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William Fourness- [email protected]?
2007-09-12 16:21:00
William Fourness- Woodworking supply vendor. In the last blog entry, we began an exploration of the woodturning/woodworking supply vendor- Penn's Woods/salvagedtimber. In that exploration, we found that: In this sellers storefront the vendor provided us with his name, address, phone number, email addresses, and other related information. Some of the information provided was: William A. Fourness 45 Coleman Mill Rd. Port Allegany, Pa. 16743 (814)260- 4586 or (814)331-9764 [email protected] or [email protected] I would like to continue now with our exploration of this vendor. Let me start with: 1.) Google search>salvagedtimber> - Question Regarding "SalvagedTimber" Seller (3rd entry). This is another forum discussion concerning the seller, Penn's Woods/salvagedtimber. Many more interesting details about the seller are discussed and identified here. Identified in this forum are a number of other possib...
Do you know Penn's Woods or Salvaged Timber
2007-08-21 00:37:00
Hello Everyone. These days it is very easy to get on the internet and do business. As a seller, this is a wonderful era, indeed. But as a customer, it can be quite difficult to know if the profile listed is really accurate. It is my goal to try to supply some useful hints in researching, and links associated with, Penn's Woods/salvaged timber(and his other related names), in the hopes of assisting you in your right to make an educated decision. Should you be someone who has useful information, please feel free to add to the topic. Here are some links I have been able to dig up. Check them out, read what's being said about this company, then decide for yourself.1.)Google Search >Penn's Woods/salvagedtimber>WR Woodturning Forums>Off Topics (page 3.)>Ne1 kno Penn's Woods/salvagedtimber?.)Link to another forum on that site relating to this topic. ...
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