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Personal life
2007-11-06 05:11:00
My girlfriend is about to have her baby soon and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get her. She's having a girl awwww so pink pink pink crosses my mind. Since you fagots love girly items send me an email or comment and tell me what you think?Besides that, I think I'm ready to go back to fucking again ha ha, of course not with you lame losers. I been chating with a friend for a couple of months here & there and everytime he talks to me all I see is him pulling his big black dick out ha ha ha... Can u imagine what this tight pussy will experiance once he slides that hard thick snake insde of me mmmmmm. Oh you wish! I might be nice to one of my hard working cash cunts and send him a cum-stained sample just to sniff and lick. Hmm on second thought, ....nevermind I'll save it for later! *evil grin* So um lets see...Overseas slut dosent know's if he comming or going. He came back around with a diffrent username and asked how I was doing. As if I dont fucking know. I live wi...
2007-10-29 07:18:00
I am having so much fun with you losers.Jim sent a $300 tip just for introducing him to one of my big cock boys hee hee.Ashtray david sent a measly $25 tribute step up your game bitch!.New overseas crossdressing slut sent $114 for me to ship my smelly stockings.Old overseas slut left me *thank goodness* yeah dommes get tired also..ha haNew slaves are joinging one of my fetish websites I am working so hard on YaY!Im tired as fuck! but the traffic is sweet *evil grin* I just came up with some new ideas for my membership section so SBP website will be moving pretty slow. I cant help it I tend to get board so easliy and move on to other projects. Some are complete and others are half ass done. Oh well fuck you pay me! until thenta ta bitch scums....
Good Good Good
2007-10-11 10:39:00
I started working on my other site and you bitches start ringing my phone off the hook. Its like I love it and hate it at the same been taking naps in between....ha ha yeah Iknow you bitch-scums would love to do that since you work busting your ass to make my money. Anyways...My templates are coming out so fucking cute! Go me hee hee...I dont have to pay anyone shit and it feels good... More practice the more professional they appear...Some of the buttons are not clickable because I am not finished working on my project. Im going to lay my ass down for a few hours then you'll be able to click on the buttons later on this after noon. I got lots of runing around to do to day and I will be tired as fuck...The Princess is having fun and you are having fun sending me money ha ha .....keep on keeping on bitch-scums of the dirt earth...until then ta ta bitches........
New Pictures
2007-10-07 02:24:00
New punk rock pictures for you bitch-scums to drool over. Its so funny because when I was younger I used to hate the Cindy 80's look lol. I had a pair of witch stockings (green & purple) stashed that one of my shoe bitches got for me. I didnt have anything to wear them with so I had it in the back of my closet. I found a riped up shirt that matched it ha ha..Aint that some shit. So here it is, put your fucking toung up to that linty-cum-stained computer screen you been jacking over and lick the Princess BITCH!. Download the pics from my website.
New hair color
2007-10-06 12:27:00
I am loving my new hair color. Its red & black. I was never a lover of red hair but this looks so damn fabulous on me. Next to that Its really short. I always had long hair but this hair cut looks perfect with my round face. I got lots of yummy plans with my new look. Sooooooooooo send thoes ebay GC's I want a new wardrobe. Uh huh, yeah you dip-shit. Dig deep in thoes pathetic pockets and do what you do best. Be a fucking loser, fuck off & kick rocks. The site is coming along okey dokey. thats it bitches dont feel like writing a bunch of shit today..ta ta bitches......
Get your wallet ready.....
2007-10-05 07:46:00
Fucktard Sebastian sent me a nice camcorder from bestbuy today. Not like I'm all that impressed its not HD but its crispy clear and workable. I been toying around with it and its pretty okey dokey. My membership is still under construction and I'll be working on some yummy things starting today. Not sure what time but of course my time means when ever I damn well feel like it. For now you bitches can drool over my youtube teaser and prepare to get your wallet pimped.Jonathan sent me $90 bucks and begged me to post it in my blog. Ha ha, was that supposed to make this tight pussy tingle you nit-twit. As I said before, anything sent over $500 gets my attention. Stop peny pinching or get on my shit-list bitch! As for the rest of you cash-whores, just know that your nothing but pussy puppets in need of asset raping. Flawless Financial Fuckery 101 is somthing you need to learn & put into practice. By joinging my membership, you will walk in a happy human ATM & walk out as a brok...
Bla Bla Bla
2007-10-04 02:28:00
Stop sending me emails telling me the site does not work. I told you bitches its under construction. You will sit there and wait until Im completly done. In the mean time continue to kiss more of my fabulous black ass and fuck off losers. The last post was about upgrading my cam. Step up your game until then have a fucked up day! ta t a bitches.
