Why do people start prostitution?

Prostitution is an act of getting involved in sexual activities, generally with someone who is not a friend or a spouse, in exchange of money or some valuable thing or in some cases, drugs. A prostitute or a sex worker can be a male, female or even a transgender but in most of the cases, the sex worker is a female and the client is a male.

People get involved in prostitution because of a number of reasons but mostly because of unemployment, poverty or an urge to improve financial situation and generate more income. It can be a money making business but the prices vary according to the place. Also, in the business of becoming an escort girl, no experience or qualification is required, which makes it a good and easy source of income for most of the people. But as much as it seems easy, it is a very difficult job which definitely has a great impact on your health if you are an escort girl. A sex worker or a prostitute, in her life, could be suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), severe depression, anxiety and some other severe mental health illnesses, according to the research. In severe cases, they become even suicidal. These are the consequences of both sexual abuse happened in their childhood and as well as sexual violence that they experience in prostitution or being a prostitute, a sex worker or  escort girls in Haifa. In order to cope up from such kind of exploitation and violence, the escort girls learn to dissociate their bodies from their minds, which basically means that they try to protect their souls from the scars that have been left on their bodies. As a result of all of this, they become a victim of severe depression, anxieties and other mental health illnesses.