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Eric & Jackson
2011-07-23 03:06:00
You know Randy Blue is all about contrasts. Two guys who are totally different always add up to a really hot video. When we saw Jackson Kale’s humongous cock we knew just the bottom who could do it justice. Eric Pryor, with the blond hair and blue eyes, lightly hairy chest and ass that could make any top cum in seconds, was exactly the guy for Jackson. And matching him up against Jackson’s handsome face, deliciously smooth brown skin and big firm muscles was going to make one hot hardcore video. Eric did an awesome job of taking all of Jackson’s monster cock all the way down his throat and as much as Jackson loved it he had no idea what was to come. Jackson engulfed Eric’s rock hard dick as well and it just made Eric hornier than ever. Taking both of their cocks in his hand Eric stroked them like they were one, really showing off how hot the contrast of their skin tone was. But it wasn’t until Jackson shoves his cock deep into E! ric’s hungry hole...
Chip & Ryan
2011-07-16 16:11:00
Chip Tanner and Ryan Rockford talk about their favorite positions while getting ready for their flip scene and just talking about it gets them both so hot. Blond jock stud Ryan had taken a break but he’s always a welcome return to Randy Blue. And with Chip’s smooth muscular jock body all horned up and ready to go it didn’t take long until they were both naked and sucking on each other’s rock hard cocks. Ryan’s tongue could win awards for the skill it has in working a dick into an orgasmic frenzy. He pulls back the foreskin and engulfs Chip’s cockhead just before he takes the entire thing down his throat. He later uses that same famous tongue of his to perfectly rim Chip’s asshole, lapping at it with just the right amount of sensual tickle that causes him to cry out for more. Then his finger makes Chip beg for his larger rock hard cock to plunge deep inside, which Ryan is more than happy to do. Chip shoots a spray of jizz ! all over his smoot...
Bryce & Trent
2011-07-15 16:20:00
If your plumber looked like Bryce Tucker I’m sure you would be trying to think of all kinds of ways to get him to strip down for you. Trent Davis came up with an ingenious plan and pretty soon this shirtless stud is showing off his big hard muscle while drenched in sweat. Trent is doing his best to swallow Bryce’s huge dick. And once his sink is unclogged it’s time for Bryce the Plumber to work his snake down into Trent’s open pipe. First he has to make sure it’s good and ready by working his huge soft tongue all around the open hole. Trent is in bottom heaven as Bryce’s giant cock is slammed deep into his ass. Then he climbs on top and rides him like a wild cowboy. When you get one of the hottest gay musclemen eating out your ass and fucking your brains out you know you’re in for a good time. Finally Bryce shoots a huge load all over Trent’s face and he’s so appreciative that he licks all the leftover spunk off ! of Bryce’...
Cayden & Chris R
2011-07-14 16:40:00
When two powerhouses like Cayden Ross and Chris Rockway start fuckin’ around there’s no telling what will happen. Cayden gets right down to business taking all of Rockway’s cock all the way down his throat. Cayden’s smooth muscular jock body flexes and bulges as he works his mouth around Chris’ meaty staff. Then Chris goes down on Cayden, giving him the kind of blow job one can only gain from experience. And with all the guys Chris has blown on Randy Blue he’s gotten quite a bit of experience. But mutual blowjobs are just the beginning. A new twist on the classic 69 has Chris working Cayden’s giant schlong while Cayden rims Chris’ hot ass. And you know Chris was not gonna pass up a chance to fuck Cayden’s butt. Cayden likes it a little rough so when Chris grabbed his hair and started riding him like a wild buck, Cayden was more than ready and then some. And for the icing on the cake Chris shoots a nice big load ! all over Cayden&...