2007-09-30 00:10:00
Hey fart fuckers, the princess is still updating her website which is hella time consuming. I fell esleep in my clothes while busing my ass, getting things ready in my membership section. Anyway, my cam needs an upgrade so one of you shit-monkeys will send me a EBAY gift certificate (PayPal) account holders* "here". You wont get to see anything special in my membership section until you get my cam wimp! For now you can hit my temporary ifriends membership "here" I wont be using that site for long because it does not have the updated features I want which means you bitches will worship me more than ever.Today I had one bitch-scum who called me today telling me he was Jewish and his girlfriend left him for a black man. He wanted to know if the black race was superior to whites. Dum fuck, he ask a question that I didnt need to answer because asking the question alone gave him his "own" answer. What ever the fuck you believe is true. If you believe you have bugs crawling all over you th...
Just another day
2007-09-27 21:32:00
Why do you assholes call me so damn late. My phone kept ringing off the hook around 4am-6am this morning. I was sleeping so good and this has been happening for the past couple days. I jacked up the prices so you bitch-scums wouldnt disturb me but click on the membership buttons instead. Just for fucking up my la la land, I will tax you muts until you understand to fucking call me during the day when the prices go down. I will say this, I cant be too mad at you 4 loving the Princess so I will cut your tax by 25% bah ha ha ha haaa.. See im not that evil, just a lil less evil at times. Stange shit has been happening these past couple of days with a rather disturbing individual causing conflict and confusion amongst dommes. I got a good laugh out of it because "stupid" is a choice and there are many folks who decide to pick poor choices over healthy ones. Karma does not discriminate yet, people who leave the mental hospital or exscape, shall I say , seem to believe it does not apply to...
Guilty Pleasure
2007-09-26 03:37:00
I have a confession, I love watching animal planet. I have always been attracted to animals since a little girl. They seem to be more civilized than humans at times or shall I say most times. My favorite show is watching meerkats. For some strange reason I love watching the queen meekcat with the electronic braclet around her neck give order and kick some ass lol. Then theres "houdini" always seducing the ladies and might I add they are always falling for him. I saw how the boys got together and ran after him for mating with the females and he hauled ass lol...Next to that I love watching HGTV. I can stay in the house all day and watch fliped houses and interior design. Congradulations "Kim" YaY! I knew you can do it! Todd was also my fav with his surfer dude theme. That couch with the ocean splash was "hawt".. Then theres the history chanel. I dont know what it is but I like watching war movies. Then their Kimora Lee with her loud mouth ass. Sometimes she pisses me off then again s...
Stupid Fake ASS Domme
2007-09-24 04:02:00
Ok Ok this is the second time I am writing in my blog. Some shit I never do. But today I ran into the same old raggedy fake domme bitch that copied and pasted my wording off of niteflirt. She repeated the shit on a few of her listings. The funny part is that I confronted her about it and she had the fucking audacity to tell me she did it on "1" of her listings to have NF hurry up and approve the listing then she planed on changing it. She said she was sorry but the the bitch obviously ran with it in her other listings and act like the shit was original..LMFAO...hmmm should I or shouldn't I reveal the old scank or maybe I should let you bitches pay me to spill the beans... Well there's one thing I learned, when you try to mimic a person, shit will come to the surface and because your on the world wide web, shit does spread. I am not going to sit here and let this wannaB suck my energy. I already had another dumb bitch on NF and I mean the bitch was obsessively watching my every mov...
You love me dont you...I know
2007-09-18 06:30:00
Well you new & old boy-bums seem to be comming from out of no where every since I updated my site. Arent you so lucky I'm still around? My RT slaves which are very few, are paying attention to my investment plans and paying like good lil pig-sluts. One of my UK pain sluts walked away from me last week. Guess he got tired of being drained. But check this out, once he realized new slaves were fighting to take his slot, this shit-4-brains decided to come back. Well guess what, FUCK YOU. I have slaves taking care of my wants, you should have kept your ass still but you got too damn cocky and thougt the Ebony Bitch was dependant on the slut money you was sending. NOT LOSER!...I keep telling you ignons. I dont need your money I just want it. Try to pull that "see ya later" shit on me and your ass is banned 4 ever. No one is financially dying over here ok dum a matter of fact you dont even exist. Im good at forgetting shit when theres plenty of suckers in the industry ready t...
Buy my panties
2007-08-12 20:02:00
Hey Losers... The princess is happy to announce my used panties are up for sale. I have 2 options for payment #1. Snail Mail & #2. Credit/Debit. For thoes who use option #2 can get *credit* with my special offer. See details on my new blog PantyPayIm still working on a few projects and of course when ever I feel like it. Be sure to browse around and click on the links for more of my friends who are selling their panties as well.
