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OMG, new obsession: Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion
2011-04-04 16:30:00
Paula Dean Riding Things is sooooooooo last month. The new hot blog of the moment is Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion -- because, clearly, there is an endless supply of such gems. Celine with cats. Celine with babies. Celine with insane facial expressions. And, of course, Celine with her grandpa husband.
Celine Dion has a masculine son
2007-05-31 00:51:00
Celine Dion ha proposto sulla copertura ciao dello scomparto con il suo sei-anno-vecchio figlio, Rene Charles. Attesa, figlio? Quello deve essere un typo. Un su confusionario horrible di leggi del typo. il superficiale - Poiché You’re ugly Celine Dion posed on the cover of Hello magazine with her six-year-old son, Rene Charles. Wait, son? That must be a typo. ...
I Love You Goodbye ~ Celine Dion (1 song)
2007-03-26 00:00:00
music by Kristoffer Genesis, your online buddy
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