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Dan Rider
2007-09-29 18:10:00
We had the great pleasure of getting this handsome muscle-dad naked for our cameras and in our next video! He's got two very hot scenes in "Built to Last' which will be released before the 1st of June. Dan is a very masculine top daddy with a great thick dick and a hot furry body. He's into hot, hairy, masculine, muscle bottoms. Check out this hot photo shoot of Dan working out and getting worked up in the gym, and stay tuned for his hot workout/fuck scene with JC Carter in "Built to Last". He's also in a very steamy four-way fuck on a construction site with Spike Morrison, Robert Black, and Nate Pierce. This virile daddy is sure to get your blood pumping! Stay tuned to our store for previews and to buy "Built to Last".
Nate Pierce
2007-09-29 18:09:00
We've had our eye on this stunning man for well over a year now. We finally managed to get him out to California to be featured in our most recent video, "Built to Last' which is now available in our store. He's in two very hot scenes in the video that you won't want to miss. Nate is not only a stunningly handsome muscle-daddy, he's very down-to-earth and fun to be around. It was great having him on the set for a couple days. Sexually he's mostly a top. With that face and those furry pecs we're sure there is no shortage of men who'd love to be looking up at him in the throws of wild sex! Check out this rugged man in his hot photo shoot below, see his action shoots posted in our pro galleries on May 3rd and 17th, and purchase "Buillt to Last" on DVD so you can get better acquainted with him! Nate is guaranteed to make you drool
Construction Fuckers
2007-09-29 18:07:00
When hot muscle studs Dan Rider, Nate Pierce, Robert Black and Spike Morrison get together, it's nothing but raw, dirty fucking. Just how we like it. It's from our newest movie, Real Men Volume 7: "Built to Last" available at our store Now
2007-09-15 18:44:00
We met this sexy man in Palm Springs a couple years ago, and finally managed to get him to come north to take his clothes off for our cameras. He's in a steamy 3-way with Ross Wilson and Rico Furtado in "Daddy Hunt, Volume 1". Vulcan is a masculine man, with a great sexy voice, and a thick, rock-hard dick. He's a total exhibitionist that loves to have outdoor sex, and loves to be hard in front of a camera. Check his sexy photo shoot below, and buy "Daddy Hunt, Volume 1" to get a much better look at this handsome man.
Rico Furtado, Ross Wilson & Vulcan
2007-09-15 18:42:00
When hung and uncut Rico Furtado stops by for a short visit, daddies Ross Wilson and Vulcan make sure his stay is a memorable one. Check out this scene in our new DVD "Daddy Hunt, Volume 1" available at our store Now!
Nate Pierce & Alex Payne
2007-09-12 16:05:00
When super-sexy daddy Nate Pierce gets together with super-beefy daddy Alex Payne the results are, well, pretty damned hot. If you like beef on beef then this is just the meal for you. Enjoy this preview of our newest move, Real Men Volume 7: "Built to Last" available at our store NOW
J.C. Carter & Dan Rider
2007-09-12 16:00:00
Hot studs J.C. Carter and Dan Rider start out lifting weights and before you know it, J.C. is lifting his legs in this scorching fuck session! It's from our newest movie, Real Men Volume 7: "Built to Last" available at our store Now!
Clint Taylor & Ross Wilson
2007-08-29 16:06:00
We've got a secret crush on Clint Taylor, and now it's out. He's a sexy bear of a man with eyes that will fill your dreams. And here he's paired with another sexy bear, Ross Wilson. Catch these two in action in "Daddy Chain" available at our store NOW
J.C. Carter, Blaine Myers & Eduardo Fourzan
2007-08-29 16:05:00
Super-stud JC Carter, hung daddy Blaine Myers and eager bottom Eduardo Fourzan are getting down and dirty in a dirty old basement. After looking at this hot shoot, you'll want to get a little dirty too. See this scene in "Folsom Daddies" available at our store NOW!
Rob and Allen
2007-08-29 16:01:00
Watch as our two hunky daddies get it going hot and dirty in "Dad's Automotive." With some good, slick motor oil and Rob Lawrence's well-honed skills, Allen Silver gets the fix of his life in this hot scene. Plunging, sucking, fingering, and some good old fashioned deep-hardcore-penetration gets the job done! Buy "Dad's Automotive" at our online store!