More About: Panties
Princess pays you!
2007-08-03 13:22:00
The Princess pays you back "credit" every time you spend.This is some really good shit that will benefit my dedicated spenders. See the Princess has a nice side to her after all. For thoes of you non-paying-pussies, guess you'll never know why the Princess is doing this. Then again, your dum ass will still click the button and follow through since I know me giving you credit back in your pockets will motivate your lazy ass.Dont feel like typing much im too busy mulit-tasking. ta ta bitches.
Out & About
2007-07-18 09:28:00
Hey dummies, its been a while since the princess posted in her blog. I guess when your busy & having fun then you sluts dont matter. I also been concentrating on family bad 4 you.. You wont be able to see me in aprox a few days mabe a week.Some of you sluts been offering me money to see me in person and it is not the same amount based off of what I mentioned. Oh well too bad no one cares ha ha ha... My beautiful black ass has been tanning in sun and ignoring you freaks but of course my v.i.p losers are the only ones who get the privilege of paying me & sniffing my personal perfume. Keep hiting thoes tribute buttons retards.Shoebitch came back around "eh" whatever...hit the amazon you slut. Your phone call bland. Didnt do much 4 me. I know your die'n to get your ass back in my blog.Im off ta ta bitches....
Princess what can you do for me?
2007-07-10 21:20:00
A new paying slave ask me this questions. Then he went on to ask, "why should I serve you over other dommes?". Im not shocked that he did because he is new to the lifestyle and as a matter of fact Im glad that he did so I can make myself clear to you wimps.You are never to ask me what I can do for you. Theres no such thing. Serving me is an honor and you are to thank me for paying & basking in my radiance. The gifts that slaves send me are "wants" and not needs. If you get it then good for you if you dont then who gives a shit. Thoes items will always and forever be there with out me needing them. Second, I dont sit around my computer all day waiting for you sluts to serve me. As you can see Im hardly on niteflirt taking calls and other times I dont bother taking calls I hang up. I get on when I feel like it not when I "need" to. So you see serving me is a need for you. I've gone through this a thousand times with newbies. They disapear the first or second time I send them to a...
Understand SpoiledBlackPrincess my pets
2007-07-04 19:44:00
Well where do I start?... black mistress, spoiled princess, addicting goddess, I have many exotic names. To not confuse any of you wimps, I am a "cash" gold digging monystress and I suck at persuasion meaning my upfrontness does the work. I dont believe in sweet talking cash cows to spoil me. Once again, financial domination is a lifestyle that both parties enjoy & besides, it helps the transaction of funds and gifts to flow smoothly. If I have to "convince" a slave with much effort over a period of time during live sessions or via email/IM/PM to serve me, then the lifestyle is not fun. With that being said, I will not waste time with broke or half-ass slaves but of course you dont believe me. You will test me first to see how I perfom on these bonding words I highly believe in.Before you approach me, I already know that experianced slaves delt with other dominant personalites & learned a string of patterns about them. Whether it was somthing they could take advantage of or ther...
Spoiled & lazy as usual
2007-07-03 05:02:00
Its been a while since I posted here once more and that is because I am multi tasking my business which requires a lot of detailed attention. Along with that, enjoying the cash you fools been sending me. The afram African American Festival is coming up and the Princess will have lots of fun. The after hour spots will rock and I cant wait to take lots of pics and as usual look cute with your gifts and money. If you plan on going to the Afram then google it bitches. Mabe I'll let you see me live. But of course you'll be spending on me not just basking in my radiance for free. Anyway, click tribute buttons to my Royal blog or send snail mail over night. I dont want to miss out on my 4th of july splurge. Of course I'll be having my new holiday pics in my member section for you low scums to drool over.Dont have much to say but to tell you to kiss my black ass. Ta Ta bitches
Did ya miss me...
2007-06-24 16:34:00
Hey bitch-scums of the dirt earth... did you miss the Princess...I been very busy and working on projects, shopping and drinking my ass off..I had fun running up a Losers tab this weekend. I meet him downtown and boy was he a complete fucking wusss. He kept staring at me at this upscale lounge bar a friend of mine took me to. The crowd was interracial and crowed. I was in my normal mood, nothing biggy. So anyway. He comes over to me and ask how Im doing in such a corney way. "eh"..I gave him a "sistah" bold eye and looked him up and down like he was a snot hanging from a nose. He got a kick out of my bitchyness then proceeded to sit his ass right next down by me. "eh" again. I told him to disapear if he wasnt buying any drinks for me and my girlfriends. He agreed and thats when the meter began!....He talked me to death and I blocked him out. Runing back n forth to the ladies room, my girls and I made him not only buy us drinks but buy strangers that we met drinks for our networking ...
