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Sex in the bathroom gives woman ultimate pleasure
2007-07-09 19:22:00
Every person uses bathroom every day when nature calls or when it’s time to take a shower or a bath. However, not too many people think that a bathroom gives a variety of opportunities for sex. The advantages of shower sex are obvious. This small room can hide a loving couple from guests or children. It is possible to have sex in the shower at home or at friends’. It goes without saying that women’s breasts produce arousing effect for the majority of men. As a rule, men prefer not to look for any reasons when they want to touch them. Just touching breasts is rather a boring thing to do, though. It is much more pleasant to rub them. Special breast ointments or simply moisturizing creams are available in cosmetic stores everywhere. A man can apply some on his hands, come up to his woman from behind and start rubbing the cream in very gently. Such touches can drive a woman crazy; some may even experience a heavenly orgasm. Head massage is a very special and a very e...
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Four percent of American adults never had sex
2007-07-02 14:50:00
Four percent of US adults have never had sex in their lives, and the figure climbs to 12 percent in the case of Mexican-Americans, according to an official survey out on Friday. Eighty-eight percent of Mexican-American adults have had sex, a lower percentage than any other ethnic group.   The report also said 16 percent of adults first had sex before the age of 15, while 15 percent abstained from sex until age 21 or older. The data was compiled between 1999 and 2002, the Atlanta-based CDC said.
Study Debunks Myth That Women Want Sex Less
2007-07-02 14:48:00
Bachelors might have sex on their minds more than their single female counterparts, but once in a committed relationship, men and women have similar attitudes toward the act, a new study finds. The results, published in the April issue of the journal Sex Roles, reveal how sexual stereotypes, in which guys want to go for it and gals tend to resist, don’t hold when romantic feelings come into play. “Men experience a lot of pressure in our society to have sex with a number of different partners,” said one of the study’s researchers, Paul Perrin, a graduate student in psychology at the University of Florida, “the opposite of what women experience as kind of the gatekeepers of sexuality.” Past studies, the scientists point out, have shown that compared with women, men are more sexually permissive, endorse casual sex at higher rates and masturbate more often. And even in dreamland, men are from Mars and women from Venus. A recent study showed men w...
Pheromone triples women's sexual success
2007-07-01 23:35:00
A dab of artificial sweat can hugely increase your chance for romance, say researchers in California. They found that a commercial synthetic "pheromone" tripled the sexual success of women. Psychologist Norma McCoy and her student Lisa Pitino at San Francisco State University found in a study of 36 women that sexual behaviour with men was three times as high in women who added a sexy chemical to their perfume, compared to women who received a placebo. McCoy believes the additive, known only as Athena Pheromone 10:13, is making them more attractive to men. She rules out an alternative explanation, that the pheromone is increasing sexual drive, because masturbation was not increased. "It's a very impressive study with data that looks incredible," says Joan Friebely of Harvard University who is now looking at the effect of the same pheromone in post-menopausal women. But other experts say it is difficult to make sense of the experiment until 10:13 - whose composit...
Mathematical formula 'predicts marriage breakdown'
2007-07-01 23:30:00
he secret to finding lasting love might remain a mystery to most, but two US researchers claim to have come up with a mathematical model that can predict whether a relationship will fail. The researchers also say their system provides a simplified way of counselling couples and can help them to overcome relationship problems. However, the method has yet to be verified independently and is based in part on a subjective analysis. John Gottman, a clinical psychologist, and mathematicians James Murray and Kristin Swanson, all at the University of Washington, based their model on interviews with hundreds of newlywed couples carried out over the last 15 years. The team says they can predict if a marriage was going to break up within four years with 94 per cent accuracy. The further claim that it has been successful at helping troubled couples to abandon the idea of divorce in 65 per cent of cases. "The mathematics we came up with is trivial, but the model is astonishingly accurate,&q...
Marriage makes both sexes happy
2007-07-01 23:29:00
Contrary to popular belief, marriage gives men and women an equal mental health boost, a study in Australia shows. In 1972, sociologist Jessie Bernard looked at symptoms of anxiety, depression, neurosis and passivity in married and unmarried people. She found that men were better off married than single, and concluded that they got those benefits at the expense of women. That became a central tenet of the women's liberation movement in the 1970s, and is still often cited. But psychologist David de Vaus from La Trobe University in Melbourne points out that Bernard's research only looked at a narrow definition of stress. "It is well known that women are much more likely to score highly on those disorders," he says. Most research has ignored the fact that mental disorder can manifest itself in men in the form of drug and alcohol abuse, de Vaus claims. De Vaus looked at data from 10,641 adults taken from the 1996 national survey of mental health in Australia, which includes ...