Under Construction
2007-08-14 11:43:00
When sexy, furry and ever-hungry bottom Jack Sullivan wanders into a construction site, he soon finds he's the one getting worked on by hot construction daddies Spike Daddy and Rob Lawrence. It's from our new scorching movie, Dad's Automotive, available at our store now!
Will West
2007-08-14 11:42:00
We've had the hots for this daddy for a long time, and much to our delight, he contacted us wanting to do a photo and video for us. He didn't have to do much to talk us into it. Will is a sexy, furry-chested, masculine man that tends toward the top side of things. He's got a great dick for hungry bottom men too! Not only is he hot in bed, but he's very personable and intelligent. Quite a fun man to be around... Check out his very hot photo shoot here!
Gettin' the Shaft
2007-08-14 11:39:00
When Wylie Edwards takes Wil Church into his building's elevator shaft, you just know it isn't the only shaft Wil is going to get. Enjoy as these two hot men go at it in a scene from our hot movie, Hancock Alley, available at our store now!
Wylie Edwards
2007-08-14 11:38:00
We met this hot cowboy down in Laguna for a photo shoot. He's a sexy man who is easy-going and fun to be around. It was a great pleasure to get our cameras on him. Wylie is single and looking for hot studs for play and more. He says he appreciates masculine men of all ages and backgrounds... He's versatile with a nasty piggy streak! "When it comes to guys, great smile and a quick wit get my attention faster than a big dick and a bubble butt, but don't get me wrong, I like that too!"
Jake Fine
2007-08-05 11:40:00
This masculine, furry daddy bear came down to San Francisco recently to get naked for us. WOOF! Jake is a very sexy, kinky, top man. Check out his pics here and stay tuned for his solo video to see him get off!
2007-08-05 11:39:00
This muscle-daddy made us weak in the knees when we saw him... lucky for us, he wanted to get naked for our cameras! Check out this stunning man with a great thick dick. Brad is a top man who's into other muscular men. Check out his very hot pics here and stay tuned for our solo video of this sexy man.
Dan Rider & Robert Black
2007-08-05 11:36:00
We've got a double-dose of dangerous Dan Rider. That's because he's too hot to not spend some more time with. Put him together with oh-so-handsome Robert Black and we've got F-I-R-E FIRE! See more in our newest movie, Real Men Volume 7: "Built to Last" available at our store Now!
Steve Parker & Daddy Ric
2007-06-22 16:45:00
It was one of those surprise hot days that we sometimes get in March and Steve Parker's poor dick was getting all sweaty in his pants. But when he pulled it out to cool it off, Daddy Ric showed up and got it even hotter. See this scene in "Folsom Daddies" available at our store NOW!
Manly Crowd
2007-06-22 16:43:00
Seven! Seven hot men outdoors naked in the sun. They obviously enjoy each other and we know you'll enjoy them. Starring Wylie Edwards, Adam Collins, Will West, Steve Parker, Clint Christopher, Clint Taylor and Tye Payne. (A full-length, full-size video of this scene is available in"REAL MEN, Volume 2" at our store NOW!)
Dark Daddy
2007-06-22 16:40:00
Would you like to be pulled over by this stocky, thick-dicked daddy? He'll make you get down on your knees and suck on his cock while he's in his uniform. Dark Daddy is a very sexy, down-to-earth top man who loves all kinds of bears, cubs and muscle daddies. Check out his hot shoot in uniform here and stay tuned for his solo video to see him bust a nut! Dark Daddy is also a musician. You can check out his music on (search keyword: Dark Daddy's Vibe Tribe).
Spike Daddy
2007-06-22 16:38:00
Another one of our favorite thick-dicked daddies is back for more! This photo set of Spike Daddy was taken on the set of "Dad's Automotive". Buy the movie to see Spike and Rob Lawrence tag-teaming Jack Sullivan. Jack is in pig heaven with all the huge dick that he's getting. Check out this hot photo set of Spike to get a closer look at this masculine, blue-collar daddy. Did we say he's got a big, thick dick?
