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Little Teen girl strips to fuck herself in the ass with a dildo
2007-09-17 10:15:00
Can you believe Angel is barely 18 years old! She just turned 18 one week before she took these pictures. In fact she came to audition for us a year ago and we thought she was cute and we wanted to see her naked but when she mentioned that she was only 17, we informed her to come back in one year when everything was legal and we could see her cute teen pussy then! She kept her promise and eagerly stripped her clothes off! See full gallery of Angel here
Little teen girl plays with her pussy in the shower
2007-09-17 10:08:00
Angel was really excited to shoot her first nude scene. She was a real natural in front of the camera! Right after she removed her clothes, she got in the shower and sprayed her firm body down and then told our photographer that she had to pee! He told her most people go in the shower, so go ahead! So he caught desperate Angel pissing in the shower on camera! It wasn't supposed to be a fetish photoshoot, but it quickly turned into one!See full gallery of Angel
Redhead teen girl shaves her tight pussy bald
2007-08-22 13:31:00
Do you like bald pussy? Do you like the way that soft, slippery pussy feels when there's no hair on it? You can rub that clitty and feel how it's so swollen on your fingers when it's ready to get stroked! Julie loves it when she has no hair on her pussy, she says it makes sex better because the hair doesn't get in the way! Do you wanna watch her shave it off? It's sexy to see Julie pay attention to that tiny twat!Click Here to see galleries of Julie: Gallery 1 / Gallery 2
Teen girl in corn rows shows off her young sexy body
2007-08-20 11:52:00
Julie is a sexy young bitch who likes to get a bit freaky sometimes! She's got some nice corn rows in her hair so that you've got some reigns to pull on when you're fucking! She attempted to take this huge rubber schlong down her entire throat! She said she had to really lube it up first before she could ride on top of it. When she finally straddled the dildo, she bounced up and down on it until she gave herself two orgasms! See full gallery here
Teen girl with puffy nipples makes herself ejaculate
2007-08-20 11:38:00
Kate prefers to have sex with black guys! So we gave her a big black dildo to play around with. She says she likes black men because that old stereotype turns out to be almost always true! They're hung like a horse! She loves to feel at least 7" of big cock deep up inside her! She rammed that big black dildo into her tunnel and started fucking herself until she orgasmed! A small drip of juices came oozing out of her pussy afterwards!Click Here to see full gallery of Kate
Pig tailed teen girl plugs her asshole while she masturbates
2007-08-17 16:22:00
Crystal has a confession to make! She admits that she has masturbated ever since she was a young teen girl! She especially loves a big dildo stuffed in her asshole. She repeatedly plugged her tight ass with the dildo while she rubbed her horny clit with her fingers. Eventually she orgasmed and licked the dildo clean right from her ass!Click Here to see full gallery of Crystal
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Perky teen plugs her pussy with a dildo
2007-08-17 15:42:00
Don't you just love the way her firm body looks? She's got a nice flat stomach and a tight teen ass! It looks very inviting to stick a huge pole right up her little asshole and hear her moan with pleasure! She's got her young pussy lips spread far apart just waiting to be poked by a big cock. Watch her as she stuffs her pussy with a dildo and fucks herself until she creams all over it! Click here to see full gallery
Young honey teen girl on the tennis court stripping
2007-08-17 15:34:00
Lovely Michelle may just be the next Anna Kournikova! This beautiful teen girl has been playing tennis since she was a youngster, and boy does she know how to handle the balls! Her perky tits and round, supple ass make her one of the more popular models we've shot. She's just turned 18 years old and although she's still in high school, she dreams to become a professional tennis player some day!Click Here to see full gallery of Michelle
Sweet teen girl shows her young body off
2007-08-17 15:29:00
After Michelle played tennis, she got dressed for a little stroll through the woods. As we walked along the hiking trail, Michelle started stripping her clothes off piece by piece! It soon became an x rated hike and she didn't care who she was flashing in public! Michelle has quite a wild exhibitionist streak in her, and with that nice firm body of hers, can you blame her?Click Here to see full gallery of Michelle
Three blonde lesbian teen girls eat pussy by the pool
2007-08-16 11:27:00
These three horny teen girls are all best friends! And not only are they best friends, but they're all girlfriends! That's right, they have a three-way lesbian relationship with each other. Fucking hot! There's no jealousy or cheating going on, they all take turns on each others' teen pussy. The girls have been friends since they were young teen girls, but now that they're grown into 18 year old women, their relationship has grown deeper into a lesbo love for each other! See full gallery here
Two lesbians teen girls get nasty on a tennis court
2007-08-16 11:19:00
It was time for the teen girls' tennis lesson but they decided to get a little naughty instead! These two started making out and fondling each other right there in the middle of the country club! They started stripping right there on the tennis court and almost forgot the camera was there as they got into each other! See full gallery here
Cute little teen girl Rubee
2007-08-16 11:10:00
