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4th of July
2007-07-03 23:05:00
Its gonna be a blast bitches. Thoes juicy tribute buttons will inspire the princess to grant you some time live.
All my diary entries will now be in my blogger location
2007-06-03 06:07:00
Click my blog to read my diary "CLICK"
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Got my gifts today YaY!
2007-05-04 04:09:00
I will post pics on my blogger "CLICK HERE"
Another lovely $2,000
2007-05-03 03:44:00
Hey bitches I was feeling very tired today. My one of my cheap ass slaves surprised the fuck out of me.  "CLICK"
Thanks again shoe bitch I love them
2007-05-02 02:07:00
My shoe bitch keeping his word awww how sweet :) "CLICK"
Welcome new slave
2007-04-29 14:47:00
- Get Your OwnSo this new slave contacts me while I was just about to go to sleep tired as fuck. He begs to see me so I sent him directly to my wishlist and told him to start shopping. He told me he would douple my rates if that was good enough. Fuck yeah! For one hour $1200 just to get me out of my bed. Zoommmmmmmmm Im there. I wish I could take pics of this pathetic slim but he was too secretive. Boo hoo. Anyway he enjoyed my stinky farts and verbal abuse. The fucked up part was that my own flatulence was killing me! I couldnt wait to get the hell up out of there. was like me and my stinky farts locked inside of a box where I could not air it out. The shit was insane and I dont remember what the hell I ate that day. But boy oh boy, this dirty dump of shit turd loser got his money worths.
Got my pink Boots YaY!
2007-04-28 12:49:00
As you can see with my slide show pics on my front page, my shoe bitch followed through and got my pretty pink boots off my amazon list...Good for you fucker...I want all the shoes I see in site! Can you handle it? As for the rest of you fuckers jump aboard and get me somthing on my list as well. I 'll send my losers pics when they bless me well..
Scam artist check this out
2007-04-26 15:11:00
So you want to play games huh?....its too bad you didn't take the time to fully read my website. Because you dont exist. So where shall the Princess begin? CLICK  
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Got my shoes YaY!
2007-04-24 20:23:00
My over seas pain slut sent my shoes. He always keeps his word. I will send you some pictures later. And Yes I am waiting for my second pair you are sending me. It should be here in a couple of days :)
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Understand how I think
2007-04-24 18:27:00
Go over to my blogger site to see what I have to say
Hey Dum Ditty Dum Dums
2007-04-23 02:32:00
Your black princess had a very long day. I just found out my phone was not working so well..booo hooo losers have to wait to call me. So for now I have cam sessions alone up and running.
Prove yourself shoe slave
2007-04-20 22:47:00
Well shoe slave, I'm not to good at believing a word that comes out of your mouth when you say you are going to do somthing. Doing and saying are two diffrent things. Your conversation status with me is on pending status until I see satisfaction. *tap *tap *tap is this microphone on? Are you sucker's getting it? Observe and get it right. I think its so funny to see you idiots beg for attention and act like complete air heads as if this shit is for free. one and I mean no one, especially a real Dom will not grant you attention. Oh yea I think its so fucking pathetic to see you constantly try and contact me asking what should u buy me. Ok assholes. You see my "spoil me" link. Do you think I took my precious time to post a list of things I like for nothing??? If you see the shit siting their then start clicking and send it. Dont bug me about what do I like ..Its already obvious on the damn page what I like ...I selected what I wanted on my site and the shit took me...
Hey Pee Pee man
2007-04-18 11:57:00
I got your tribute. Good! I dont like paying my bills with my money. I'd rather pay it with yours. So now I will sit back and leave my own money in the bank..Ha ha..Its just a fucking wonderful America isnt it? toddle doo
Today is a good day
2007-04-17 13:40:00
Im in such an awsome mood. For one, I feel like eating all day especially sweets, hee hee. I been watching the food chanel and my goodness I just love food. So since you slaves know this awsome side of me. You can send me Super Fresh gift cards to my PO BOX address SH SBPrincess PO BOX 20546 Baltimore, Md 21223-0546 Anyway, I want to learn how to cook new recipes for the summer. Also the Afram is somthing I have in mind to make good money if anyone is familar with this Maryland event. I missed out last year and the year after so just mabe this year I'll invest. So sluts, off I go.........
