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A satirical look at the modern day husband.


$100 Crude is coming?
2007-10-20 15:33:00
Boone Pickens knows what’s coming. I’d imaging George W. knows too. Bill and Hillary are probably in the loop.And Bernanke, who knows whatthat guyknows - I think the jury’s still out on the good old chairman. Sadly though, thepeople who need to know what a gallon of gaswill cost in the near future, people like ...
Biodiesel Versus Big Oil - The war is on…
2007-07-08 18:45:00
For those of you who have followed my blog I apologize for my lack of posting over the last month or so.  There was good cause though.  After over twenty years in the mortgage industry I have decided to pursue another opportunity - namely, the production and distribution of one hundred percent biodiesel. While I ...
Biodiesel Plant set to come online Aug. ‘07 in So Cal
2007-07-02 17:03:00
Press Release Rebel Diesel, June 20, 2007 Contact: Brett Buchanan President, Rebel Diesel – Phone: 949-337-0778 After the recent completion of its test marketing Rebel Diesel, a start up biodiesel producer based in Orange County, is set to go into full commercial production in August of 2007.  The founder of Rebel Diesel, Brett Buchanan, believes biodiesel is on the ...
RebelDiesel in first phase production of biodiesel
2007-06-15 05:30:00
RebelDiesel has officially launched production of our WVO-B100 biodiesel brand. Our first few batches poured out of the nozzle this week. Each batch passed our internal quality control procedures and are now awaiting lab test results. We are presently in the midst of securing a larger production facility in the Orange County area. Our first few ...
BioDiesel User Group opens in Southern California
2007-05-15 16:12:00
RebelDiesel is proud to announce the official launch of Club RebelDiesel in Southern California. Club RebelDiesel is a membership based biodiesel user group recognized by the state of California Department of Measurements and Standards. Enrollment in Club RebelDiesel gives members access to RebelDiesel’s WVO-B100 biodiesel fuel and other information and services related to ...
Low US Dollar means higher gas prices
2007-05-12 16:46:00
If you’re wondering why the price of gasoline is at an all time high while the price per barrel of crude is just above $60, well off of its high of over $80 per barrel, you need only look at the plummeting value of the US dollar for answers. Oil exporting countries price their crude oil ...
BioDiesel - A revolution is coming?
2007-05-10 16:32:00
RebelDiesel will be launching a sister site to this blog the week of May 14. Both sites will link together with the new HTML site providing more detailed information regarding product quality, pricing, production, and other content related to biodiesel facts and issues. On the production front RebelDiesel has produced its first few sample batches ...
Housing Bubble and BioDiesel - 2007 Projections and Beyond?
2007-05-08 18:37:00
So far I have been one hundred percent accurate in my predictions for the subprime lending industry, its effect on the housing market and its fallout into other economic sectors. And it didn?t take an MBA or PHD in economics to see it coming. As I sit back and watch the unwinding of what ...
BioDiesel - Coming to a station near you - Part 2
2007-05-03 19:20:00
Well, I?m on my way to becoming the first retail biodiesel station in Orange County. My Freedom Fueler is on order and should be delivered the week of May 7th. We?ve found a temporary home for the unit in a place to remain undisclosed for now. We have to fly under the ...
BioDiesel - Coming to a station near you?
2007-05-03 19:19:00
This is the first post in a series that will track my efforts in launching the first retail BioDiesel fueling station in Orange County, California. To give you a little history on who I am and how I decided to bring biodiesel to market here in the OC I should start with this blog. I ...
BioDiesel - Because I?m on a mission?
2007-05-03 03:26:00
Simply put, I’m sick and tired of big oil dictating to me which fuel I have to use in my cars. So I decided to do something about it. On May 1st, 2007 I ordered a biodiesel processor, the Freedom Fueler, from out of Arkansas in the good old USA. My ...
Bikini Waxing - Why doesn’t he do it?
