Sex work as a commodity!

The social construction around prostitution has changed and it has now becoming a less serious social problem. Violence against prostitutes, rapes, pornography, incest and some other acts of violent crimes are common among escort girls. These acts by men ensure their control over female bodies in every way possible, be it sexual, physical or social. The rise in political uncertainty, clashes between the governments and crashing of economy market are the reasons that sometimes it declines the living standards of prostitutes and the work of prostitution as well. It is very obvious that prostitution and organized crimes are related.

Prostitution may be considered as a commodity because it meets the needs of the people. It has been occasionally discovered that prostitution has become a business instead of a psychological problem for the people. Psychological or physical needs are what drive men towards escort girls. When they do not get their sexual desires fulfilled from somewhere else, they come to the escort girls who are always ready to please the client because that is their duty. Some escort girls in Tel Aviv come in this business because they want to experience and explore their own sexual needs and desires and these girls might come from a wealthy family and they choose this profession by choice but this mostly happens in the countries or cities where prostitution is legal, like Senegal. It is very hard to get into this business in the countries where it is against the law and is considered as illegal. But at the same time, this sex work is mean of living for some escort girls or sex workers because they either come in this profession because of their financial issues, because they come from a poor family or they join this profession because they think it is an easy job to do and you can make a good amount of money from it. But, it is not an easy job!