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2011-10-25 18:20:00
After the review on Piranha 3D, a lot of users wrote us to ask for more content on the beautiful Kelly Brook and we can’t ignore them! So here you are with another movie with the hot and nude Kelly Brook: Three, a thriller that let us see her skin for almost all the time. ...
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Se sei cosė ti dico sė
2011-10-16 19:25:00
Belen Rodriguez has one of the most famous backs in the world, but in the movie Se sei cosė ti dico sė, she demonstrate she isn’t bad as actress, too. Anyway, we’re interested in nude skins and our vote here is very high. So we thank Belen for her beautiful scene in the bathtube. You ...
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A.A.A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi?
2011-10-10 11:00:00
Today we present a very rare movie, and CinemaCult can let you watch some astonishing clips. The movie we’re speaking of is A. A. A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi?, with the beautiful Paola Senatore, almost always nude. In our daily updated archives you can find seven high quality clips, a total amount of 60 MB ...
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Emmanuelle in Bangkok
2011-10-05 22:00:00
It’s quite hard to be far from Laura Gemser ’s beauty for a long time. So we’re here again speaking of this sexy actress and her movies. Today we present Emmanuelle in Bangkok, a movie from the Black Emmanuelle collection. Together with her, a young and beauty Ely Galleani. Gaby Bourgois, Debra Berger and Koike Mahoco. ...
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Dolce? calda Lisa
2011-10-03 09:33:00
Claudia Rocchi was a real meteor in cinema history and this is a real pity. In the movie Dolce? calda Lisa she’s really exciting. Unfortunately, after this movie in which she’s the main character and a little play in the movie Razza violenta by Fernando Di Leo, she disappeared and none knows anything of her. ...
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Piranha 3D
2011-09-27 17:48:00
Piranha 3D was no doubt a revelation. Among all the remakes we saw in last years, the movie by Alexandre Aja is the one that make us feel as in the ’80s, but with a contemporary style. Plus, we’ve seen one of the best nude scenes in 2010, with the beautiful Kelly Brook and Riley ...
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Dolce pelle di Angela
2011-09-22 20:36:00
A fabulous day for Michela Miti’s fans. After the rare Delitti we present a movie, Dolce pelle di Angela. There was already a review on CinemaCult. Another movie rich of erotic scenes and now with new clips with an higher quality. You can’t loose it!
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The Sweet Pussycats
2011-09-16 14:30:00
We want surprise you with a new jewel: a forgotten movie with the beautiful Edwige Fenech. Today we present Desideri e voglie pazze di tre insaziabili ragazzewith a very young ad sexy Edwige, you can find other two actresses: Angelica Ott and Barbara Capell.
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Asylum Erotica
2011-09-14 17:40:00
Do you prefer Rosalba Neri or Margaret Lee’s total naked bodies? Or a lesbo scene with Jane Garret and Monica Strebel? Thanks to our update dedicated to the movie Asylum Erotica (AKA Slaughter Hotel) you can find all these and more. You’ll find a lot of clips from the uncut version of the movie, with ...
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2011-09-12 21:44:00
Michela Miti nude. No more words needed, but we go on to tell you these clips come from a rare movie, one of the most researched by our members: Delitti. Quality isn’t the best, but enough to enjoy the very hot scenes.
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La pretora
2011-09-09 01:30:00
La Pretora is our preferred movie with Edwige Fenech. There are many nude scenes and a hard erotism. Some highly erotic scenes with the beautiful Edwige and among these, one with Edwige and Marina Lotar together nude on the bed, dressed as Snow White and the bad queen. You can’t loose the sequence in which ...
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2011-09-06 10:11:00
In our long journey among cult movies, sometimes we make a deviation to contemporary movies to gratify our members with high quality clips. Today we present the movie Chloe. It’s a recent movie that shows us Julienne Moore and Amanda Seyfried totally naked. Enjoy the HD clips together with the complete review of the movie!
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2011-09-03 01:53:00
Who’s looking for Florence Guerin naked can stop here. Today we present Profumo, a movie that shows Florence Guerin as the main character and always naked. There are some very hot scenes. From autoerotism to sex, there’s all here. You can find a complete review and many astonishing clips to illustrate it in our daily ...
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Sentimental Maniacs
2011-08-31 19:08:00
Maniaci sentimentali is a pleasant comedy with a great plus: all the actresses strips and poses nude. The list starts with Barbara De Rossi and goes on with Clelia Rondinella, then Monica Scattini and ends with a very young Veronica Logan. You can find it to our daily updated archives and you can find both ...
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Nude for Satan
2011-08-28 01:01:00
For Rita Calderoni’s belovers, the cult movie is Nuda per Satana, an horror movie from the beginning to the end. There is also an hardcore version, with some hardcore scenes with other actresses. This soft version is rich of total naked bodies, and erotic scenes. Together with Rita Calderoni, there is a fabulous Barbara Lay. ...
