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Butterfly Spa
2008-11-26 03:18:00
We had met by chance at a professional seminar. Ellen was the only other female in attendance at the seminar entitled "Correctly Analyzing Steel Futures: Evaluating the Impact of Weather on Far East Production". Ho hum. Being the only two females of the 30 or so other attendees we smiled at each other from afar and found ourselves seated next to each other for much of the conference.Ellen Morneau was her name, and like myself, she worked for a securities investment house, she in NYC, and I, in Boston. She was petite, maybe 5'2", with short neat black hair, and skin pale as alabaster, which set off her startling dark brown eyes in contrast. She dressed well, a white silk blouse under a Jones New York black business suit, nails: perfect. Married for 6 years, she was 32, no children, and living in New Jersey.We had a delightful two days together and I felt drawn to her, or maybe even stronger than that. I felt destined to be her friend. We had a lot in common, even beyond our similar ...
The Seduction of Kathy
2008-11-19 03:15:00
I am a 36-year-old married bisexual woman. I have been attracted to women for as long as I can remember. I would like to tell you about my first real love affair with a woman.When I was, 15, I had a crush on my girlfriend who was 17. I thought about her and thought about kissing her, constantly. One afternoon I asked her, if she would show me how to kiss so that I would know better how to kiss a boy. She reluctantly agreed.I put my arms around her and held her close. Our lips touched. It was very exciting for me. My lips parted and I stared to probe her mouth with my tongue. At the same time, I squeezed her butt and my hand started to explore under her dress. She freaked out and left. We never talked about it, again. However I thought about it many times, over the next few years.I lost my virginity to a boy, when I was 17. It was a little painful and not very fulfilling. I found myself growing more and more interested in women. In fact, every time I pleasured myself I would fantasi...
Susan and Priscilla
2008-11-12 03:13:00
You guys know me from before, my name is Susan and I have a roommate that her name is Carmen, you know that we have had very good times together but I am the star in this story and she doesn't even know this happened, if she knew, she would feel jealous, so don't tell her.Carmen had left on a business trip and the day before I gave her a super farewell intimate party, we ate pussy like crazy and she couldn't even wake up from bed the next day, that's how tired I got her!!The very next day Carmen left a beautiful brunette with blue eyes and shapely body knocked on my door. I was naked playing with my vibrator and when I went to the door and saw that beauty I put on a very sexy nightgown, although it was like 2:00pm.I opened my door and asked her how I could help her and she told me that she was Priscilla, the new neighbor and wanted to introduce herself to all the neighbors. I looked at her from top to bottom and I told her, oh, hi, my name is Susan and I also have a roommate who...
Lauren and Deanna
2008-11-05 03:11:00
Lauren was a 45-year-old single woman. She was single by choice and not by lack of attention. There were suitors but, she just hadn't found that one, that special person that she had in mind. Sometimes, she wondered if perhaps her standards and expectations were too high. Maybe, although, she doubted that strongly. Her person was out there. She would know it, when they met. Until then, there was no need to get involved with someone for the sake of not being alone. What good could come of that? If she did that, she would not be honest with her lover or herself.She considered herself to be modestly pretty. Lauren had never been the type to go on about her looks, although she was attractive. She had a nice curvaceous form that managed to catch a pair of observant eyes even now. Her presence and overall charisma allowed her a ten-year-leeway, when it came to her age. Very few people perceived her to be her factual age. There might even have been a few who had thought that our dear Laur...
Tales of a Stripper
2008-10-31 00:26:00
I needed money badly, I fought with my parents, and being alone by then, I had to support myself depending on my own. I hate to work as a waitress or to do things that needed hard work, besides, how much can I earn monthly from such work? My parents wanted me to have a university degree, my father being a doctor, and my mother being a lawyer. She used to be very angry from me when my advisor called her from school to tell her how my academic performance was weak... I used to get endless of spankings on my ass-cheeks, as a punishment... From since I was very young, my physical features were my only, and best assets... One day at school, my teacher called me to his office to discuss with me about my grades, he tried to rape me, but I ran away from his office and nobody beleived me... Since then I considered men as pathetic, filthy creatures...I left home when I was seventeen years old, I am blond,green eyes and have a tall body, and boys used to dream about touching my big firm breast...