SBPrincess break
2007-06-20 11:09:00
Its been a while since I posted here and thats because I been focusing on other projects. Its very time consuming yet I'm having alot of fun. Fun always seems to pull me in another direction. I havent been taking calls on niteflirt. My phone would ring and for some reasons I been hanging up real fast. Not good for business, I know I know, but I dont feel like siting by the phone all evening. As soon as I sign on, then my attitude is like : catch me right now while you can: other than that, you bitches tend to call me when I start geting tired. It never fails. I remember working so hard on one of my projects and was almost falling esleep on my computer lol, I was just about to close my windows, clean my cache and the phone was ringing off the hook with tributes in my account. geesh! I decided to take 2 more calls and felt myself falling esleep on cam LMAO....Anyway.....since im working on other important projects you bitches will send me a gift certifiicate in any amount from godadd...
More About: Princess
2007-06-18 05:54:00
Why in the west bubble fuck am I being harrassed by a slave that just met me in 1hour??????He found some info on me and is trying to use some scare tactic to get me to bow down. You should have seen how this raggedy ass white trash claims to turn me in to the IRS LMAO....Now as bitchy as I am, the contact between him and I was a smooth one. No adrenaline to piss both parties off meaning he sent me a regular email and I told him to send me a tribute. He turns around and sends me the most nastiest email calling me a bitch yadi yadi....hmmm I dont know where all of this second bag off man-balls came from but I could tell he "felt" he now has power over me because he has my contact info...WOW..He pulled some shit up back then when I used to sell handbags and got complaints from a few people from an auction site saying I never sent them their handbags. "eh" this was during the time when the Hurrican Katrina took place and that was the reason for the delay DUH!.. The po po came to my home...
Not attractive at all
2007-06-16 11:28:00
Alright you stupid bitches, I am noticing you retards get a kick out of my "bitch assignments" but you not completing them. I expect for you to complete them not just pay them. Even thoe I dont have a problem with you paying, just do your part and make a complete idiot out of yourself you fucking wus. You bum-fuckers are too pussy to do my degrading task its fucking pathetic. This is one of the reasons I dont take you serious when you send me long emails of how you long to serve me & how worthless you feel about yourself. If you claim you hate yourself then prove it. There are many diffrent forms of self hatred & I dont expect you to to do things to yourself that you are not into or familiar with. Yet if you dont find anything in my assignments that suits your self hatred then get creative after you pay me.To make myself clear do not just send me money and thats it. I get off on pain-sluts & rag dolls. If you are strickly into financial punishment then sending somthing of sm...
Some funny shit
2007-06-15 09:16:00
So Im in one of my chat rooms and this complete reject tells me I am the perfect mistress for him. He read my profile and found me to be the perfect match dying to show me one of his pathetic acts and make me laugh at him. He jumps in the bed, thow his legs up against the wall as you see in this demostration, starts wanking, then squirts his white yucky load on his face. This one shot of him was not enough to make it sound funny. While viewing him, his legs went higher and higher against the wall as if he was some acrobatic gymnastic puppet. It looked freaky as hell because he's for one an out of shape un-chisled slob of jello. It was looking at some uneven, out of portion blob against the wall LMFAO. Yet he had the flexibility to prop himself against the wall as if he was a young child. Then take great pleasure of squirting man-milk on a face that looked like one of thoes co'workers of yours that work in the IT department with a bow tie around his neck, a pair of dockers from JCP...
2007-06-14 10:47:00
Today was the day I finished my procrastination book YaY! I have to say I need to go over this book over and over again. Its filled with so much information. I was nice enough to get one for a close friend of mine. I have to admit, Im some what hesitant about shipping it out to them because I think they will procrastinate on reading it lol. I just hate when people say they will do somthing, acting all cheery then back down when they are challanged with the reality check. Its very easy to say you will do somthing but to prove oneself by actually doing it is an entirely diffrent story. That links me to "wanna B" slaves. I had one yesterday bug the hell out of me about worshiping me. As usual I dont take anyone seriously until I see the cash or gifts in my hand & it will always & forever be that way. I sent my application link then he responds, " yea I read your website, cute" Oh gosh, another time waster. As If I have time to sit on my pretty ass and discuss how cute he thinks my ...
