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Women High Heel Shoes Street Candids

Women High Heel Shoes Street Candids
Illustrated and narrated stories of common street women using high heel shoes, pumps, sandals and platform shoes. Analyze what they wear, what they are doing and how they feel. Some of my comments read like little stories dedicated to the natural bea
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Fit thighs in jeans and silver heeled mule sandals
2007-10-16 03:39:00
Pay toll woman standing and scratching the front side of her pants preferring fit tight to the body jeans and high heel silver front sandals.While waiting, she listens to some salsa music using her imitation Ipod sold for 24 bucks.The video best describes how she had the tendency to scratch the front of her pants and she did it many times. At one time, I thought she was lowering her pants zipper in front of the public, but it was not.There is also a closeup of her hands with a ring and wristwatch while she had her hands lingering around the front of her pants.Below is the streaming video only available to members.Also download full DVD quality video file is also available for download (50MB)Hands in jeans pocketsSexy pocket supported hands jeans pose she assumes while standing near the highway.Closeup camel toeClose to her crotch and camel toe. See how steep is her camel toe layout from the jeans.Silver front mulesSilver decorated front black highheel sandal mules with denim jeans c...
Secretary assistant legs on high heel slingbacks
2007-10-14 05:31:00
Voluptuous secretary assistant lady sites on a bench outside a beauty salon with her legs crossed. She extends her fingers in order to dry out her recently painted fingernails.Her job is to be an assistant for a medical doctor. She is in charge of organizing and taking notes of all appointments with patients.Being a job where she is mainly seated behind a front desk, it is easy for her to wear high heel slingback shoes like the ones shown.Don't really know why her insistence in showing off her legs everyday like this, because since she started working 6 months ago, she hasn't stopped using some sort of short skirt every single day.In the video, you can see her flowing leg movements she made while sitting and even some legs teasing with her fine hands.Extending legs to standAssistant secretary ith gorgeous legs and highheel slingbacks gets ready to stand fro bench.Crossed leggy secretaryCalmy seated on a bench with her legs crossed and air drying her recently painted fingernails. S...
Mules made for hot climate use
2007-10-10 22:15:00
Mules arched heelsCroc fashioned black strappy medium heel womens mules. Worn to the limits of resistance and overall scratched without mercy.Gator strap black mulesPressed on by sheer ladies weight over this poor croc medium heeled black mules. People around town like to use mules to stay cool from hot tropical climates and dirty third world country sidewalks littered with trash and pollution.More street heel picturesTechnorati Profile Blogarama
Squating lady in slingback highheels
2007-09-29 04:03:00
Lady lifting her head to watch for the different car cleaning chemicals she planned to buy. In golden high heel slingback strappy sandals, black capri pants and white wrinkled blouse, she entered the car accessories store requesting buying assistance.Upon insistence, she called a store clerk for assistance. The store clerk was a fat man and a sucker. He just stayed standing beside her watching the ladies high heels, legs and different squat positions she assumed while grabbing every item and trying to read the labels.The lady finally declined from buying anything at all, because she noticed that the guy was constantly watching her and could not concentrate in attending her needs.Squat to buyHidden cam picture of a lady trying to buy Armor All spray for her car.She squats sexily to browse the products while the salesman stands beside her to provide assistance.Slingback reattachLady stands on one leg and reattaches the sling of her left heels.All this while staring at the product coun...
Chunky heels office medium height women shoes
2007-09-28 19:53:00
This office lady works as a bank representstive approving real estate loans.She sits in front of her desk all day long interviewing potential clients for the bank.Has a background in finance and an MBA. I noticed she had a preference for these types of broad chunky heeled shoes.Chunky heel office working medium heeled shoes that belongs to a bank credit representative woman.Look closely and you will be able to see that she wears nylon pantyhose stockings.Shot from the front high heel chunky black women shoes.The bank representstive woman that wears this pair of shoes does not stand all day long.She works beside a desk seated on rolling chairs.Moreover, the bank has plenty of rugs, so these shoes soles must be slightly scratched, unless she walks a lot to reach her home. Profile Blogarama
Scratched heeled mule soles
2007-06-20 17:38:00
Woman from EcuadorJobless woman from Quito, Ecuador is sitting near a government sponsored job seeking office waiting for her turn for a job interview. She proudly wears a thong mule. The thong strap of the mule has a braided finish. She had a very frugal breakfast consisting of packed cookies and a cup of cold coffee. Her financial situation is near critical, having to sustain a family of 7 children, the older has 15 years and a disabled husband who cannot work.Thong mulesSee the deatiled work of this braided thong low heeled mule. From the side you can also see that the sole of her mule is scratched and dirty. It even has an orange price sticker under it. The constant wear and tear of her mule shoes demonstrates how much abuse these shoes withstand from active working women.Scratched thong mule solesWhen she pivoted her feet, I could clearly document how scratched and used up was her low heeled mule thong sandal. Even the orange colored price sticker was subjected to scratches. Th...