A study confirms the importance of sexual fantasies in the experience of se
2007-06-30 12:14:00
A study confirms the importance of sexual fantasies in the experience of sexual desire This release is also available in Spanish. Scientists of the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment of the University of Granada (Universidad de Granada) have studied how some psychological variables such as erotophilia (positive attitude towards sexuality), sexual fantasies and anxiety are related to sexual desire in human beings. The researcher Juan Carlos Sierra Freire states that there are very few reliable and valid instruments in Spain to evaluate sexual desire. Due to this vacuum, the researchers have adapted the Sexual Desire Inventory by Spector, Carey and Steinberg. This inventory is a tool that enables the researcher to measure, on the one hand, the solitary sexual motivation and, on the other hand, the interest in having sexual intercourse with another person (didactic sexual desire). This fact is of a great importance because “it gives relevant info...
Sex and Taboos in the Islamic World
2007-06-27 19:54:00
Sex is a taboo in conservative Islamic countries. Young, unmarried couples are forced to seek out secret erotic oases. Books and play that are devoted to the all too human topic of sex incur the wrath of conservative religious officials and are promptly banned. Rabat, Morocco. Every evening Amal the octopus vendor looks on as sin returns to his beach. It arrives in the form of handholding couples who hide behind the tall, castle-like quay walls in the city's harbor district to steal a few clandestine kisses. Some perform balancing acts on slippery rocks and seaweed to secure a spot close to the Atlantic Ocean and cuddle in the dim evening light. The air tastes of salt and hashish. On some mornings, when Amal finds used condoms on the beach, he wishes that these depraved, shameless sinners -- who aren't even married, he says -- would roast in hell. Cairo, Egypt. A hidden little dead-end street in Samalik, a posh residential neighborhood, with a view of the Nile. Those who live her...
Kisses To Spice Up Your Sexual Lif
2007-06-27 16:51:00
Kissing is a delicate art. It can be tagged as a wonderful prelude to more intimate pleasures. Here are some of the different types of kissing techniques. Caress your lips gently with these tips to spice up your lovemaking. Aggressive Kiss While kissing your partner, gently bite down on the lower lip (women love it ) and then start sucking on the bottom lip to give them a great sensation. Yummy!!! The lips or the chocolate?It may turn up too messy, but its worth the try. Take a bite of any chocolate that melts easily and French kiss as you would. It is extremely pleasurable. Say yummy the lips or the chocolate. Lap KissAsk your partner to lie with his/ her head on your lap, lean over and kiss them in rhythmic beats Your bottom lip will be on your partner's top lip, and vise versa. You can even French kiss while in this position. It can act like a foreplay for the rest of the spice up session. All over KissIt begins with a gentle kiss on your partner's forehead. Move ...
Sexual Phobias - Part I
2007-06-27 16:50:00
You must be familiar with phobias that deal with heights, snakes, insects, water...etc. However have you heard of phobias about sex? Can a pleasurable experienced be feared for life? Here is the list of sexual phobias that are prominent among many people. Erotophobia : It is the fear of sexual love or sexual questions. Erotophobes are less likely to talk about sex, have more negative reactions to sexually explicit material, and have sex less frequently. Researchers state that people suffering from such a phobia have a correlation between less consistent use of contraception and a lack of knowledge about human sexuality. Each year this surprisingly common phobia pushes countless people to needless distress. The main cause for such a fear is created by the unconscious mind as a protective mechanism. It may be the result of your past history. There may be an event linking sexual love or sexual questions and emotional trauma. At the same time, the original activator may hav...