Diego & Malachi
2010-08-20 17:58:00
Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the return of Malachi Marx. His videos with guys like Reese Rideout and Xander Scott and his hot threeway with Nick Hurley and Sean Everett are still being talked about. He was always changing his look from edgy spiky hair and sexy facial scruff to a boy next door long and shaggy mane and freshly shaved face. And his body was always incredibly sexy, tall and lean with nice tight muscles. We’re thrilled to have him back on Randy Blue for this super hot video. When Diego Sans heard he was going to be doing a scene with the infamous Malachi Marx he was so excited. I think he kept from cumming for a week before just to make sure he was more than ready. And if there is anyone who Malachi should have the pleasure of fucking upon his return, it’s Diego. Even though he’s been relatively new to the site, everything he has done has sent our members through the roof. He’s got such an outgoing and fun personal! ity, a body t...
Drew Collins
2010-08-20 17:49:00
One really good perk of being a trainer in a gym is that you get to work out every chance you get. When you take one look at the incredible hot muscle jock body of Drew Collins you can tell he spends a lot of time working every individual muscle. He’s also got such a laid back personality that you can easily see him kicking back with a bunch of horny college guys just jerking their cocks the way straight buddies sometimes do. He really got off on the idea of all the Randy Blue members watching him caress his big hard muscle, showing off his rippling abs and hard pecs, letting his hand roam down to his stiff rod. All those hours at the gym have given him such an amazing body, from his huge bulging biceps to his nice muscular legs. And for a straight hunk he sure loves playing with his hole. It probable won’t be too long before we see some hot dildo action and hopefully some hardcore gay sex with this adorable stud. Watch Movie Trailler and Full Set Of Pics
Justin & Micah
2010-08-17 18:00:00
The idea for a gay porn video can hit you out of nowhere. I was scouting locations once and took Micah Brandt with me to see the place he would be shooting in. It became apparent that the guy who was showing us the space had the hots for Micah and didn’t have any reservations about letting him know. I thought to myself that the whole thing was playing out like one of our videos. Then it hit me, why not make a video just like that? I called up newcomer Justin Blakely to play the role of the building owner. Justin has been really wanting to do more on the site and I thought having Micah wrap those amazing lips over his huge thick cock would be a treat for both of them. Micah loves sucking cock and since Justin hadn’t been blown on camera before I thought it was a perfect match up. Justin has such a smooth muscular chest and furry butt and is just so damn hot everyone I know wants to fuck his brains out. And Micah is a total sexual being, brin! ging a new level ...
Chris rims then fucks Micah
2010-08-16 02:08:00
When Chris Rockway runs into Micah Brandt in a gym locker room, it’s not long before Chris has his face buried deep in Micah’s hot ass.  But not before Micah gives Chris such a blowjob that he can hardly remain standing.  Micah is looking so good these days.  That sexy smooth black skin showing off every inch of his well defined muscles.  He’s the boy next door with a dark side.  He’s an all American jock with a dirty secret.  He may look innocent but he’s all about the cock.  And Chris is just the guy to give it to him.  And once Micah’s talented lips go to town on Chris’ jock muscle stud body he can’t concentrate on anything but digging his tongue deep in Micah’s hungry hole.  Micah gets so into it that he’s practically begging for Rockyway’s cock and when he gets it he lets the whole gym know how fuckin’ hot he’s getting.  Electrifying performances from both Micah and Chris, this one is not to...
Chris rims and fucks Trent
2010-08-13 06:00:00
Poor Chris Bines.  All he wants to do is take a little cat nap.  But what’s a guy to do when a rowdy little horndog like Trent Davis come crawling through the covers?  It’s not like he can turn him down with that lustful hunger in his eyes, his talented tongue lapping at his increasingly hardening cock.  Trent is looking amazing with that nice tight college muscle jock body.  And Chris, who’s hot body comes from all of his outdoor activities, is looking ruggedly handsome with his sexy beard and newly grown out chest hair.  Trent wastes no time getting Chris so hot and bothered there’s no way he could go back to his nap.  Then Chris goes after Trent like a wild animal, rimming his bubble butt, licking and tasting every inch of his tight muscular body, and fucking his brains out.  Hardcore gay porn with lots of rimming and ass ramming before both guys shoot their hot loads. Watch Movie Trailler and Full Set Of Pics
Jeremy and Zachary have some holiday fun
2010-01-03 18:19:00
I could really watch Jeremy Walker fuck just about anybody.  Not to say that the guys I put with him are just ‘anybody’, but he just has this way of complimenting anyone he works with.  Zachary Cook always has such a sweet disposition and everyone who’s worked with him has raved about how much fun he was to bang.  So it didn’t take much for me to realize how much I needed to get Jeremy and Zachary together.  And being the holidays we decided to have some fun with a nifty toy that brings everyone who comes in contact with it a little holiday cheer.  Last year we wanted to see someone get fucked with a candy cane but were worried about it breaking.  We found the perfect solution that I’m sure will become a holiday tradition for years to come.  And speaking of coming, after Jeremy introduces Zachary to his new toy, he whips out the massive toy he was born with and really goes to town.  It seems that Zachary was both naughty and nice this year and d...