Ankle strap high heels
2007-06-12 17:16:00
Ankle Strap High HeelsPair of ladies legs with daring kinky ankle strap highheel shoes. The constant use of such heeled footware made her thighs and calves develop kind of a muscle strength in order to compensate for the feet's physical effort she constantly faces when wearing heels of this magnitude.The good thing is that these types of highheels with open frontal part helps to ventilate a lot her feet and avoids feet deseases especially in tropical climates. Index finger and heelsThe necessity for more income and the need to buy more and more exotic highheel shoes has driven this latina woman to gamble and purchase vast amounts of lottery ticket with slim chances to win.She is immersed in debts and her only hope and escape is to gamble her small salary in the lotto. Heeled black wedge sandals of lotto woman Introducing painted toes and lateral carved black high heels wedge sandals many lottery selling women can afford to wear these types of highheels all day long because they rem...
Hard wedge sandal of office woman
2007-06-06 08:20:00
In tropical countries, office women tend to go to work with wedge sandal shoes like these. Since the temperature never goes below 28 Celsius and humidity is always above 85%, practical women working in poorly air temperature regulated office buildings choose to wear open footwear in order to combat the heat and feel more comfortable. They also wear these types of shoes in order to flirt a little bit and showcase their nice feet as the picture evidences. Her feet is free of callus or any other kind of disgusting foot diseases or wounds. Notice that her toe nails are simplistically painted in white on the edges in order to highlight the toe nails for the viewer.Working medium heeled shoes surrounded by garbageWoman waiting for her morning shift working as a store clerk in a boutique shop inside the airport duty free area. She had a strong odor of cheap woman antiperspirant deodorant. Outside the airport duty free zone, the surrounding public spaces was so littered with garbage that sh...
Latina secretary in high heels eating hotdog
2007-06-01 03:59:00
Sexy leggy latina secretary woman wearing high heel shoes eating a hotdog with a lot of desire and hunger.Notice the croc skin material imitation finish in her shoes. She bites and chews the hotdog with great hunger and does not hide the fact she is hungry. Her hair is lank and black as coal.Download this Video into your ComputerVisit for more ! !Technorati Profile Blogarama
Flight attendant blue uniform legs heels and beautiful face
2007-05-29 05:54:00
Foxy seducing flight attendant lady wearing a navy blue uniform, black pantyhose hosiery and medium heeled working shoes. She studies while at work so she can get promoted as supervisor. Her legs are crossed while she does her mind building study seated with that navy blue smelly uiform she has certainly used for several long hour flights. Download this video to store in your Profile Blogarama
More About: Legs
Sexy teacher black high heels and tired veiny feet
2007-05-12 02:49:00
Open toe black heeled leather women shoesMade in carved leather, this veiny feet secretary woman keeps standing with a sexy pair of black high heel open toe shoes. Her legs assumes various standing positions to help reduce her feet ache. The leather of her black shoes must be very smelly and worn out, although it is still shinning as new. Download this video to store in your Profile Blogarama
More About: Feet , Teacher
Job seeking young latina from a good family
2007-01-11 17:45:00
Submitted resume and waiting for approvalThis chick was waiting outside of a government employment agency. She was accepted by the employment agency and was scheduled to return today in order to meet with the employer.The employer took a while to show up. While waiting I took the opportunity to see her playing with her medium heeled black mules. She arched her feet, folded her toes, dangled the mules and did so many shoe related interesting things worth photographig.I bring these pictures to you, so you can enjoy what I see everyday in the streets. Real women, wearing real worn shoes and living their real unstable lives.Sadly, she had to resubmit her resume to the employment office because the employer never showed up. Profile Blogarama