The Saleswoman
2008-10-30 00:25:00
Maggie opened the door to reveal a woman somewhat older than herself, maybe in her mid-forties. She was smartly turned out in a navy jacket and skirt and immediately made Maggie feel a bit dowdy. Maggie knew the appointment was for after lunch but she had not had not really bothered getting ready.The woman smiled sweetly and introduced herself as Jan, though they had already spoken on the phone. Maggie invited her in, asking her to sit on the comfortable sofa next to her. Jan was carrying a large black bag and she placed it carefully beside her on the floor before turning to Maggie with the same sweet smile."Now, I understand from a friend that you were interested in looking at our products?" she began."Yes, that's true," said Maggie - it was Angela who'd dared her to invite Jan round."Now, a lot of women find what I show them a bit of a giggle and that's nothing to worry about, believe me, I'm used to it!"Maggie just smiled - she was already nervous and half-regretting her earl...
The Movie Theater
2008-10-29 00:24:00
It had been raining off and on when I got off work. The streets were smelling and looking clean like they had just taken a shower. The sky was still gloomy with dark clouds. The buildings and the cars looked dull. There was a warm breeze but it was still chilly.I generally don't like such weather but it didn't matter. I was a bit tired. After all a secretary can't feel like in heaven after a day's work. Only I know how it feels after I have done with dancing my fingers on the keyboard. I was too anxious to get home. Sometimes I go to somewhere else if I feel like it. Maybe to a movie or to a bar, or I just sit on a bench by the river or just take a walk. It was not one of those days. The only thing I wanted then is to get into my warm apartment, have a hot cup of coffee, lie down on couch and watch something good on TV. I guess this is the way many of my afternoons will vanish into enchanting past.Maybe I would have gone home. Then I don't know why I decided to go to a movie. I...
2008-10-28 00:23:00
She walked towards me on the deck of the indoor community pool. I just finished my first set of 20 laps and I was headed to the Jacuzzi to cool-down before starting my second set. She wore the bathing suit of a lifeguard.She wasn't pretty. Not even plain. She had a face that had seen too much chlorine and too much acne; harsh, wrinkled and marked. She walked around the Jacuzzi once, displaying her body to me. She was proud of her big boobs, and tight bottom. But like her face, her body was blemished and damaged from her exposure to the pool and the sun.She made me uncomfortable, so I decided to start my second set of laps. She stopped me as I stepped from the swirling water."I'm Beth," she said in a blunt, no-nonsense manner, "I want to fuck now...c'mon."She grabbed my hand and led me towards the women's changing room."I'm not gay," I protested."So," she said flatly.She put me under the communal shower and commanded that I strip. I did what she asked, dropping...
Sapphic Summer
2008-10-27 00:22:00
Its early summer and the air is fairly charged with a palpable energy. The stars peek out behind an endless ocean of clouds. A westerly breeze plays of young flesh. Johanna sits on the edge of a beautifully built pool with white lilies for scent floating about. The cool Bahaman breeze sends her blonde hair in a shimmering curtain that settles around her perky breasts. She is wearing a white bikini, underneath she has no tan lines. Earlier she sunbathed in the nude on the beach, her hair blossoming out from her head as it lay in her arms. The intense sun baking her delicate skin a healthy brown. She is beautiful, to say the least. Down her pointed chin and to the hollow of her neck, between the valley of her perfect breasts and down her flat stomach, and finally to the her smooth and freshly shaven mound. All of this was barely concealed and on display for an equally brazen cutie enjoying a Daiquiri in the Jacuzzi...The night was young, and Johanna could feel that girl's intent gaze...
The Adventures of Sasha and Clair
2008-10-24 01:19:00
I was worn to a frazzle. My 7-year old twin boys were driving me up the wall now that school was out. "What are we going to do today?" each one asked over and over. Finally their dad took pity on me and took them off my hands for a long weekend. They left early on Thursday morning to spend time with Craig's parents. I went back to bed.When I awakened, I remembered we had new neighbors. I'd seen the moving vans, but had not laid eyes on them. After a late breakfast, I baked chocolate chip cookies and walked across the street. A beautiful young woman answered the bell. She was perhaps 24 or 25 with creamy skin, green eyes and smartly styled short auburn hair A belted robe covered her."Hi, I'm Clair, your neighbor from across the street. Am I disturbing you? I brought cookies. Welcome to the neighborhood," I stammered. She took the plate."Hi Clair, I'm Sasha. Nice to meet you. I was out on the patio. Would you join me?""Of course," I said."These will go great with the lemonade I ha...