Gunner, Nico & Reese have a hot threeway
2010-01-03 18:05:00
When you get three heartthrobs like Gunner Pierce, Nicco Sky and Reese Rideout together there’s no telling what will happen.  I knew a few months ago when Nicco appeared on Randy Blue Live with Reese that they had an amazing chemistry.  People were talking about that show for months, so I had to put them in a video together.  But since they did the show as a duo I wanted to throw something else into the mix.  Enter Gunner Pierce.  He’s been just starting to spread his wings here, and by wings I mean legs, and everything he does is so hot.  He’s got an incredible body and that adorable face of his.  You guys are going to love this video.  The image of Gunner eating Nicco’s ass while he sucks off Reese is one I won’t forget any time soon.  And Reese couldn’t be happier, or sexier, than when he’s fucking Nicco’s hot ass while he goes down on Gunner.  And you can tell that Nicco is enjoying being the piggy in the middle with thes...
Eddie and Johnny get down and dirty
2009-08-30 06:35:00
In today’s update, Eddie Diaz is a young, hip Hollywood stud.  He’s got everything you could want… a nice house, tons of cash, and a naked houseboy/gardener.  But getting a look at Johnny Angel’s hot ass shakin’ in the sun has Eddie all hot and he needs to do some diggin’ in the dirt of his own.  Johnny has really come into his own.  Every time he comes in for a video or an appearance on Randy Blue Live he just gets better and better.  I figured it was time to pair him up with Eddie Diaz, a guy who’s raised sex to an art form.  Eddie seems to light a fire under every video he’s in making the temperature go through the roof!  He’s got the most adorable face, a body that is so beautiful you could cum just by looking at it, and a sexual energy that affects everyone around him.  Putting him with newer guys is great because he always brings out their best performance.  But with Johnny getting his own groove on these days I w...
Meet the adorable Lucas Vick
2007-11-06 20:43:00
Lucas Vick was referred to me by a friend. One look at his photos and I had to meet him. He had such a handsome face and a beautiful smile, his body looked great and the cock shot showed me that my members would love his member. So I flew him to LA the day ...
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Rocky gives Cody his first blowjob
2007-11-05 16:37:00
I love putting different body types together so when Cody Springs mentioned that he thought Rocky Houston was a good looking guy I could instantly picture them together. With Cody being so new I didn’t think he was quite ready for a full on hardcore scene, but who in their right mind would throw Rocky ...
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Pierce has piercing blue eyes
2007-11-02 18:11:00
So late on night i was bored and really sick of everything on the television. sometimes your just restless and when I am restless I work. Yes I know, how boring. But anyway I went to this popular model site that I often go to and was surfing from page to page when all of ...
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A Taste of Blue, a Halloween Special Movie
2007-10-31 15:28:00
It was a dark and horny Halloween night. Cody and Blake are looking for some trouble to get into. It seems that trouble finds them, but it’s the kind of trouble that any hot young guy would want to get into. Setting out to attend a Halloween costume party, they approach a spooky old house. ...
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Blake, Dakota & Derrek, 3-ways are better than one
2007-10-30 15:42:00
Doing the Randy Blue three-ways must be one of my favorite times to be running this site. It’s so much fun trying to figure out who is going to look the hottest in what combinations. Sometimes it’s a real trick, trying to match up a good bottom with a good top and maybe someone who’s ...