Scratched Reinforced Chunky Heels and Aching Veiny Feet
2006-12-22 17:09:00
Veiny aching feet in black high wide heel duck pointed shoesPoor uniformed woman had to stand for a long time with these duck pointed black high heel pumps. See how the shoes front expands while her feet becomes veiny and swollen. Her toes almost poke out of the shoes due to sheer tightness pressure. Even with all this suffering, this woman insists in wearing high heel shoes every day she goes to work.Black capri pants with chunky heelsBlack woman wearing black capri pants that exposes her calves is trying to figure out how to use a basic prepaid cellphone. She had a pair of black chuny heeled strap shoes with lateral cut outlines.Visit: Illustrated Candid Street Girls WeblogIllustrated High Heel Women Shoes WeblogDaily Street Women's Legs and High HeelsSexy Ladies and Women Street High Heels BlogStreet Women Gallery with High Heel Shoes and Sandals PicturesStreetshots of LatinaWomen in Public PlacesIllustrated and Narrated Weblog (Blog)Gallery of Street Women and Latina Chicks wit...
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Party Woman on Aching High Heel Strap Sandals
2006-11-29 08:25:00
Aching two support strap black high heeled slip on sandals of foxy bar womanKinky black provoctive double strap slip on high heeled sandals of a woman leaving a bar-discoteque early in the morning. She was foxing the whole night inside the bar with friends and unknown shady underworld people. Since morning arrived, the bar closed and she was left out with a big headache, aching high heeled sandals and a night dress unsuitable for day use because it was too hot for day use. So her only option was to wait outside with the full sun shining over her dress and standing in pain on those high heeled sandals constanly arching her feet and making her uncomfortable with the two support straps slip on design of the shoes. She had to constantly rock her shoes from side to side (as you can see in the inset picture) in order to momentarily soothe a little of the pain she was feeling in her feet caused by using inadequate shoes for the whole night she had fun at the bar.See them all at ...
Exhibitionist Women Who Like to Call Attention in Public
2006-10-31 17:48:00
Striving extra short skirt home loan representative womanWoman intentionlly wearing an office uniform with extra short skirts is striding across the congested city's concrete pathway. Take a look at the inset pictures and you can notice a man lusting her legs and shoes from behind. He just stayed there staring at her long legs and short light gray skirt. She was wearing sort of a leather platform sandals with ankle straps and carrying a white plastic bag. She works as a bank representative qualifying prospective home loans. After leaving work she heads to the bus stop to take a 2 hours ride back to her apartment room she shares with her mother who suffers from Parkinsons disease. Using her low income she barely strives to survive the cost of life and the cost of her mother's medicine. Yes, she is still single as far as I know.Latina lover walking toward her meeting point in heeled mulesButty black latina female is walking towards the meeting point previously established with her l...
More About: Public
Sued M.I.L.F. Orange Heels and Vegeance Victim Teacher
2006-10-24 06:35:00
Cornered hard working sexy orange high heel milf with plenty of problemsOffice woman in orange colored high heel sandals is trying to open her cheap purse to pay for the newspaper she tends to buy every morning near her workplace. 14 days ago one of her 2 sons was diagnosed of cancer. She had no husband so a heavy burden was upon her in order to maintain the whole family. Like a mule, she worked non stop 14 hours a day from sundays to sundays. To worsen the scene, her second son met the lady on the right picture who was wering a tight butt contouring nylon synthetic navy blue pants. Her son was 15 years younger than the lady on the right. To make it more gruesome and problematic, she got pregnant from him and started to sue is mother (the lady on the left wearing the orange pants) This picture was taken outside the courthouse during a session recess. The sexy milf on the left lost the case and had to pay 10000 dollars to the blue pants lady in order to indemnify her and pay for the ...