Arnie Randolph
2007-06-19 19:50:00
This big bear daddy flew out here from Georgia to do a photo shoot and solo video for our site. Arnie is a sweet, sexy man and we're very happy to feature him on the site. He's got a nice big gut, a hairy body, and a fat dick with a PA. If you're into polar bears then here's a man who can keep you warm on a cold night.
Stewart Scot
2007-06-19 19:49:00
Ever wonder what a handsome Scotish dad wears under his kilt? Does he wear underwear, or is his uncut dick hanging loose in the wind? Well, this friendly, masculine Scot came by our studios and showed us what a traditional Scotsman does. Then we got him to take off the kilt altogether and show us his great uncut dick, and solid furry daddy body. Check out this shoot to get much better acquainted with Stewart and stay tuned for his solo video to see him get off!
Two Daddies & Two Boys
2007-06-19 19:47:00
Ohhhh how we love when hot daddies take hot boys into their arms and keep them warm and safe and full of hot cock. The daddies and boys love it, too. It's a hot photo set from our movie, Hancock Alley, available at our store now!
Ulizes Carpelli & Alex Leon
2007-06-13 11:58:00
Ulizes Carpelli and Alex Leon fuck. Mmmmm. We like to watch and know you will too.
Allen Silver & Derrick Hanson
2007-05-27 10:27:00
Sexy daddy Allen Silver starts rubbing handsome young thing Derrick Hanson and Derrick's hole, his sweet hole, beckons Allen to join him naked on the massage table. The full sexy scene can be seen in our super-hot upcoming movie, Daddy Hunt, Volume 2 available at our store soon!
Allen Silver & Robert Black
2007-05-27 10:25:00
Silver and Black are two colors that go well together. You'll agree when you see sexy Allen Silver and super-hot Robert Black together in this hot scene. It's from our smoking movie, Real Men Volume 8: Daddy Dreaming, available at our store Now!
2007-05-14 20:05:00
I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing this stunning and intelligent man. He asked if we could do the shoot in his dungeon. I was more than a little excited to take him up on his offer. This down-to-earth man is very adventurous and loves "intense, connective, emotional, kinky sex". He's got a handsome face, great furry body, and a big thick dick! He's versatile and can get into top/bottom, daddy/boy, and a few other positions. He's into S/M play. He said "it has allowed me to experience sex that is more than just physical pleasure. It's healing, sacred, and spiritual". He also says he still a big fan of more basic sex too. Check out this very hot photo shoot which includes scenes of Bill in the buff; in his leather; and bound and blindfolded. He's hot and hard throughout. You won't want to miss this very sexy shoot or pass up contacting this amazing man.
2007-05-14 20:03:00
This hot muscle daddy has been talking to us for a few months about doing a photo shoot with us. He's never done any porn pics before so he was a little apprehensive about going for it, but we finally got him naked for our cameras! You'll see, he's definitely a natural... Bernhard is a fun, easy going, intelligent man who's got a great sexual energy. Sexually he prefers younger guys, but can go for men his age too. He's very much into daddy/boy role play and would like to explore that more. He tends to be a top. He loves cuddling... Having a guy lie on his hairy chest and fall asleep can be as big of a turn on as anything for him. Check out the very sexy photo shoot of Bernhard and drop him a line. He's a great catch for some lucky man!
Ben Archer
2007-05-14 20:01:00
If you're looking for masculine daddies (as we always are), then you can't pick a better man than Ben Archer. We managed to make this sexy man a part of our upcoming video "Daddy Hunt, Volume 2" which is due out in November. He's got two very steamy scenes... one with a cute latin, muscle boy Danny Lopez and the other is a group sex-club scene with Titpig, Ike Adams, Derrick Hanson, Danny Lopez and Justin Christopher. Ben has a very deep sexy voice, that seems to match his strong jaw, big dick, and muscular frame perfectly. In bed, he's a top man that loves to fuck real men. He loves muscular, solid boys and daddies. He's got a very fun sexual energy and a great sense of humour. Check out his very hot photo shoot below and stay tuned for his scenes in "Daddy Hunt, Volume 2" available in our store November, 2005.
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