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Sexxx Sounds like you've never experienced before!

Sexxx Sounds like you've never experienced before!
you've never experienced before. Cum experience audio erotica, instant access Sizzling Femdom Audios. Once you hear My voice, there's no escape.


Audio: Tie Breaker? I will win, you will concede
2007-03-11 18:43:00
you and I are in the same contest…. we are in a tie….17 minutes later you concede! find out how I do it don’t ASSSume
Fall in Lust with your Goddess
2007-03-03 04:12:00
I coax you into falling deeply in Lust with your Goddess . Subtle hypnotic throught, as well as making your cock throb with lust…. can u resist paying tribute to your Goddess in the end?
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Audio: Heavenly Scent 21 Minutes. *LOAD BLOWING*
2007-02-09 05:55:00
It starts sweet & soft.  I am a traveling Perfume Salesgirl selling valentine’s heavenly body scent….. It’s not long before your hypnotized and the sweet girl is on your face.. GETTING OFF!  This My Best Audio… Super HOT!. Face Sitting, Sensual Domination, mind trickery.
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Audio: Cock Hostage
2007-02-01 04:13:00
A 15 minute audio where I play a tough girl that takes over then you. I seduce you with My legs, trap you with My body and hold your cock hostage! in the end, you are helpless to resist!
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Audio: Trigger Happy a sensual hypnotic audio
2007-02-01 04:12:00
Short but sweet sensual hypnotic audio. 10 minutes. Filled with triggers & hypnotic commands! I will make you obey
CBTeased: 20 minute MP3 of Jerk Of Instructions & Cock & Ball Teasing
2007-01-10 06:34:00
Explaining one of My favorite games, to tease and deny cock & ball pleasure. I know all kinds of tricks, and in the end, just when your begging for mercy, I will let you RUIN your orgasm for me! Sounds delightful doesn’t it? Click Here or on the picture for details about the file. MP3 ...
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Crush: 14 minute MP3 of total Ass submission
2007-01-10 06:33:00
Trying out New words and actions on submissive ass slaves. If you think you are strong enough to handle the Ass , I invite you to listen for find out for yourself. If you are able to resist the “Crush”, I will give you a free audio… however if you are crushed by the Ass, you ...
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Audio: Black Widow
2007-01-10 06:31:00
Super Sexy & Hot, you are seduced into My web. There you remain weak and hopeless. Hypnotic trance in addition to tease and masturbation session. Possible orgasm, serious ass worship audio, not for the faint of heart. Click here or on the picture for details about the file. MP3 format
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Audio: Mindless Masturbating Machine
2007-01-10 06:29:00
Mindless Masturbating Machine 15+ minutes mindless masturbating like a machine while you listen to My Sweet Voice and Commands. Before you know it, I have taken control of your masturbation and I operate your penis pumping hand
More About: Body Worship , Mindless Masturbating Machine
Audio: Sexy Ass Description
2006-11-15 06:47:00
My Sexy Ass Descriptions.  10 minute audio mp3, approximately 11Mb in size.  instant download, hypnotic trance, ass worship and ass servitude.
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Audio: The Ass Whisperer
2006-11-05 03:15:00
Audio: The Ass Whisper. 20 minutes of audio ass sniffing heaven! My ass tells you what to do, commands you and knows what you need before you do! Ass sniffing, ass worship, Hypnotic trance, Powerful Ass Smell, Pulling Panties off with teeth, ass sufficiation, ass smothering, using you to get myself off!
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