2007-04-11 02:14:00
You know, my husband is constantly after me to get waxed, which I do - quite regularly and quite painfully too.  But the other night when we were in bed he really got my goat.  There we were, sheets tossed aside, fresh out of the shower, with my husband’s head buried between my legs once again demonstrating his inability to focus on stimulative subtleties when he idiotically made a comment to me about getting waxed again.  I just about squeezed his head off between my vice-like thighs. “Jesus Christ!”  I yelled out.  “I just got waxed like two weeks ago!  That’s it!  If I’m getting waxed - THEN SO ARE YOU!” I laid down the gauntlet.  I told that selfish son-of-a-bitch that before I’d let another woman rip hot wax from my skin in every embarrassing position imaginable that HE was going to waxed.  Ball-sack and all.  Front side, back side, side to side - “I want every hair off of that jungle down there.” ...
Unromantic - Intimacy and the modern husband…
2007-04-06 21:26:00
I find myself referring to Wikipedia more and more these days.  Although I may alter their definitions to suit my needs, I think the message remains true.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Intimacy is the degree to which a person can share feelings with another in a relationship. Men and women express intimacy in different ways. Women emphasize talking about personal matters while men prefer sharing meaningful activities like groping or sticking it in.  Since the styles of intimacy differ between genders, it is imperative that men and women realize this at the beginning of the relationship. If they do not, then misunderstandings will occur. Wow.  Wikipedia really nailed the head on this one - pun definitely intended.  It seems like ’sticking it in’ is the only intimacy I can hope for at this point.  Kudos Wikipedia - keep up the good work.
Penis Head - Definition: Husband
2007-04-06 21:26:00
Glans Penis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Glans Penis: Latin - Shiny Brown Bell End Definition: The glans penis is the tip of the penis. It is also commonly referred to as the head of the penis or dick head (coarse slang), although this is not the proper medical terminology. It is commonly believed that the term penis head or dick head evolved from the Latin; brainius erecti, or brain erection - a common ‘perpetual hard-on’ affliction suffered by men after the post-marital realization they no longer have to compete for sex. Well, there you have it.  If Wikipedia says it, you have to believe it.  Post-marital man suffers from ‘brainius erecti’, thereby making him a de facto ‘penis head’.
Mentally Challenged - My Mother-In-Law lied to me…
2007-04-06 21:25:00
Last Saturday afternoon I watched my husband snoring on the couch in front of the tv with his forty-four year old belly sticking out from under his pit-stained t-shirt and I wondered - is my husband ‘mentally challenged’?  I decided to find out.  I set down my latest issue of In Touch and went to our computer.  I searched ‘mentally challenged’ on Wikipedia and got redirected to the following… From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Developmental disability is a term used to describe life-long disabilities attributable to mental and/or physical impairments, manifested prior to age twenty-two. The term is used most commonly in the United States to refer to disabilities affecting daily functioning in three or more of the following areas: capacity for independent living economic self-sufficiency learning mobility receptive and expressive language self-care self-direction It reflects the person’s need for a combination and sequence of special,...
I just want to bitch about my husband - Original post
2007-04-06 21:25:00
We set out to marry the perfect man.  We think we found him.  We marry him.  We begin a life with the perfect man.  Life then deteriorates into a romantically downward spiral and endless routine of predictability.  Gradually, the perfect man reveals himself for what he is, a man.  Man eats, sleeps, fornicates, hopefully he works.  He is a walking contradiction who resists romance, but loves sex, hates hygiene, but loves his penis, hates my mother, but loves Heidi Klum, debate over.  Yesterday, man forgot my birthday.  So you may ask why - I just want to bitch about my husband - but you already know the answer.  You’re married to one.
Orgasm, please…
2007-04-06 21:21:00
Not there, slow down, not so hard, easy now, nope, that’s not it either… Sound familiar?  Just another night in bed struggling with the oral challenges that are my life.  Sometimes I just want to shove his head aside and show him myself - believe me, if I could, I would.  It’s like a bear licking honey out of a bee hive, just kind of blindly going at it, hoping for the best, but not really worrying about the consequences. Maybe I should write out instructions.  A step by step guide to pleasing your woman.  I could probably turn it into a book - I’d call it, ‘The Oral Challenge of Man’.  Or maybe I could make a reality tv show - how about, ‘Sex and the Pity’.  I like it.  Here is my challenge.  Please, please, somebody tell me about some good DVD, or web-site or book or something to clue my husband in to the fact that his three or four minutes of pleasure and fame are not necessarily mine.
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