Spoiled Girl No More
2008-10-23 01:16:00
Six o'clock in the evening on yet another Monday spent away from home. I was at the point where I could barely remember what town I was in, much less what day it was.`Houston, this month I'm in Houston,' I remembered sorely, `all because that bitch Heather had another goddamned family emergency.'Single consultants were always the first to get chucked out the door for these brutally-long engagements. What had been a pleasant regional consulting job months before, was now a pain-in-the-ass international job, due to staff cutbacks and other cost-cutting measures within our firm. I was tired and frustrated. I hate flying, and even more, I hate flying and having an initial meeting with a new customer in yet another wood paneled boardroom with a fist-full of "manage-by-magazine" no nothings on the same day."Why yes Mr. Smith, your idea is completely fabulous," it was the same in every town, in every boardroom, `sanctimonious assholes.'Me? Your rapidly burning out narrator? Well, I'm...
The Laundry Room
2008-10-22 01:13:00
There I was home alone on a Friday night. My boyfriend was out of town on a business trip. No doubt fucking the shit out of his secretary. I could not totally blame him though, she was drop dead gorgeous. Hell I had had a couple of wet dreams about her myself. My two best girlfriends left their husbands at home and were off on a trip together. They told their husbands it was with a church group. Yeah right, how many church groups go to a nude resort in Jamaica. God knows what they or who they are into. But me I was at home, sitting in the laundry room at my apartment building at 10:00 pm waiting for my clothes in the machines. I was reading one of those trashy womans magazines. The article was about how the author thought that all women had fantasies about other women. Yet they rarely ever acted on it. That was me. I love men and cock but I have always wondered what it would be like with another woman. I was getting kinda turned on as I read. The author was describing how for the pu...
Latin Ladies in Lust
2008-10-21 01:12:00
The beautiful blonde entered the room and eyes turned in her direction. Claire allowed her date to slip the longish black leather jacket off her shoulders and take it to the coatroom. While being statuesque, she wasn't like many of the aspiring actresses at the party. Her full blonde hair, parted in the middle, loosely framed Nordic facial features that reminded some of the sensual actress in La Femme Nikita, Peta Wilson. The large, ice blue eyes, pert nose, unusually full lips for a natural blonde, high-sculpted cheekbones. Her makeup emphasized all the right details, from the light blue around the eyes to the frosty pink lipstick glistening from her mouth. Minimal but making a point. The lazy, confidant smile with the perfect white teeth. The long, slender neck that led the eyes to 36D, full and thrusting breasts. Her skintight black stretch cocktail dress seemed to shape her impressive body into an hourglass. The low-cut scoop neckline pressed the firm breasts into tight cleavag...
The Chiropractor
2008-10-20 01:10:00
I recently fell from a ladder and had to see the chiropractor. My usual doctor was on vacation and I was treated by his substitute. It was a very attractive woman named Sheryl. She is a redhead, appeared to be no more than 25 and was very,very, sexy. She is about 5 feet tall with very nice breasts. They were easily larger than mine and very firm for their size. I'd guess about 36 D. Now I have been told a number of times I am easy on the eyes but compared to her I felt pretty plain Jane. I am only a 36 B but my nipples are about really big, about 1/2 inch around and 3/4 inches long and I am still pretty firm for a 42 year old.It was really weird but just being in the room with her my nipples were hard and my pussy was feeling moist. I was looking forward to her touch. It was cool out so I had worn a rather thick sweater. But because it was a day off I had not not bothered with putting on a bra. Sheryl had me lie down on the table. She was trying to feel my spine but with the thick ...
Flight with Samantha
2008-10-17 00:58:00
Samantha entered the Port Columbus terminal. At the check-in desk the clerk was looking a little frazzled, the flight was fully booked, Samantha is running late and there are no spaces left on the plane. Sam, as everybody called her, pleaded with the clerk and she gave her an upgrade to first class. Sam couldn't believe her luck. The plane is due to depart in just 30 minutes, and Sam has to run through the terminal.Marie was standing by the gate, waiting for the last passengers to arrive before boarding the plane to assume her duties as a flight attendant. She saw a beautiful girl running toward her, her little skirt was riding high on her thighs as she raced for the gate. Marie caught a glimpse of Sam's neatly trimmed pussy as she came bounding toward her, Marie, secretly hoped that this girl was in first class so she could service her every need.Sam was out of breath as she drew to a halt in front of the stunning flight attendant in front of her. She handed over her boarding pas...
