adore dominant ebony woman and have begged me to use, abuse them and mistreat them. They actual send me thousandths of dollars, gifts, clothing and expensive handbags online for free. Many of my fetish galleries that I have posted in my members section was all purchased by many submissive slaves online. You may be allowed to join now. Lately I have come across many submissive men who seek only ebony femdoms to ruined them and blackmail them. Now I may say that blackmail is a very scary thing to get into for those slaves boys. I mean why you would give your real information to someone o...
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Shopping pig buys a computer
2007-04-22 22:00:00
Shopping pig buys black domme a computerI remember when a shopping pig purchased me a brand new computer. My old PC completely froze on me prior to a virus that I had, so I needed another PC fast. I told one of my shopping pigs that I would no longer chat online until I got a new PC. He knew that this would be the last time that he'd chat with me and he didn't want to end it this way. He knew he had to make sacrifices and put money to the side so he could purchase a new PC for me. He was the only cash pig that stepped up the the plate as quickly as he did. I told him about my computer freezes up and crashing on me and he purchased the PC within 3 days. The shopping pig also purchase me new computer speakers and a virus protection program so I would not get anymore viruses.Along with those new speakers and PC came a wireless keyboard and so much more. The slave knew that I love chatting and teasing other submissive men online and I tend to sit at my desk at times. This shopping pig...
Black domme so powerful
2007-04-17 21:02:00
Black domme so powerful,Well, well, well, Hi little shits! I have been quit busy for a good month now putting together more powerful and interesting things only to grasp at what?s rightfully mine. For the slaves new to this black femdom, I will remind you that I am Lady Sheer aka Princes Mahogany but you will address me as The Lady Domme Diva that I am and will remain. Nothing has changed but my name and my image and mentality will remain for sure. Why do I say that I am so powerful, well I am powerful for one because I am black, lol. The power is already in my beautiful ebony skin and I have got what it takes to get what I want out you pervs. This beautiful black financial femdom continues to drain much cash from many sub missives sissy boys, faggots, money slaves and more online. This blog will hold in debt more detail as when I first started draining losers as before. The details will consist of how I have drained many money slaves and sub boys in the past and I will also announc...
Ebony mistress forced sissy letter
2007-04-12 11:02:00
Ebony mistress forced sissy letterA letter from a submissive slutHello Lady sheer, I have been admiring your beauty for quit some time now. I am a white submissive sissy male in Germany and I was wondering if you can teach me a few things in order to be a better woman for my lover. I understand you are a dominant ebony mistress who has seen many freaks like me but I am admitting that I do have a little problem with getting my lover aroused. I don?t know if it is because I am not woman enough but I really need your help. I will try to become the best sissy that i can be for you Lady sheer and with all do respect I must say that I do have a lover, so I will have to be very discreet. I have already sent you a tribute and I am sorry if I have wasted your tine but can you please consider training this sissy whore.I reply back to his email, only because he paid me a tribution which was very smart. I began to tell him that I could indeed help him with his training but this will only began ...
Being a ebony superior domme
2007-04-09 03:02:00
Being a ebony superior dommeIt will always be me who holds to key to your fetish pleasures, whether it consist of your own torture, total controlling or even extreme embarrassment. You shall do what it takes to please your superior financial ebony mistress.I have read many emails from submissive sissies from all over the world and I must say that it gets tiring to read so many emails in one day. There are some emails that I just cannot seem to get to. Many I read right away when they send cash of course. My time is very much limited and I do have a busy life out side of online domination. Sending cash to show that you are a true submissive male will let me see that you are indeed serious about online domination. I carry my phone everywhere I go, even at class, so it might be wise to call me to get more attention too. I don?t have the time to sit and chit chat about your fetishes for free. That isn?t my style of course. I am sure you?ve seen the cash and gifts that I have received an...
Serving the Ebony Money princess
2007-04-04 04:37:00
Serving the Ebony Money princessSpoil this ebony money princess and do what you must in maintaining my happiness. Though you wish you had me as your wife, but instead you are either lonely or bound in something that you cannot easily flee from. Your only option is to seek other financial dommes, mistresses, or a Goddesses online for your secret fetish. While you surf the internet online in moneyslavery, and financial domination or even humiliation, you wish you could find the one that best shows you a little interest. You as a slave must know that Lady Sheer is a diva that will exploit your fetishes in many forms and I will never do an exchange for nothing ungodly. I am of perfection and I am sure you have come to realize that I will not toy around with you boys. I have something planned so nice for you losers. Your destiny is within me slaves, and it is me that holds the key to your fetish pleasure but you must work for it. You can do this by working all hours at your job in order ...
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