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La signora ha fatto il pieno
2011-08-25 17:50:00
“Carmen Villani naked” is one of the most frequent requests from our members and how getting wrong with this? We’re speaking of one of the queens in Italian erotic comedy, more malicious of other collegues. We were looking for one of the most rare movies with Carmen Villani: La signora ha fatto il pieno. Now ...
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Perfumed Garden
2011-08-22 16:36:00
Perfumed Garden is the classical erotic movie written with beer and cigarettes in a couple of days or, maybe, only one. However, despite the unbrilliant recitation, it’s a movie with naked women and a complex plot. Amy Lindsay is nude for almost all the movie and Gigi St. Plaque is a nice meeting.
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Hot Potato
2011-08-18 12:21:00
We can’t be longer away from Edwige Fenech nude. Among all celebrities we see every day, she’s always the first, the icon of a certain type of natural beauty. Today we present her in some clips from Hot Potato (La patata bollente).
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La mala ordina
2011-08-14 12:21:00
La mala ordina is one of the best Italian movies in noir genre and it was one of those Italian movies that inspired Tarantino for some characters in Pulp Fiction. As a matter of fact, there is a strong connection between the couple of gangsters of Henry Silva and Woody Strode with the most famous ...
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Beast with a Gun
2011-08-12 23:20:00
Today we present a cult movie from the ’70s, with the beautiful Marisa Mell. This is one of the preferred by Quentin Tarantino: La belva col mitra. Together with an high level of violence, the movie shows the beautiful body of the actress, with Marisa Mell totally naked. You can find a complete review and ...
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Il Camping del Terrore
2011-08-09 20:04:00
Ruggero Deodato is a myth but analyzing Il Camping del Terrore you face one of his less known movies, with some mistake in storyboard, some interesting ideas and a great plus: all the actresses strips. It starts with a young Nancy Brilli with a stunning breast. Together with her, Luisa Maneri and Cynthia Thomson. Fortunately, ...
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Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks
2011-08-07 20:14:00
Ilsa, la Belva del Deserto is the second movie from the exploitation trilogy dedicated to the sadic Ilsa (four episodes ending with the apocrify Greta, la Donna Bestia), interpreted by a busty Dyanne Thorne. Despite in the first chapter (Ilsa, la Belva delle SS) Ilsa is killed, the director Don Edmons thought that none would ...
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Last Chance Saloon
2011-08-02 08:08:00
Among a lot of emails with queries from our members, Giovanna Mezzogiorno is one of the preferred. As a matter of fact, she has a big erotic carisma. If you want to see her in all her beauty, you can see the movie Il club delle promesse. You can find these scenes and many more ...
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Original Sin
2011-07-30 17:05:00
In the top list of nude celebrities Angelina Jolie has a special place. Although we favor the genre films from the 70s/80s, every time that this beautiful actress is naked, we run to view her curves. Of all his films, Original Sin is definitely one of those offering more, with a couple of stunning sequences, ...
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Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals
2011-07-25 14:58:00
Laura Gemser nude, a nude Monica Zanchi, Susan Scott naked … A similar trio can only draw attention to the film that shows them as main characters. If you add a nude Dirce Funari, very young and almost unrecognizable, then no lover of nude celebrities can resist without seeing at least once, Emanuelle e gli ...
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Corazon de Bombon
2011-07-22 01:33:00
As good fans, if there is a chance to see Valeria Marini naked we don’t loose it. Recently, we watched the film Corazon de Bombon, without understanding a word, but with the joy of watching the beautiful Valeria, naked in the shower. Corazon de Bombon is a Spanish film made about ten years ago, not ...
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Cemetery Man
2011-07-19 23:00:00
A naked Anna Falchi is a quite good sight: soft and sexy, with an Italian beauty, that kind of beauty you can rarely see nowadays. Anna Falchi when naked leaves you speachless and more if there is a sex scene, too. The movie is Dellamorte Dellamore, from the same novel that inspired a famous comic: ...
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Kleinhoff Hotel
2011-07-16 17:00:00
Kleinhoff Hotel by Carlo Lizzani, is one of the most spicy movie with the beautiful and sexy Corinne Clery, It starts with a little nude scene and then it goes on with masturbation, sex scenes and the famous masturbation made by Corinne Clery to a nude Bruce Robinson. A little piece of hardcore fot this ...
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2011-07-13 16:33:00
Is there anything better than a lesbo scene with Barbara Bouchet? Yes, of course: two lesbo scenes! And the partners aren’t less sexy: the beautiful Rosalba Neri and Patrizia Viotti. We’re speaking of two of the best scenes in a very rare movie: Alla ricerca del piacere, a quite good detective story with both suspence ...
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Emanuelle e Lolita
2011-07-09 16:00:00
Another new update in our great archive of celebrities. She is Thiwa Yuporn, a beautiful oriental actress we find spicy and nude in the movie Emanuelle e Lolita together with the gorgeous Susan Scott. A very rare movie, it has many interesting scenes, including a lesbo scene at the end, with the two main actresses. ...
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