Islamic Sexual Beliefs
2007-06-27 16:48:00
Sexuality is strictly confined to the bond of marriage in Islam. Even though there are strict Islamic beliefs regarding sexuality; permissible sexual relationships are considered as great wells of love and closeness. Sex is viewed as a recreational purpose, for strengthening the bonds between couple. Here is an insight to the sexual beliefs of world's second largest religion.Islamic beliefs always emphasize that there is a divine reward for sexual relationships within marriage. Islamic laws explicitly state that both the partners are entitled to sexual gratification in a marriage. There is a prominent role for foreplay in Islamic sexual beliefs. However sexual actions that are beneath human dignity are unacceptable to all the Islamic scholars. Islamic laws have diverse views on sexual relationships during Ramadan. Some scholars believe that sexual relationships are permissible during the holy month. However, there should not be any sexual interaction while men keep to ...
Sexual abstinence can help woman get her act together
2007-06-23 16:17:00
Surveys conducted on the Internet found that men (mostly single ones) can do without sex for three weeks at a maximum. Their abstinence limits tend to crumble once they down four brandies and spot a busty blonde in a bar. The poll found that married men can show greater patience when it comes to sexual abstinence – yet another piece of evidence indicating that a family can be a good influence on men’s health. Women are said to be capable of forgoing sex for a much longer period. However, the word “ability” does not seem to belong here. In most cases, women have to do without sex, for a number of reasons. That is why the quality of sex has priority over its quantity for us. Speaking of sexual abstinence, the question is: Is...
Masturbation never indicates dysfunctional relationship
2007-06-23 00:26:00
Not all the myths concern legendary heroes and heroines of ancient Greece. Quite a few of them have to do with various aspects of sexual relationships. Although the myths are completely unsubstantiated, lots of people are still buying them as guidelines for their exploits between the sheets. Sexologists and psychotherapists are amazed at what some people still believe about sex. Let us expose the myths once again and forget them for good. Recurrent male masturbation during a steady relationship indicates a dysfunctional relationship Some men give up masturbating once they form a stable relationship with a representative of the opposite sex. Playing with oneself becomes history for this category of men. On the contrary, others just cannot get out of the habit. Both cases are normal. To some extent, masturbation can be seen as a substitute for sex with a real partner. The practice is completely innocuous, by and large. Sometimes it can even enhance sex a man has with his regular pa...
Orgasm implant trials stall
2007-06-22 09:54:00
Trials of an implant that promises to give women an orgasm at the push of a button have stalled because of a lack of volunteers to test it. To date, just one woman has completed a trial - though she described its effect as "really excellent foreplay". The implant represents two years' work following a chance discovery by an American surgeon that tiny electric shocks to nerves in a particular region of the spine sent women into a high state of arousal.   Stuart Meloy, a pain specialist at Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in North Carolina, made the discovery while performing a routine pain-relief procedure to insert fine wires into a woman's spine and give harmless electric shocks to alleviate persistent pain in her legs. During the operation, however, it became clear that the wires were touching the wrong nerves to control the pain, but the right ones to make the woman "exclaim emphatically", said Dr Meloy. He patented the procedure in the hop...
No sex please ? we're Japanese
2007-06-22 09:44:00
TOKYO — Junko Sakai was nervously looking forward to a romantic getaway with the man she'd been seeing. But when they arrived at a seaside hotel last fall, her beau requested separate rooms. Stunned, Sakai nonetheless anticipated a late-night knock on the door. It never came. "Nothing happened," the Tokyo writer says. Nothing is happening with depressing regularity between Japanese men and women these days. Marriages, births and hanky-panky are all spiraling downward with troubling implications for the nation's future: A sagging birthrate means that fewer working-age people will be around to support a growing population of elderly; a social crisis looms. Only in Japan would a popular weekly newsmagazine deem it necessary to exhort the nation's youth to abstain from sexual abstinence: "Young people, don't hate sex," AERA magazine pleaded last month in a report detailing a precarious drop in sales of condoms and in business at Japan's rent-by-the-hour &q...
Spanish men most likely to pay for sex
2007-06-22 09:41:00
Giles Tremlett in MadridThursday July 29, 2004The Guardian More than a quarter of Spanish men have paid for sex with a prostitute, the highest proportion of any European country, according to a government study published yesterday. The survey by Spain's National Statistics Institute found that one in 14 Spanish men visited a prostitute in 2003, while 27% admitted having paid for sex at least once during their lifetime. "Both percentages stand out as being higher than those observed in other European surveys," said researchers, who interviewed 10,000 men and women. They found that Spanish women were more sexually conservative, with 55% saying they had only ever slept with one man. The survey came as no surprise to Spain's Association of Sex Clubs, which said recently that the monthly spend in its establishments was roughly €100 (£66) for every male in the country. It said that 300,000 women, mostly foreigners, work...