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Christian?s first sextoy
2007-10-26 04:40:00
Christian Lorok is back for his second video on Randy Blue. I got a lot of compliments on his first video and thought it would be nice to take things up a notch. He had never used toys before but when I asked him he was very open to the idea. He’s really into sports ...
Sexy fratboy Chance
2007-10-24 04:20:00
My newest find is a hottie from Virginia named Chance Brenton. He is exactly what a hot college fratboy should look like. He’s got a great body just covered with the right amount of tight muscles, not overly built but good form. The kind of body you get from playing a lot of sports and ...
Brent gets his first taste of Chris
2007-10-21 16:45:00
We had a monumental occasion here in the Randy Blue office the other day. Brent Diggs, our fresh faced college athlete, decided it was time that he got to suck some dick. I could tell he was a little nervous when he told me but he knew it was time and so he totally opened ...
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What a hot body!
2007-10-19 18:11:00
It’s rare that you meet someone like Cody Springs. At first glance he looks like an average 19 year old, well, okay, an average adorable 19 year old… who’s in a boy band… and has all the girls and guys swooning after him. But when he takes off his shirt and you see the definition ...
Three ways of fun with Christopher, Derrek & Kyle
2007-10-15 18:33:00
Three-ways are always a lot of fun, especially when all three guys are really into it. Christopher Ashlee is so handsome, and has shown how sexy he could be in a solo, I figured it was time to get him in bed with some other guys. Kyle Hennessy is another one that I’ve been wanting ...
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Chase deep throats Dakota
2007-10-14 00:48:00
It’s been a few months since I’ve had Chase Stephens out for a shoot and even that has been too long. I just adore his country boy charm. He flashes that award winning smile and you almost forget about the sexy bod and meaty cock hiding under his clothes… almost. His hot muscular arms and ...
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Mikah?s body is a work of art
2007-10-11 18:50:00
Hailing from South Beach, Florida, Micah Stone is the newest member of the Randy Blue family. I really liked meeting Micah because he came ready to perform. A lot of guys start out a bit shy or apprehensive, but the minute the cameras started to roll, Micah was on. I can picture him at home ...
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You can feel the chemistry between Blake and Cody
2007-10-09 16:20:00
I knew it was only a matter of time before I put these two powerhouses together. Blake has already proven himself time and time again as a bottom who just won’t quit. I often like to pair him up with newer guys because I can’t think of anyone better to show them the ropes. But ...
More About: Hardcore , Muscles
2007-10-08 22:30:00
Hot and horny Brazillian studs on the prowl for sex. Hot stud number one gets and afternoon visitor for some daytime fun. Both have amazing bodies but when he pulls our his massive cock it’s almost too much for the ohther one to handle. Luckily his ass is a lot hungrier than his mouth is ...
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A sleepy Taylor explores his body
2007-10-08 00:23:00
I had such a great time shooting Taylor Banks that I had to have him back again. His first solo was so hot that this time I wanted more. I asked if he would be willing to do a toy video and he was apprehensive at first, but we talked about it and I let ...
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Brodie Jackson
2007-10-05 19:56:00
I’m a big fan of mixing it up. My friends are a very diverse group of people, I like a wide range of activities in my spare time, and when it comes to the guys we have on the site, I like to keep it diverse. We’ve had pretty boys, jocks, bodybuilders and many other ...
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Lucky & Reese
2007-10-03 19:10:00
Lucky Daniels has been steadily gaining in popularity since his debut on Randy Blue back in early June. Every time he comes in he looks better and better but what I saw when he showed up for this shoot blew me away (and that’s not easy to do). First, he has been working out like ...
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Hot threeway with Chris, James & Tyler
2007-10-03 04:32:00
The last time I had Chris Rockway and James Hawk together they did an excellent mutual suck off scene which was so hot I could hardly stand it. Well, both of them have come so far since then that I felt it was time to put them in a hardcore scene. The thing is, I ...
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