Eurasia Dances
2008-10-15 00:53:00
Dances to the surging techno beat as simmering spotlights wash over her, blue- white and yellow-pink shining on her skin dark as our species's african womb. She is visible only in flashes of pulsing light and must be assimilated in pieces: camoflauge tank top, orange and green capris, stone-shaped shaved head, huge smile and eyes shut tight.Arms gyrating and bare feet pounding the floor, she creates the illusion that it is she who is producing the music, that the music is merely dancing to her rhythm, struggling to keep up with her movements in the center of the dance floor.Is it the center, or is that another illusion?It is the center, Aly thinks to herself, for in a circle with no perimeter every point is the center. There are other dancers drifting through that space, but Eurasia is the glowing center from which the rest of them spread to darkness.It is that darkness, the darkness outside of the circle where the spotlights do not touch, the darkness which gives the circle its la...
2008-10-14 00:52:00
I'm 16 years old right now. And from the time I was about 12, people always told me that someday I would be a model. So I guess people thought I was pretty, and I had been in many dance recitals.When I was 12, I was already 5'5" and developing a very nice figure. My mom had high hopes that one day I'd be gracing the covers of all the leading magazines. But she wanted me to wait until I was about 16 before pursuing that goal.On my 16th birthday, my mom contacted a very big modeling agency here in Toronto, Canada, and told them about me. Of course, they were quite skeptical, since mothers always call them raving about their daughters' looks. So they asked her to send in some photos before they could arrange an interview. My mom took me shopping at Zellers where we bought about three or four really nice outfits, and then rushed me to a fashion photographer for a session that took hours, and cost my mom several hundred dollars. Wow, was that guy expensive. But the pictures were beau...
More Furring Fun
2008-10-13 00:50:00
We heard it on the radio, as we left the theatre.Brazil had won the World Cup, and people were streaming into the streets. It was an exciting time for our country.As we entered the fancy restaurant we both saw her, my girlfriend Marie, and I. She was beautiful. About 5'3", small, very slim, with golden shoulder length hair. Green eyes, with nice firm breasts, and really soft skin.We invited her to sit at our table, where we found out her name was Tina. She was dressed all in black. Wearing a short skirt, and a soft silk blouse. After many interesting and funny discussions, Marie and I went to the ladies room where Marie said," I'd like to eat her out. Do you think we could invite her home?" I agreed that I would also love to make love and to taste this beauty. After some further drinking we suggested to her that she accompany us to our home, and happily Tina accepted.We retrieved our fur coats from the checkroom attendant, and went back to our home by taxi. In the taxi we made sur...
Fringe Benefits
2008-10-10 03:46:00
Marylyn Lincoln glanced up from the paper and glanced around the El car. Her gaze stopped when she saw the woman across the aisle. How had she missed this one getting on the train?Internally chastising herself for not seeing this lovely young lady before, Marylyn spent the rest of her morning commute surreptitiously studying the other woman.She had long, straight light brown hair that hung below her shoulders. It was cut shorter towards the front to just below her chin with short bangs, revealing a wide, smooth forehead. Her features were striking. She had large, brown eyes, a slender nose, and a mouth that just begged to be kissed.Marylyn thought to herself that would be a lot of fun. But she was also aware that this girl was probably straight as hell and might not be the least bit interested in another woman.Having come out of the closet when she was in college, Marylyn was well aware of how gays and lesbians were perceived by most people. Even in a relatively open-minded town lik...
Table Nine
2008-10-09 03:02:00
The restaurant was frantically busy. It always seemed to be when one of the waitresses called in sick, or some emergency prevented one of them from coming to work; and of course, on days like these, there was the annoying customer -- like the woman at table nine -- that would keep calling for Jessica' attention. Can I have a little more water, coffee and on and on? "Jesus," Jessica thought, "couldn't the woman see that there were other customers. Couldn't she see that the restaurant was understaffed? And didn't she know that the tip from water, coffee and salad was not enough to warrant the attention she demanded, of course not." Jessica hated the predictability of it all."I'll take my check," the bothersome customer said."I'll be right with you," Jessica answered in exasperation.Jessica admitted that the silky dark hair woman had a seductive quality. If Jessica hadn't been so busy she might have hovered a bit at the table and tried to strike up conversation, feel the woman o...