Scan spots women faking orgasms
2007-06-22 09:40:00
A simple brain scan can spot whether a woman is faking an orgasm or not, a major fertility conference has heard. Researchers found that when a woman is faking, a part of the brain under conscious control lights up, while real orgasms occur subconsciously. The University of Groningen scans also showed important differences between the male and female orgasm. In women, turning off fear and anxiety is key, while men need to know they will be physically stimulated. Professor Gert Holstege and colleagues asked 13 heterosexual couples aged 19-49 to take part in an experiment. Women can imitate orgasm quite well Professor Gert Holstege One half of the couple was asked to lie down, with their head inside a scanner, while their partner stimulated them manually to achieve orgasm. To aid the mood, the r...
Does oral sex give you cancer?
2007-06-22 09:37:00
Lucy ManganTuesday November 22, 2005The Guardian What even Leviticus failed to proscribe, medical research now looks set to ruin for all of us. Several recent international studies have provided evidence of a link between mouth cancer and one of the many unedifying strains of the human papilloma virus - a virus that can be spread by oral sex. The latest study is by Kerstin Rosenquist at the Malmo University faculty of odontology in Sweden. The dentist and researcher found that 36% of the 132 individuals with mouth cancer she tested were carrying HPV, compared with 1% of her control group. Her results back up the findings of a larger study last year by a team at Johns Hopkins University school of medicine. They found that among patients with mouth cancer who tested positive for HPV, the virus was more common in those who had had multiple sexual partners or oral sex. A French study found that patients with oral cancer and HPV were also more likely t...
Scientists decode sex bug genes
2007-06-22 09:34:00
Trichomonas causes millions of infections each year Scientists have unravelled the genetic code of an organism that causes millions of sexually transmitted infections every year. Trichomonas vaginalis is a parasite that can cause a painful infection, trichomoniasis. Experts from the US and UK have now mapped the genome of the creature, and say it offers clues to better treatments in both men and women. Their work has been published in the journal Science. Trichomonas has flourished because approximately half the people who have it never show the trademark symptoms or irritation and discharge, and pass it on to others without knowing. It is particularly adept at binding to the inside of the vagina and causing damage to cells in its surface. The work to plot its genetic structure was completed by the Institute for Genomic Research in Maryland, with assistance from experts at Newcastle University, who spent two years on the projec...
Study Debunks Myth That Women Want Sex Less
2007-06-22 09:31:00
Bachelors might have sex on their minds more than their single female counterparts, but once in a committed relationship, men and women have similar attitudes toward the act, a new study finds. The results, published in the April issue of the journal Sex Roles, reveal how sexual stereotypes, in which guys want to go for it and gals tend to resist, don’t hold when romantic feelings come into play. “Men experience a lot of pressure in our society to have sex with a number of different partners,” said one of the study’s researchers, Paul Perrin, a graduate student in psychology at the University of Florida, “the opposite of what women experience as kind of the gatekeepers of sexuality.” Past studies, the scientists point out, have shown that compared with women, men are more sexually permissive, endorse casual sex at higher rates and masturbate more often. And even in dreamland, men are from Mars and women from Venus. A recent study showed men we...
Women sentenced for allowing boyfriend to have sex with daughter
2007-06-22 09:24:00
MUSKEGON, MI -- A mother accused of arranging a sex pact to allow her boyfriend to have sex with her 15-year-old daughter while the woman recuperated from surgery was sentenced Monday to 12 to 22 1/2 years in prison. The 41-year-old woman pleaded no contest in April to three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. A no-contest plea is not an admission of guilt but judges treat it as a guilty plea at sentencing. The Associated Press is not identifying the woman to protect her daughter's identity. "What you've done to your daughter is one of the worst things I can think of," Judge Timothy G. Hicks said at the sentencing hearing. Authorities said the woman agreed to the arrangement because she feared losing her boyfriend, Michael Fitzgibbon, while recuperating from the operation on her abdomen. Fitzgibbon, 37, was sentenced in March to up to 15 years on each of four counts of...
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