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Canned Food Supervisor and Digital Pictures Sling Back Wearing Gal
2006-06-21 14:33:00
Canned foods high heels supervisor ladyShopping inside a supermarket, this nice legged lady was glimpsing at the various canned fish foods. See her side slitted long beige colored skirt along with a high heeled white strap supported sandals. In the main picture, you can even slightly see the inside of her skirt which, by the way, needed some hot ironing to remove the wrinkles.This lady had an i.d. card clipped into the skirt near her waist. Her name was "Marcela Almengor". Her duty, as the i.d. stated, was supposed to be a supervisor. Maybe she was assigned as the canned foods department supervisor by the supermarket. Or maybe she was just hired to walk in the supermarket aisles with her smooth legs and nice high heels in order to attract more customers. She attracted me, indeed.Digital photo developing woman customerLeaning against the counter, this latin looking chick was trying to use the digital photo computer in order to get her pictures printed. Wearing these flesh toned sling...
Harassed Leggy Greek Lady and Voluptuous Airline Stewardess
2006-06-17 09:38:00
Black miniskirt woman being harassed by unrespectful elder manGreek woman at the postal office was trying to send some mail back to her family in Greece. She posed sexily with a black miniskirt and floral-print knit dress that is styled with an adjustable drawcord to shape the waist. The dress allows the viewer unrestricted appreciation for her smooth back, while at the same time, the side open slit miniskirt she wore consents the onlooker the special opportunity to the glimpse at her smooth muscle developed legs and calves supported by a black high heeled sling back pointed toe sandal. All of a sudden, an elder man, somewhat drunk, approached her from behind and pushed her against the postal office counter with his whole body. He got so close to her as if trying to breath her perspiration and body smell. The woman immediately stepped aside in order to separate from the man. The man continually stepped closer to her wherever she stood keeping his body harassingly close to her in a s...
Muscular Calves Leggy Money Beggar and Massive Cork Wedge Sandals
2006-03-14 06:29:00
Seducing boyfriend with legs to get money This native latina girl went to her boyfriend's workplace to ask him to lend her some money to purchase clothes at the nearby department store. The guy barely had enough money for his lunch but the charm and loveliness of this leggy and tall chick begging for money made him take out his wallet to hand her some money. Watch how foxy is her standing pose of supporting her body weight on just one straightened leg, while the other is acting as a hook and lure to attract the attention of the male. Moreover, you've got to add to her credit the denim miniskirt, great and well developed calves and black plastic frontal strap high heeled wedge shoes. With all these winning seductive attributes, the guy will be emptying his pocket and perhaps his paycheck before he is even paid by his employer.Black wedge high heeled sandals wirth veiny feetPeeking closer into this latina native money begging chick, you can see that her feet are veiny due to constan...
Uniform Woman White Strap Sandals and Flat Sandals with Painted Toenails
2006-03-03 05:04:00
Stuck painful small toe corn in white highheel sandalsGray uniform elegantly dressed woman just leaving her workplace after spending the whole day working with a pair of white leather strappy high heel sandals. Her smallest toe has an inflamed and swollen corn produced by the continous contact of her toe with one of the sandal's straps. Behind these white heels you can also see another woman wearing a medium heeled black ankle strap shoes with frontal teardrop shaped decorative cutouts. the material used for both shoes are no doubt leather, but the craftmanship is dubious. craftmanship and material quality are two importan variables when evaluating female shoes.Painted toenails with anklet chains and thong sandalsOk, I know this does not classify as a high heel shoe, but what called my attention to this girl is her artistically painted blue ray colored toenails. Close up of a female feet with blue painted toenails, anklet chain around her left feet with dangling silverish accents. ...
Red Sandals with Unpainted Toenails
2006-02-22 04:17:00
Red black woman slip on thong sandalsBlack woman wearing this sexy reddish slip on thong sandals made of dyed leather. The top part has a flower decorative element as well as the sides with sewn beads. These distractive elements have the intention to break the monotony of the smooth wide thong strap. Also see the two different skin tones of her feet, where the lower part is lighter than her upper half. All black women have this skin tone peculiarity in their feet and it can me more noticeable when they wear feet exposing sandals like these.Unpainted toe nails in red sandalsWith her two red heeled sandals, the left one is tilted to the left for you to see the flower top decorative detail as well as the string tied sewn beads. See that the strap is also sewn in the borders for durability and resistance. One point against this woman is that she did not take care of her toe nails. Had she painted her toenails, these sexy heeled sandals would have rhymed nicely.Corky heel white strappy s...