New cheap membership lol
2007-06-13 03:55:00
I keep changing up my membership ha! Well I found this site by browsing a doms blog. Yeah, I do browse and I enjoy reading other doms lifestyle. I'm quite sure the curiosity is reciprocated. The memership is based on a WEEKELY basis for $5.00. Isnt this great for you cheap monkeys! I want to try this thing out and see where it goes. It has so much shit all over the place especially with all the links plastered over the place geesh. Talk about pimping advertising. "No rebilling" so you boogar bitches dont have to "feel" you are obligated after a week of getting a feel for me.Dont really have much to talk about today. I slept a long time and still feel tired. Too much shit to do, meaning I dont sit around waiting for you dum dums to pay me. ta ta bitches
I want to serve you Princess.....
2007-06-11 06:12:00
In order to know "how" to serve the Princess you must first understand the name speaks for itself. When being approached, I find a number of slaves who try to stroke my ego on telling me how marvelous I am and how they wish to spoil me.Lets define the word Spoiled: treated with excessive indulgence; "pampered ......There are diffrent levels of spoiling. Stroking my domina ego with words alone is not what motivates the Princess my pet. You must prove yourselves to be worthy by gifts and tributes. You see it on my website, you see it on my blog or any other form of advertising I use. I make it very clear to you I'm all about financal pampering. To not be into this fetish would only waste your time. I have many boys who change their mind when I show them how serious I am. A goddess, mistress, domina, or princess knows there is no such thing as "cheating herself. She is swift to weed out the weak ones and refuses to entertain snoby comments from thoes who try to test her. I talked abou...
Over-seas bitch
2007-06-09 21:59:00
A nice surpise from my little over seas bitch. I most deff love my blue outfits. I can wait to try them on and take snap shots. All I need is a nice pair of blue heels to go with them. So one of you bitches will get them. I have one pair in mind. I found a pair on amazon but when I read the feedback 2 females said they had a hard time slipping their feet inside of them so I might have to google it because I could not find them in ebay search.I need a new camera from my Amazon list. You can buy the whole thing for free pics. Or you can tribute $50,$75,$100 + with an amazon gift certificate to [email protected]
Special Apple Juice
2007-06-09 04:21:00
So a swedish slut joins my webchat memebership yesterday. We chatted for hours since I can tell he wanted to take full advantage of my daily 4 hour webcam membership. I had a good time chatting about a couple of personal topics with him then at the end, my domina instincts heated up and I told him to pee in his pants. He begged me not to make him do it. The more he begged the more mentally stimulated I became. He told me some bullshit about his "wife" finding out. I told this dummy to just warm up his leg, because I "said so" ...I just love making men do retarted shit for no reason and besides I love using & punishing whtie boys for all the racial shit I have endured.After the non-stop begging I decided to give him a second pee pee option without letting him off the hook which was to drink his pee or else. He thanked me for the second option, reminded me of how pathetic he was and continued to execute my order. He then went on to tell me it tasted like hell which caused me to la...
2007-06-07 20:42:00
For some reason I'm begining to feel disgusted looking at you newbies who send me pictures of your cock(white wording) dick(black wording) ha!. The only way I could feel a rush of stimulation by looking at it is if I could degrade it. Its just so fucking ugly to me yet I am not a lesbian. After watching 1,000 pale pencil dicks, in many shapes and retarded sizes, I am having a hard time thinking about a nice big black dick that I like. There is no fucking way you will ever put that thing in me or on me. Especially knowing that you pervos eat shit, drink piss and a whole bag of other bizar things unatural to man. You unsanitary bitches beg to clean my crackage for R/T sessions and your requests are denied. All I want to do is dress you up like a bitch, humiliate you indoors or in public and rape your wallet. That what gets me hot!Everytime Im at the mall and watch how you dummies stare at me with a smirk, I just want to throw the fuck up. I know your balls are stinking right now and ...
Ok hater I know your reading this
2007-06-05 05:27:00
Ronald C [email protected] I sent him my website link and told to him fill out an application. Im back at my computer some hours later and he tells me he changed his mind because Im ugly. Um dum dum I already read between the lines that has nothing to do with the real reason why you changed your mind. The real reason is because you cant afford me. I know, you'll be alright. Another lesser bitch will accomodate your faggot ass.I remember having boys throw rocks at my head the size of quarters just to tell me they thought I was ugly when it really meant they liked me and felt intimidated. I get picked on all the time and I love the cross psychology games you weaklings play. It gives me lots of information about the measure of how powerful I am over you. A bad compilment is only a twisted one. Boys are nothing but toys to me and I love to dissect your thinking.So um Ronald didnt think you were gonna get your sluty asshole fucked for free on craigslist now did you? Ha Ha...this i...
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