Cute little teen girl Rubee has got an innocent, young face and sexy milky white skin! She loves to flash her tits any chance that she can get! Watch her give her own private strip show as she slowly removes her clothing. Rubee then spreads out on the bed and hikes up that sweet teen ass right in the air and plugs her tight ass with a huge butt dildo! Click Here to see full gallery of Rubee
Redheaded Teen Girl with shaven pussy & perfect round ass
2007-08-16 11:00:00
Tammy has got a bit of a wild streak in her! It's that fiery red hair that makes her sweet n' sassy! She won't let you get away with much, she'll shoot it right back to you! But the sexiest part about Tammy is that sweet, lean body! She's got a totally shaven pussy that she loves to explore, and a perfect round ass that is shaped like an apple and you just wanna tap!Click Here to see full gallery of Tammy
Cute blonde teen girl removes her white panties
2007-08-15 11:11:00
Pretty little teen girl Agnes really loves to tease the boys! She's always been a cock tease with her cute and thin body and her luscious puffy nipples! She was eager to get nude and spread because she loves it when the guys watch her! The things you could do to Agnes and that perfect body, oh boy! Click here to see full gallery of Agnes
Amateur teen girl shows off her trim pussy
2007-08-15 11:05:00
This amateur teen girl had never appeared nude on camera before! She was kind of reluctant to take off her clothes but after getting herself all hot and horny, she had no choice but to remove the panties and rub her cute clitty until she orgasmed! Donna has a cute pussy and it's very hot to watch as she plays with it! See full gallery
Take a peek at this sweet teen's snatch
2007-08-15 10:56:00
Donna is a typical teen girl who loves animals, talking on the phone, and most importantly - men! Donna claims that she's never getting married, she just wants to date all of the men that she can! So it wasn't a surprise when she wanted to pose nude and show that cute little snatch! Donna was eager to let everyone see it! Click here to see full gallery
Teen girl in pigtails poses and spreads her nude pussy
2007-08-13 13:36:00
This wild teen girl in pigtails couldn't wait to get her photo session started! She says she gets a lot of compliments on her perky nipples and she couldn't wait to show them off! Eva also showed off her other best assets such as her tight little asshole and her pretty pink pussy! She'll even let you watch as she masturbates! See full gallery here
Tall teen sweetie spreads her shaven cunt
2007-08-13 13:31:00
Gabriela wanted to become the next Elle McPherson, she has always wanted to be a model in the fashion magazines! So she's posing nude in hopes to stir up some buzz about her! She's got a smooth and silky lucious teen body with the pinkest pussy around!Click Here to see full gallery of Gabriela
Teen amateur masturbates in the bathtub
2007-08-13 13:24:00
Young Jenna admits that her favorite place to masturbate is in the bathtub! She says the combination of the warm and wet water while she rubs one out of her cute pussy gives her a sure fire orgasm every time! Jenna also says that she would love to walk around nude if she could! She sleeps in the nude and even does housework in the nude!Click Here to see full gallery of Jenna
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Tanned teen spreads her cunt on top of a car
2007-08-13 13:20:00
Holy crap! This little teen girl makes a guy stand at attention! She's a wild and flirtatious babe who really enjoys the company of a man! Just look at that cute little tanned pussy! Kata was a very popular cheerleader when she was in high school and now that she's just started college, she's got all of the frat boys' attention too! See full gallery here
Two teen girls kiss and fondle on the couch
2007-08-13 13:14:00
These two sexy teens girls wanted to pose together because they have been best friends since the 3rd grade! These frisky young ladies all but forgot there was a camera in the room as they played with each other! They kissed, caressed, and fondled each other while they smiled pretty for the camera! See full gallery here
She's the innocent girl next door giving a striptease
2007-08-13 13:09:00
Michaela is a fresh-faced young teen girl who has just graduated high school and will be attending college in the fall! She admits that she's nervous but she's also excited to hook up with those hot college boys! She's a gorgeous amateur teen who appears shy at first glance, but she's really a wild girl!Click Here to see full gallery of Michaela
Long haired brunette teen plugs her cute pussy
2007-08-10 11:43:00
Monika just turned 18 last month! If she was any younger, we'd be in jail! This barely legal sweetie teen girl just wanted to shoot some sexy pictures for her boyfriend so she was kind enough to share them with us too! Monika has an adorable 18 year old pussy, don't you agree? And it's fun to watch her play with that vibrator!See full gallery of Monica here
Teen with perky titties plays with herself in her bedroom
2007-08-10 11:29:00
Wow what a set of perky knockers on this sweet teen girl! She's got some naturally busty tits and perfect perky nipples to die for! Veronica also has that cute little strip of hair right above her cute pussy that men love to see! It's not quite bald, but it's not a hairy jungle either! Hot! Click Here to see full gallery of Veronica
Teen in braids removes her shorts to finger herself
2007-08-10 11:24:00
Veronika is a teen girl who likes to do all of the normal things that teenaged girls love. She likes to shop and hang out at the mall, but she also likes to show her cute pussy to anyone who will watch! She admits that when her 19 year old boyfriend isn't around, she likes to play with her favorite vibrator!Click Here to see full gallery of Veronika
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