Dangling Thong Sandals and Chipped Cracked Office Heels
2006-02-10 01:50:00
Dangling sandals with nice legsCrossed legs of a college student girl who apparently had problems with her neck while sleeping. Now you can see her using an orthopedic neck support, but despite all the troubles, she had the desire and urge to wear a dress set made up of a short skirt and flower stamps along with a pair of low heeled slip on thong sandals with a green border, thus matching her purse and clothing. While waiting with her legs crossed, she developed a nervous tick of playing with one of her sandals, dangling it and swinging it flirtatiously in front of other people. View more detailed pictures at skirt and crossed dangling thong sandalsLatina college student playing with her dangling thong strap green insoles sandals. She had her tanned legs crossed while seated at the bus stop, Her toe nails were painted in white and uniformly cut short. Apparently she broke her neck at night and now needs to wear a neck support aid. The short ski...
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Secretary Sexy Strappy Heels and Legs and Skull Rib Bones Shoes
2006-01-27 17:13:00
Leggy bare feet slipped into high heeled black strappy sandals of secretaryLeaving her office workplace installations, this receptionist secretary stands on a rough improvised bus stop with a gray short skirt uniform and strappy leather black high heel sandals. The material and finish of the sandals' straps is made with a black matte leather that makes the strap look opaque and dull. Wearing this pair of sandals for the whole day makes a woman develop red strap markings that sometimes even translate into painful toe blisters. Notice that this secretary also carries an umbrella since she spends a lot of time waiting for public transportation at open and roofless bus stops exposed to rain and the harsh environments. Finally, note that due to the heat, she doesn't wear any pantyhose or stockings. She slips her feet directly into those sandals and use them for the whole working day. Office women here don't like to use pantyhose much, unlike cold and temperate countries, where boots ...
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Sexy Green Ankle Tie Cord Sandals and Greek Sick Woman
2006-01-12 18:18:00
Sexy green ankle tie cord strap heeled sandalsThis house wife woman dresses up with very sexy tight denim pants and a very provocative shoulder exposing red top. She was seating beside me while I was waiting in line to pay my gas utility bill. She swung her feet and sandals continuously as a sign of impatience. Her legs were crossed and wore a pair of plastic green sandals with sling straps that tied all around her ankles. The strap had to be tied on the back of her ankles and did not use any buckle to secure it. The front of the sandals had another decorative strip of green cord similar to the ones used to tie her ankles. Unfortunately, I could not see any ankle bracelet nor any toe ring, but her feet were cleaner than normal which indicates me that she lives in a clean middle class house/apartment.Greek upper class woman with tight capris and sandalsWhile at the supermarket checkout counter with my wife, I spotted this sexy lady with close fitted capris and wood imitation plastic ...
Beautiful Body Smelly Office Secretary and Slingback Heels Breakfast Lady
2006-01-08 03:28:00
Beautiful office secretary standing beside chairYesterday I got assigned to fix a regional grocery store manager's office computer and while on duty saw this beautiful red long sleeved shirt dressed secretary standing beside a small counter used to communicate with the other employees of the grocery store. She had fine hands, loved to wear that pair of ankle strapped red pointed toe heeled shoes and flirted a lot by walking around the office in that reddish-brown medium skirt. She sat on that black chair you can see in the image beside the manager's desk and I can tell you that the seat really smelled like her. Every time she stood to walk around carrying paperwork from file cabinet to another, I could smell her strong body perfume.Slingback high heeled open toe heelsEarly in the morning, I saw this lady stopping by the supermarket's cafeteria trying to buy some french toast and coffee for breakfast. Under her long velvet border decorated skirt you can see the slingback strappy b...