The Request
2008-10-08 03:00:00
This story is the property of the author. You may download and read but if you wish to post at a site other than the NIfty Archive please contact the author for permission at: [email protected] was surprised, I must admit, at my boss's request. I'd been working there for a few weeks and had no idea Alessandra had even noticed me. She was all smiles the first few days, but I soon came to realise that not only was she was a ver busy, with little real time for the staff in her small business, but she was also a hard bitch too. As 'secretaria ejecituvo' I shared an office with her, but this meant I only saw her a few times a day as she was always out, either in other offices or making business trips. I think it was hard for her, being a woman in a very macho business environment. You in North America may not realise how hard it is for we women in Latin America to have equality. I admired her as she was the only woman I ever met that could scare men. I used to watch them come i...
Desert Oasis
2007-11-09 17:44:00
It was a hot day in Arizona. I work as a courier, delivering medications to hospitals and to individual's homes. So far I had put about 100 miles on my little truck, and it was only mid afternoon. There was just one more delivery to make, but it was to a home `way out on a desert road. Fortunately I had air conditioning, and I was wearing shorts and a tank top.Still, it was warm. I could feel sweat dripping down between my breasts. I reached for a napkin to wipe it away. As I did so, I began to feel very sensual. It was a long drive on a road with hardly any traffic, so I reached into my tank top and slid my hand underneath my bra to touch my breasts. As I fondled my nipples, a warmness began to grow between my legs. I really wanted to just pull off the road and touch my pussy until I climaxed, but I didn't have enough time.I arrived at the delivery address, a beautiful Southwestern style home surrounded by lovely cactus, palo verde trees, and mesquites. I could tell that there wa...
Bus Driver
2007-11-07 17:40:00
It was late afternoon, sitting in the back of the bus, waiting for my stop. I had sat uncomfortable for the last 10 miles and just wanted this horrendous trip to be over. It had been years since I had ridden the bus and this day had been no better than I had expected. First I had to get up at the crack of dawn to catch the damn thing and then of course, it was the bloody milk run as luck would have it. It stopped at every bus depot that ran along the highway and even managed to stop in some towns I had read the paper for as long as my eyes would remain open and the other time I slept, probably snoring and keeping awake the other passengers. My car had to go into the shop for its maintenance check up and again as luck would have it, I didn't have one buddy willing to wake up at 6 am to drive me into the city. I didn't pressure anyone, but still thought it cheeky, considering how available I was always for everyone. When we reached San Rafael, the bus stopped at the station long eno...
More Than Computers
2007-11-06 17:37:00
I pulled my jacket tighter around me and stamped my feet, trying to warm up. A few feet away my mom and grandpa were standing in the last patch of warm sun on the grass, laughing. So unfair. "Respect your elders", I muttered sarcastically under my breath. Ha! What am I supposed to do when my 'elders' drag me halfway across New York to stand in the freezing April air (yes, April, the weather has been unseasonable lately) while they take the last spot on line? I decided that was enough grumbling, so I started looking around. No hot guys, damn. A pretty girl standing over by the flagpole, but Bad haircut with a capital B. Like I'm one to talk. My hair is black and curly. No, that's a lie. My hair is red and straight. I permed it and dyed it awhile back, so now its half grown out and looks extremely odd. I like it. Finally the line moved a quarter inch and I could see the sign on the door that said "Computer Show $6, $5 with ticket". I could also see slightly through one of the door...
Doing The Students
2007-11-03 16:35:00
"50% OFF EVERYTHING!!!" is what the sign read on the window of the candles and pottery store. Never being one to turn down a good sale, I went in. The shelves were pretty much picked over, and most of the good stuff was long gone. What did remained was mostly made in either rainbow or lavender colors, indicating that the store was catering to the local gay and lesbian population. The last thing I wanted was to jeopardize my safe warm place in the closet, so I selected a handful of tea lights. I didn't need a candle or mug proclaiming that I was "proud and out", at least not before I was ready to make that move on my own, and I really did need more tea lights. As I approached the counter, the clerk didn't acknowledge me, and seemed to be more interested in playing with her belly button of all things, then to notice me. She was wearing blue bell-bottom jeans that hung on to her hips with the help of a thick leather belt, a white crop top, a rainbow colored necklace made of rainbow b...