Hey retards
2007-04-14 05:11:00
The Princess is in the mood for a sluty slave to grab thoes ankles real tight and get fucked real hard in the ass for me. tee hee hee. I just love watching your bitch ass take it all in for Princess. So for now Im ready to log in for phone and watch you on cam....Hey atleast the Princess has a nice side to her. I want to watch you idiot.
Jealous bitch-ass-slaves
2007-04-13 04:47:00
WTF is up with you retarted bitches??? I just ran across a slave who begged so hard to worship me and yet decided to send me an hateful email about some damn typo I had in one of my paragraphs. Bullshit. It had more to do with him wanting to worship me for free. LoL...U know better than that. There is no fucking way you slim-fuckers will ever have me for free in real life. Hell, I would not be surprised that some of you assholes are looking for love. Ha ha ah..funny shit right there I tell ya...You try and take on this challenge as if you could possibly "change" a mistress in to this goody 2 shoes character or somthing. Change yourself dont worry about what I'm doing. I been around many psychology books to smell game when I see it. 1. I will never trust men 2. You fuckers have many secrets. 3. Repeat # 1 over and over until your fucking throat feels parched Men are more unworthy than my garbage. I'd rather you pay to eat it than take it out for me.  The only fucked up part a...
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My old cash-cunt returned
2007-04-12 05:46:00
I was knocked out sleep until my phone rang. It was a family member so then I decided to get up and have a good convo. At that point there was no need to lay back down because I happen to look up at my computer and one of my cash-cunts return telling me how much he misses his mistress and how he was ready to spend. Begging to give me his credit card numbers. To be honest, I really dont like blackmail(holding information) because most of you fuck faces lie about the shit anyway. You know the type. You losers damn well know mistresses "love" money so all your going to do is use cross psychology on a weak mistress. Try that shit with me if you want to. I'll pass! Anyways, I told that pain slut fucker to send me some gift certificates since he's all the way in UK he had a problem with his epassport. I only got $250 out of him because his wife came in the room so we had to shut shop down. Blah. The rest of you losers know better start pampering the princess. Spring is here and I just ...
Membership now open
2007-04-10 16:07:00
Hey pervos I got my membership up and running I just added pics and about to add more pics now. Get ready my pets. We're going to have fun
Good morning to me
2007-04-10 10:25:00
Good morning to me and not you you little stupidos..I was up all night geting my membership section together. Its a very long process so you bitches have to wait. To thoes who have left me emails and filled out my bitch application. Leave your tributes and gift certificates at the door. For now I'd rather you just send me cash for my upgrade website features and advertising cost. This shit all adds up and the Princess never pays for anything. toodles.
Up Early
2007-04-09 07:41:00
I been siting on my ass all day and now it hurts hooo...hmm that would have been a great moment for a slave to  feel all my weight on his face. I just love siting on slaves.. Anyways...up early cooking and multi-tasking..enjoying my sunday...
Hey Losers
2007-04-08 01:54:00
Your princess was so tired today and my phone just kept ringing. Why is it every time Im up you Losers hardly call but when my black ass go to lay down for a nap or its bed time you fuck-buckets keep calling me fucking up my rest?.....grrrrr ..its all good thoe its still money being spent .YOUR money ha ha... So anyways...Im awake now...still working on my membership  area. I have so many goodies to show you pathetic rejects. Keep kissing the Princess ass in the process. toodles.  
2007-04-07 08:44:00
Its 5:45am and Im such a workaholic. It still feels like Im not getting any where but what can I say I love keeping you dum dums in order. You slaves keep stroking the Princess as you always do and I will continue to provide more feet & ass for you to kiss. Anyways Im going to fix me somthing to eat, mabe take a few new pics or a video for you suckers & fix my hair. This weekend is going to be hot rapping some wallets. The princess will be looking good all weekend. Toddles
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