Leggy Secretary Going to Work and Brazilian Happy Chick at Motel
2006-01-04 06:09:00
Sexy gorgeous high heel pump secretary with short skirtSexy secretary with red and blue uniform dress and sunglasses is early in the morning trying to catch a taxi cab during rush hour. She carries a matching red purse and a magazine in her hands. Office dress codes call her to wear a navy blue short skirt and nylon pantyhose along with black leather high heeled pumps with ankle straps. The inset pictures show closer views of the ankle straps and legs. The wind blew her body scent toward me. It smelled like a mixture of perfume and body sweat that characterizes and differentiates every woman. I could also make out her hair scent which indicates she washed her hair recently with shampoo or maybe sprayed some sort of hair fixing spray. For more than 15 minutes, she stood there waiting for a taxi cab to pick her up and take her to her workplace. Finally, one lucky vacant taxi cab painted in black stopped by as pictured in the lower left inset picture. Of special mention are the differe...
More About: Brazil , Brazilian
Suede Skirt with Black Strap Sandals and Demanding Authoritative Meat Buyer
2005-12-28 15:31:00
Suede long skirt and black strap heeled sandals womanIt was early in the morning and I suddenly saw this flower standing beside the highway trying to make a bus stop for her. The highway was full of cars buzzing all around from the heavy morning traffic jam and this courageous latin black descendant lady was standing there alone with her black leather strap intensive high heeled sandals.I decided to stop and make some company so I parked my car 200 meters behind her and walked in front of her to snap some of these fine pics.These are just 2 pictures, the full set of pictures is stored at my website with her black leather frontal strap shoes you should have noticed how the right shoe is a tad warped at the frontal part of the sole. This warping, I suspect, is caused by the street's surface irregularity and coarseness of the pavement mixture. Next, we can conclude that this lady spends her money going to the pedicurist regularly as you can see her n...
Tie Lottery Seller Lady with Mules and Office Woman Open Toes
2005-12-20 19:37:00
Lottery ticket seller lady with whote mulesSeated lottery seller lady with navy blue capri, 2 inches heeled white mule sandals and scratching her feet sole with the raised heeled rear part of the shoe. The sitting stance she is taking reminds us a little about "seat tying" fantasies some of us may have. We just need a good strong rope to tie her hand into the chair. On another note, notice her golden chain bracelet and wristwatch she carries around her left wrist. this lady sits there for hours and hours attending lottery buyers who happen to stand behind her chair and look down into her blouse from above. She acts as is nobody is trying to take a peek into her breasts from above, but I suspect she does this intentionally. Sometimes she even plays with her shoes by dangling it and swinging it from side to side with her legs crossed. Other times, she just slides her feet into the footwear and immediately slides it out repetitively as if she were trying to scratch her foot soles.Open ...
Aggressive Looking Heeled Wedges and Chinese Chick Sandals
2005-12-16 06:05:00
Aggressive looking wedge shoes of mature latin womanI was at the grocery store's greetings card section trying to find a Merry Christmas card for my best friend who lives in Texas and suddenly I found this spanish lady standing beside me trying to choose similar christmas cards for her family back in El Salvador. The selection of spanish written greeting cards of the grocery was not assorted enough to choose so she started to read the ones in english with some trouble. Here is where I had a chance to get a closer shot of her black strapped high heeled wedge shoes. The straps of this particular shoe had stripes of white sewn threads that made the shoe look more like an Asian Tiger mosquito or Aedes Albopictus. It made the shoe look aggressive and ready for attack. She had her toe nails painted in brick red and I noticed her starting to rock her left shoe from side to side as a sign of tiredness (lower right inset picture) from standing with such wild looking shoes. I had to kneel be...
More About: Chinese
Leggy Booty sitting Lady and Brown Medium Heeled Eyelet Sandals
2005-12-11 04:49:00
Busty and booty miniskirt high heeled intellectual EveComplex and over luxurious booty woman at the waiting lobby of a bank. She has a very short white miniskirt, fleshy and smooth legs with white high heeled ankle strap sandals with red insoles. Notice that although her shoes have ankle straps, she is not using them and literally wear them as a slip on sandal instead. The ankle strap is pulled down behind the heel. Her left feet also has a silverish ankle chain with hanging little pendants. I previously said that this lady looks complex,because she wears too many accessories. Evidence of this is her left and right wrist which are full of silver bracelets. Her ear also has a rather oversized earring plus a visible silver pendant she has near the neck. The eyeglasses she employs makes her look intellectual combined with the flip up cellphone, flesh loaded gorgeous body and sexy clothing; any bank officer will blindly lend money from his own wallet to this Eve in exchange for a more d...
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