More About: Student
2007-11-02 16:32:00
It was nearing midnight as I pulled around the corner, parked and then put the top up to the car. As I walked away, I set the alarm and glanced around when it was set. Sometimes Ive hated those alarm noises, seeming like intrusions in the night. But in this case, the neighborhood and all, it was a necessary precaution. There were a few couples leaning up against the building in various heights of passion. A man dressed in leather chaps with a naked ass walked by me and tipped his leather cap as if to say hello. In the darkened alley I smiled back at him. When I got to the front door of the club, I showed the doorman my "key card" and he opened the foyer door to allow me entrance. The loud bass of Nine Inch Nails was blaring out of speakers that hung from every corner in the room. There were hundreds of men and womyn dancing to the hypnotic beat. Most were dressed in Gothic attire, some were barely clad at all. There were many piercings and even a few mohawks from another era. The sw...
Spring Fever
2007-11-01 16:30:00
I threw down my pencil in disgust as the words on the page danced in front of my eyes. I still had three days to finish a career-making report and I was totally sick of it. A glance out the window didn't help. It was mid-morning on a warm sunny Spring day and the air sparkled over the canyons of Manhattan. I got up, stretched, and walked down the hall to the Ladies' Room. I looked in the mirror and liked part of what I saw. I know I have a pretty face and my make-up and shoulder length reddish-brown hair looked good that day. I tried not to look below the neck, but, as always, I did. Fat! A twenty five year old, I thought, should be thin and willowy, but I was -- how should I say? -- hefty, full-figured, zaftig. In other words, fat. Everything was in proportion but there was simply too much. I had worn a loose fitting blouse outside my skirt to try and hide my size, but, let's face it, I'm a big girl. Even an expensive bra designed for reduction and containment couldn't disguis...
2007-10-31 16:28:00
It was a warm September night when I first tasted the flesh of a woman. Sweet and tender. I had always imagined rubbing my young body against another woman's body, feeling her breasts against mine. Feeling her fingers in between the soft pink folds of my cunt. I had always imagined my first experience as something planned, so it was quite unexpected that my experience would happen the way it did.I was looking for new school clothes, hoping to find everything I wanted before everyone had ransacked the stores. The last store on my trip was the lingerie store. As I entered the nearly empty store, the woman behind the counter asked if I needed any help. I quickly told her that I needed a 34dd cup, but it looked as though they didn't have one. She told me I would need a special fitting.As I stepped towards to dressing room I noticed her body. She had a nice shape, nearly six foot, with long brown hair hanging down her back. She was wearing a clingy silk dress, and in the heat I could s...
Women Loving Women
2007-10-30 17:51:00
I am a young, very successful professional woman, 5'3", 105 lbs., natural blonde and, I'm told, considered quite attractive. I have a nice figure, which I work very hard to maintain and all- in-all, I consider myself very fortunate. Except when it comes to men. With the exception of two married men with whom I've had incredibly passionate affairs before we went our separate ways, my love life and, consequently, my sex life, has been one bad experience after another. Until now. I had had my fill of men, both literally and figuratively, so, about a year ago, I made a conscious decision to become celibate. I still dated, frequently, but I no longer jumped into bed with my dates as quickly as I did before. I felt I wanted the men in my life to be friends first, then, if a true, loving friendship developed, sex would follow naturally. I'm still waiting. Celibacy, by definition, has one inherent drawback: no sex, no relief. Consequently, I became an incessant mastabateur. I found myse...
Cunt Hunt
2007-10-29 17:55:00
I was hot, horny and prowling for pussy as I stepped into a dark little bar on Fifth Street. I needed some intense pussying and what better place to start than at a lesbian bar.I sauntered in wearing a short, tight red spandex dress, three inch high red pumps and no underwear. I wanted to be ready at a moment's notice. My long blond hair was knotted on top of my head. I looked the consummate, cool bitch, but I was hot as hell for some pussy.The place was packed with women in all kinds of clothes from jeans to evening gowns. I sat at the bar, ordered a drink, then turned to survey my options. My legs spread with a hint of my treasures revealed.A "biker chick" in full leather walked over to me. "You are one hot pussy," she said looking between my legs. "I want all of that."She was beautiful behind all that leather and bravado. My pussy began to juice as she looked at it. "I'll bet you do good pussy. Do you want to touch it now?"She didn't hesitate as she reached for me. "Oh, yes, s...
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